UK Retailer Clove Says No Motorola Milestone 3 for the UK


According to Clove, the Motorola Milestone 3, which we saw so gratuitously leaked earlier this week, will not make its way to the UK. The retailer chalks up the decision to the relative lack of popularity the Milestone 2 saw in the region, though it never featured that wide of a release to begin with. The possibility that Motorola might change their mind is left open, but for now the QWERTY slider will stand on the outside looking in.

[Clove via EuroDroid]

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  1. Just get to verizon quick!!
    Even with a shitty pentile :'(

  2. Damn no uk, so about spain???how do i get this in Europe?

  3. Because they couldn’t figure out how to fool UKers into buying a phone with such a terrible display. :P

    1. beat me to it, they don’t want that POS over there either.  Hello Moto, shove this device back up your @$$, kthx.

      1. To be honest, I’d be all over this phone if it weren’t for the pentile screen.

        1. Is this Pentile technology that bad? I know my Milestone 2 has a regular LCD display and it’s no Super Amoled but I’m more than happy with it even during the day with auto brightness.. I wonder if Pentile sucks to the point of being worse than a regular display? Anandtech said it is in their analysis at least. I’d buy the Milestone 3 instantly when it comes to Brazil but… I may even consider the iPhone 5 (you know just for a change, with jailbreak you can have a swype clone) if this Pentile tech is that bad. Main reason I love my Miles 2 is not the keyboard because I use Slideit (a better Swype IMHO) more than the physical one, but the fact that its aluminum chassis makes it pratically indestructible. And I love the design even though it’s a lil heavy.

  4. Bootloader

  5. who the hell are clove??

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