New Galaxy S II Ad Gives Jazz Hands a Run for their Money


While we typically aren’t fans of advertisements that don’t actually show the product they are trying to sell, this new spot for the Samsung Galaxy S II is just too cool to pass up. This guy has some serious moves, though the only things moving are his hands. The ad invites you to “unleash your fingers,” but you’ll probably want to save them for the Galaxy S II. No need to pull a muscle trying to be the next great hand-dancer.

[via YouTube | Thanks, Jonathan!]

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  1. i know a thing or two about sign language and this made no sense. he must be using a very obscure dialect.

    1. if a joke… lame. If u were talking serious… disturbing and sad.

      1. the fact he referred to it as sign language and dialect…im quite sure the joke is on you….derp!!!!

  2. this is the most not informing ad ever

    1. windows fan alert… It’s a lil thing called creativity man!

  3. This is called “Tutting”(like King Tut). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slblK2zL_ts  I Am Me killed it on ABDC this year and took the crown.

    But Jabbawokeez is still the coldest crew!!

  4. fcking stupid piece of shit ad.

    1. no dinner for you little twat!

  5. Where the phone?

  6. You are right, he has some serious moves…

  7. Okay so from the comercial I got that the phone goes from landscape into portrait.  Can it go back?

  8. PimpStrong is right on Finger Tutting. I had seen the video he linked months ago. I knew exactly what it was as soon as the Samsung ad started. That’s pretty cool to see him elsewhere

    1. Yeah its always good to see people with this kind of talent get a paycheck.

  9. Yea thats nice and all but can we get the fuggin phone in the U.S. please?

    1. LOL This is exactly what I was going to say almost verbatim.  

  10. You know what, You nerds need to broaden your horizon – try some art for goodness sake! Perhaps that ad wasn’t directed at you who only look at specs!! My goodness, you complain and moan about everything! I thought it was hot!

    1. Keep that to your god. =]

  11. this ad has convinced me that im getting this phone

  12. I think this is the kind of ad that might atract some apple people to this phone.
    I usually prefer a good product overview, specialy if it’s the best product on the market, but in this case I congratulate the makers of this ad for the cool reaching capacity.
    Well done ;)

  13. Amazing! How on earth did he get those vector shapes to appear from his fingers!?!

  14. nice, i can do that too ! its easy .

    check this out step up 3 ending much better than this cat.


  15. For the love of God please release this in the US already. Stop teasing us, you got our attention, we want it.

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