Samsung Wants to See What Apple is Cooking


Four days ago Apple got a court order to smell what the Samsung is cooking. And now it would seem that Samsung is looking to play a game of “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine”.

With this request, Samsung is looking to catch a glimpse of the yet to be announced “iPhone 4S”, “iPhone 5” or anything closely resembling that lineup; as well as the “iPad 3”, “Third Generation iPad” or anything resembling that lineup. So, you know, these lawsuits wont happen again. With Apple’s track record, Samsung could just look at the stuff that’s already out, imagine it thinner, call it the next generation and have a 95% chance of getting it right. Of course that’s probably another lawsuit.

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  1. II would just stop letting Apple use my hardware if I.was Samsung

    1. That’s a bit hot headed though as a business. Business is business. Decisions Steve Jobs makes are rash and ridiculous and can hurt the company. Such as being spiteful to Adobe, and going a bit too far. Not just not allowing flash but when they changed their policy to state you have to write in their code.

      There are some business decisions that make sense, just because two people get in a spat doesn’t mean they have to fully cut off all ties for other relationships.

      At the same time, it does mean Samsung may not always bend over to Apple like Foxcon does.

  2. Why doesn’t phandroid hire a freelance civil/business attorney to give formal commentary on these sort of things? You know, sometimes an expert opinion can avoid a lot of arm-chair Interwebz legal commentary that’s neither accurate nor helpful.

    1. I’ve never heard of a cheap attourney, ho much money do you think these guys make?

    2. Armchair interwebz legal commentary might not be accurate or helpful but it sure is fun !


    3. “Experts” will never get rid of arm-chair interwebz legal commentary. had a legal “expert” on their show when Apple first filed the lawsuit. That lawyer was obviously an Apple fan because he just kept going on and on about how this was a really good case for Apple based on the icon similarities alone. 

      I wish it was that easy. I really do. heh

  3. I still think that it is funny that they have to go this far for a legal issue

    1. go away,lame post…by the way go ask apple why they asked for samsungs designs,,ohhh soo its ok..ifruit boy.

      1. It seems al your post are immature in a sense that they say one simple thing and you make it an insult and take something and make it into something that never was meant to be.

        Everyone is entitled to an opinion why can’t you just let them be or a least reply in a more mature and understandable matter.

      2. It seems al your post are immature in a sense that they say one simple thing and you make it an insult and take something and make it into something that never was meant to be.

        Everyone is entitled to an opinion why can’t you just let them be or a least reply in a more mature and understandable matter.

        1. So i’am the only one ,huh? Oh mine might be simple but they get to the point,without rambling on how someone is more simplistic,oh pardon,youre right everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

        2. And no they are not immature..well alittle.but i can write down in a mature fashion,but if i respond to an immature twit in an immature way then so beit.Dont like it then dont respond.fair enough.

  4. Both Apple and Samsung are a BUNCH OF CLOWNS ANYWAY. But I applaud Samsung for STANDING UP JUST LIKE HTC HAS DONE TO APPLE…I have my issues with Samsung but openly can’t STAND APPLE PERIOD…

    1. gtfo we don’t want/need your idiocy and comments on here

      1. How is this idiocy? He got a point.

        1.  Apple did not invent touchscreens, desktops, or icons.  They were all existing technology before apple used them for their products.  As for the word App store.  Apple did not invent the word App nor Store, and the idea of putting the too together isn’t anything innovating.

          1.  two*

          2.  Nevermind, I was confused…

      2. All his points are valid. I smell an apple pu$$y

        1. you are correct sir,he is a fruit.

    2. We invented touchscreens! we invented icons on desktops! we invented the word appstore! no, no and effin no appel! you really didn’t invent anything, you just happen to do it best (at the time) and became popular (at the time) So, you know what fapple!

  5. I somehow seen this coming the day apple cried about getting samsungs products.  I am glad to see samsung not only stand up against apple (like HTC did), but they are going beyond what htc did and firing back full force.  steve jobs is going to be the end of this company.  this lawsuit is going to go nowhere.  the only thing apple is going to get out of it is a big fat bill from the attourney.  

