Gingerbread Shows Up on SE Xperia X10 – Brings New Features [Video]


I’m sure there were more than a few X10 users out there who thought Sony Ericsson may have forgotten all about them (weren’t they on Android 1.6 Donut for the longest time now?). But thanks to ThaiAndroidPhone who snapped some pics and even a quick video of a Gingerbread equipped X10, we now have an idea what SE has in store for X10 users.

Besides a firmware upgrade to the latest Android dessert, the video shows us that the Xperia X10 will also be receiving a new kernel (hopefully similar to what’s already on the Xperia Arc, because that thing flies), 10 million color support and given SE’s new policy on the subject, possibly a shiny new unlocked bootloader. Lets hope we will see this update stateside and soon because if so, this phone just went from “meh” to “fly” all in about 2 seconds.

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. that would be some serious poop. turn a phone from mediocre to friggin sweet. all for the 7 ppl who bought it when it hit stateside LOL

  2. r we sure this just isn’t something from xda/modaco?

  3. LOL … waiting SE – slow enterprise to release gyngerbread, while my x10 minipro i have upgraded to gyngerbread with custom ROM. thanks to xda team

  4. That’s if anyone is left.  So many people have sold their X10s online, that this almost doesn’t even matter anymore.  The wait for Eclair alone, basically killed this phone…

    1. Do you think when a phone is sold online it doesn’t exist anymore?

      1. Apparently it doesn’t lol

  5. with all respects and none offence, only see a few now in the streets in most cities.
    May be all used and unsold X10 were shipped to the Southeast Asia, some teckies there may be urged to find an upgrade to clear the stock…..

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