Apps of the Day: Spittle Wars, Stava Cycling and More


You like spitting on folks’ heads, do ya’? We don’t condone it, but we’d be lying if we said we never wanted to try it. There certainly is an app for that. And there’s one for cyclers. And paper shredders. And glob fans. I’m not exactly sure what a glob fan is, but there you go. All of these apps are ones we felt were worth taking a peek at today and it isn’t too expensive to take them for a spin. Be sure to do just that if they interest you.

SHREDroid – SHREDroid is a virtual paper shredder for deleted Android data, and a must-have for the security-conscious user. When a file is deleted from an Android device, remnants of data still exist in the location where the file was once stored. The only way to completely clear an old file from your device’s memory is by overwriting it with new data. That’s where SHREDroid comes in. Perform a manual “shred” or schedule your device to do it automatically at an interval of your choosing. It’s simple, but effective. [Market]

Strava Cycling – Strava is a cycling computer on your Android phone and then some. The so-called “social training app” uses GPS to record your rides, map them, and provide analysis of data. The app is used in conjunction with Strava’s online community, which features leaderboards, events, and clubs to help keep you motivated and push you to your cycling limits. The app might take cycling pretty seriously, but the fun nature of its social elements just might kick riding from a hobby to an obsession for some. [Market]

Globs – It’s like any other adjacent matching game, except this one reminds us of lava lamps. And we like lava lamps. Globs does have a bit of substance to it, but it won’t offer the most original and compelling gameplay in the world. It does offer quite a different look for this genre, though, which is why it caught our eye in the first place. Grab it for $1 in the Android market. [Market]

Spittle Wars – If you’re like me, you enjoyed spitting on people in middle school. Ok, that’s totally not true. But if I ever did want to know how it would feel to spit on poor, unsuspecting souls, Spittle Wars would be there to save the day. There’s one level, on top of the school building. And you can hack up a super spit that’s just as green as your father’s vomit the morning after a long night of drinking. Yea, we like it. $.96 to play. [Market]

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  1. The Developer of SHREDroid is recommending that you don’t install this due to problems on devices.  Some of the comments indicate that this app can cause substantial problems.  Perhaps it isn’t yet worthy of “App of the Day” Status.

  2. I don’t care about any of these apps give, me Photosynth for Android. That app is bad add. It actually made me jealous of the iPhone for once.

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