Apple Denies Request to Show Unreleased iPhone, iPad to ‘Copyist’ Samsung


Surprise, surprise. After Apple requested to take a peak at various new and upcoming products from Samsung as part of their lawsuit against the Korean manufacturer, the legal wizards at Samsung thought it might be a good idea to ask for the same in return. Instead of revealing their unreleased iPhone and iPad designs to “the copyist” (yes, that is how Apple refers to Samsung in the most recent filing), Apple responded with claims of harassment. Come on, Samsung. You didn’t really think they would show you theirs if you would show them yours, did you?

[via AppleInsider]

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  1. Poor Sammy. :(

  2. I’m sure there are more lols to be had before this thing is settled.

  3. This is so Apple, LOL!! How can Apple expect another company to show their future products if they’re not willing to do the same.

  4. Apple is such a whiner, its like a little selfish child wanting everything and trying to tattle tell on others.

  5. “You didn’t really think they would show you theirs if you would show them yours, did you?”
    +1 Kevin for humor. ^_^

  6. I can add this to the always growing list of reasons why I refuse to buy an Apple product. Vote with your wallets people.

    1. I have been doing that for years, Apple hasn’t gotten any of my money in a long time.

      1. They don’t have any of my money, and so it will be for the rest of my life.

        1. Same with me if they wouldn’t think their s**t didn’t stink and stopped saying they created everything maybe id buy. Then again most likely not.

  7. “The Copyist”? Reminds me of school, where the “copycat” always get picked on.

  8. Rotten Apple doesn’t want to show their future products because they don’t have any (haha).  They ran out innovative ideas (their recent software conference confirmed that).  They’re copying Android ideas now.  Idiot Steve Job. Haha… rotten Apple is getting rotten’er

  9. Apple constantly acts like their s**t don’t stink and then wonders why many of us refuse to give them the time of day.

  10. This actually isn’t unreasonable at all. Apple only asked for Samsung products that have already been announced or are currently available in stores. Samsung is asking for the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 which is a ridiculous request.

    1. Apple just wants to see what else they need to copy before they can release the iPad3 and iPhone 5….

    2. iPhone 5 and iPad 3 is gonna suck without Samsung to make their hardware

    3. They should go out and buy it at the store.

      Technology is ripped off all the time, look at the TV & the Car!

    4. Hey, dude. Why would Apple need a court order to look at something that anybody can buy in a store. Are you drunk or just work for Apple? They want to look at stuff that Samsung is working on right now.

      1. What? The article that this links to says “Samsung must present Apple with the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Infuse 4G, and Droid Charge”. How are Samsung even working on those when you can buy them? Apple wants a court order to get these so they don’t have to pay for them. Ahahaha I don’t even know why I’m replying to you I don’t think you even know how to read anything.

        1. Droid charge looks nothing like an iPhone lol. Apple is a bunch of whiners. We all know you are copying android in the next update to try and slow the bleeding from android being way ahead of the iPhone now.

        2. no,you better go look at the original document buddy.they say what they are working on now…soon to be released.not already announced phones.

    5.  With rumors about the iPhone 5 coming in Sept…it might not be so ridiculous…I mean at some point Apple does have to have tests done on any future devices. At some point they have to have a working model.

    6. might be repling to the wrong person.but whatever…lg should sue apple for copying the lg thats as blatant as anything.

  11. Everyone should sue Apple for being Asses… They are so sue happy and feel all high and mighty. I hope they enjoy paying Nokia the millions and millions.

    1. If it were illegal to be an ass, seal team six would of broken into, Apple’s Cupertino compound with stealth helicopters, and shot Steve Jobs in the left eye. Sure California didn’t know Steve Jobs was hiding there.

  12. Why would Apple show Samsung anything? Samsung is the one being accused of Copying. It’s like I read this morning…If someone breaks into your house and steals from you the police dont have the crook come back into your house and look at the rest of your things. Be realistic.

    1. So Samsung can be sure their not copying Apple’s future designs even by accident. Apple started this btw and having a rival company look at your unreleased stuff is pretty big deal. This is probably Samsung buffing of course just to piss off Apple. Plus this opens the door for other companies doing the same to Apple since its their idea right : )

      1. Exactly. Samsung is trying to head off any future copying claims. I say smart move Samsung.

    2.  Innocent until proven guilty. Apple could make it a part of their lawsuit to see upcoming products once they are proved to be copying with their existing products.. but to ask for them before they are released.. well Samsung has just as much right to ask the same.. as right now they are the same.. neither has been proved to be copying anything.

  13. Apple is going to look at the Samsung products, and go, “See they did copy us!  Just look at that notification panel!”  I just hope this fiasco of a case isn’t what the hold up is on the U.S. release of the Galaxy S II.

  14. Apple just doesn’t want sammy to know that their hardware is lacking in performance. If Samsung has to show their future devices then Apple should be heavily fined.

