Jun 14th, 2011

A while back, I wrote about AirPush and how horrible it was for the future of free applications. It’s a model that has huge potential as far as generating revenue goes, but is such a sick way of advertising. In short, even if you exit an AirPush-enabled application, they may still show you ads in your notification bar. Imagine how many people see “You have a new email” and accidentally click on it, only to be taken to the market. I think it’s wrong to be able to do this, but unfortunately, there’s no law that says developers can’t.

I won’t go into my tirade – that was what the original post was for. But I am here to tell you that, should you ever accidentally download an application with AirPush and can’t figure out who the culprit is, there’s an app out there to help you. It’s called AirPush Detector and does exactly what it says.

You can’t disable the functionality in your application of choice, but it’ll make finding out who’s responsible a lot easier. It’s free and worth a download if you have one of these applications but can’t seem to find out who exactly is taking over your notification bar. Find it in the market here. [via AndroidForums.com]

[Update]: I didn’t know this tool existed, but now I do thanks to one of our great readers (thanks Mark!). AirPush Permanent Opt-Out is an official application from the folks at AirPush that lets folks opt-out of any advertisements. Meaning, yes, you can continue using that useful application you liked without AirPush ruining it for you. Go ahead and grab it in the Android market.