  15. This whole lawsuit is so stupid. “Your stuff looks too much like our stuff…people might get confused…” How many smartphones on the market look the same overall? Let’s see, a single screen dominating the front of the device, yep. Trying to be as thin as they can possibly make them, yep, that too. Wait, look…they all have a power button on the top of the phone…oh yeah, and a volume rocker is somewhere on every one of them…oh yeah…I almost forgot the 3.5mm jack, they have those too. And a huge proprietary port on the bottom…no wait, that’s just apple. 

    Then there are the tablets…which all look the same overall. Curiously, they all look alot like the tablets that came out before the original iPad, whether you want to look way back at the wacom-like input devices from the 70s/80s or you want to go as recently as the “Tablet PC” from 2001 or 2002. Would you confuse them, no…but from a distance you might. Just like you won’t confuse a Samsung product for an Apple product. Different OSs running (though that might be more confusing once iOS 5 comes out) and the different company logos (Sammy’s on the front, and Apple’s logo is on the rear of the devices). 

    If Apple wins this, you will them suing every smartphone maker saying, “We invented the smartphone…give us money,” because Apple invents everything they use, right?

    1. too bad samsung actually knows where the power button belongs…. on the side of  the phone

    2. I’m not sure who to believe now… I thought Al Gore invented everything, now I hear that its Apple..   

  16. Screw iPods get a Zune 

    1. Screw zune, keep your old droids or buy an old one.

      1. Actually zune is a terrific product i brought one for my nephew,its better than i thought,i used to make fun of it,but in all honesty i prefer it over the ipoo,well he had one,but he likes to use micro,because of xbox and his laptop..etc.

  17. 2 words: Notifications shade

  18. Apple was very shy, when samsung showed them theirs, apple knew it was bigger than what apple had, so now apple doesn’t want to whip it out. I’m taking about mobile devices people.

  19. So what exactly did Samsung copy again? Both units have screens. Check. Both units have power buttons. Check. Those bastards! I say sue Samsung twice as hard.

  20. Apple is just pissed and jealous because Samsung is making better products and selling more of them…

  21. Stop picking on Apple and Steve Jobs. He’s a true American hero. 

    1. Like G.I Joe?

      Used to love that cartoon as a kid.

  22. @iphonebestphone the link to the article says nothing about anything your talking about and the iPhone sucks… dumbass

  23. Didnt join, but Apple Insider is a comical place when articles like this pop up. Someone said “Apple’s suit could have merit. Samsung aka “the copyist” made some
    very iPhone-like smartphones. Even more iPhone-like than all the other

    They must not know about the Meizu and that GooAple 3G phone article from the other day. I know the Meizu isnt considered a knock off.

    Too funny…

  24. Did the court grant Samsung’s request to see Apple’s goodies?

    If so, then refusing a court order can have mighty serious repercussions.

  25. In a lawsuit, either side can ask for anything. It is the judge who decides if the request is warranted and relevant. Neither Samsung nor Apple would give the other side anything they didn’t have unless there was something to be gained by it. They are adversaries after all.

  26. Really and truly apple doesnt need to see samsungs product line.   Their products are going to sell regardless, and so are androids.  They both appeal to different crowds.  People who are not a “techy” so to speak will naturally flock to apple. People who enjoy trying new things and being part of the learning curve will stick to android.  Come september, apple could release a turd, with a apple logo on it, and their would still be people camping out in tents.  The bottom line is, this whole sue everyone ordeal is idiotic, but whatever.. Let 2 billionaire companies battle it out and lose a million or two, in the end we will get more options and better product.   I wont deny that I own both windows7 and Mac, and i prefer the mac any time.  I laugh when i hear people say that they are hard to use, when in fact, it is more more simplistic than any windows machine ive owned.  I look forward to seeing the next release of windows, it should be the shizzle.  As for this legal war, geez jobs, lay off.    nice work on the notification center.  if Google was stingy like you they would have tried to patent that, be it open source or not, and sue you face off.  

  27. So Apple can copy the Slide down Notification feature from Android without shame but they sue everyone for a touch type interface! Wow just wow Jobs.

  28. Steve Jobs is a fucken asshole

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  30. Not a fanboy at all, but any tablet, will look like an ipad. as you cant really change the form function and Apple should know this..

    What manafactures need to do is stop trying to ride on the Name android with there own crappy skin, use google’s Stock ROM, and concentrate on good hardware and desgin.

    PALM & HP have had there tablet in the works for ages, but again the form factor looks like an ipad or does it? to mean there is only one way to shape it.

  31. Well I hope apple wins!!

  32. Lol and that is why Apple will lose this lawsuit just like every one…

  33. Samsung already won. Now they’ll have an excuse not to reveal their products to Apple until their own request is examined by the court, by which time those products will be public knowledge and rotten fruit company will get nothing out of that. 

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