  6. I know we like too cheer for Samsung as a Google Android blog, but I’m going to side with the American company on this one. USA


    2. Ooh good point. I bet samsung just wants a peeks so they can copy and release their iclones before apple does and say they didn’t copy

      1. what.then its ok for apple to ask,i think they are doing for the heck of it,they asked to see samsungs future phones,so stop being a been copying way before anyone had really dumb you are.

    3. Don’t be naive. Apple is just American on Paper… They produce everything in Asia. When it comes to money, there is no patriotism…

      1. made in asia,now partially owned by a german company.and .well all their parts are over seas..closest parts company to america is from england.some sensor thingy magingy company.

    4. We need a dislike button for silly ass posts like this.

      1. whats silly?your an apple fanboy?/ even no,everthing they make is from overseas, 

  7. If Sammysung is making parts for the “next Iclone” wouldnt they already have a good idea what its going to be like anyways ?

  8. I must say that the galaxy phone,music players and one of samsungs remotes do look like a apple-product ripp-off. If instead of Samsung the name of those devices was aple, I would submit it to engadgets KIRF,

    So I agree with apple that it does look like a ripp-off, although I don’t think there are actually people out there who were fooled/influenced out of buying an iphone and bought a galaxy phone instead.

    Either way…..the designs of apple, as much as I dislike apple as a company, are much better than samsungs. Samsung takes soemthing nice and then ruins it :S
    They need to be original and create their own unique design.
    There hardware is great though…..

    1. besides being a moron.what other things you know?nothing??well go look at a lg prada that came out little over a year before the crapple ifruit,thats copying..and they didnt invent icons,dumbass..most parts are from samsung anyways.,and sharp and toshiba..and lg made the retina screen.told em screw we going to use it on out tablets  end of 2011 or 20012..ty for knowing nothing.

      1. He didn’t say anything about icons…and I don’t think he was referring to the interior components of Apple’s products, but the exterior design and build quality…which is a far sight better than the usual plastic cases we see from Samsung.

        Don’t get me wrong Sammy makes a good product, but I feel inclined to side with Temp on this one.  While I dislike the iPhone, I admire it’s design, and while I admire the Samsung Galaxy line, I dislike it cheap-feeling plastic exterior.

        As far as that goes, Apple and HTC have case design down pat. This is just my opinion of course.

  9. Yeah go get them Samsung!  Apple did not invent icons arranged in a grid pattern, they did not invent the candybar shape of a cellphone, they did not invent the touchscreen, they did not invent a single button below a touchscreen, they did not invent a shortcuts bar of icons at the bottom of the screen.  

    Get these future Apple products and let your lawyers at it with a Samsung video camera, find out any secrets they might have, just to spite ’em!

  10. i think its fair to ask that from apple. after all, how to know if samsung is copying apple if they both don’t show and compare their new devices together?

    apple could play dirty (not like they will but there is always a possibility) and look at what samsung has and then say yes, its a ‘copy’ of what they plan to launch, even if its not the case.

  11. While it is a bit childish for the two companies to be sqwabbling back and forth in this manner, I do think Samsung has a right to have a peek…given the circumstances and all.  An eye for an eye or so the saying goes.

  12. Yarrelray, are even capable of making any sort of comment that isn’t anti-sprint, anti-anything not htc/sprint? I hate the fact that u r so hung up on the worst service, and a phone that is easily second to the galaxy s1, and of course galaxy s2 line. You are so predictable and biased it isn’t funny. You need tobrealize that you are everything you hate about iDrones and it’s quite comical to see your responses, as I know exactly what they are going to sound like before unread them. I know when I see username “yarrelray” I expect some luging alOng the lines of “samsuck blows, crapple is for silly willies, EVO, sprint, EVO, sprint, EVO, sprint……..boner” idiot douchebag whom I dislike more than anyone who has ever commented on this site.

    1. lol agree but what made u want to post his? i dont see any of his post here….? maybe a refresh is needed

      1. Never mind a refresh did the trick

  13. samsung absolutely brilliant with this idea, this will make apple can not just accuse samsung imitate their products (apples). with this samsunghas been directly protect sgs2 design and will make the apple could notfabricate false story stating Samsung is to mimic the designs apple in the future .. oooowhhh samsung absolutely brilliant ..

  14. This legal battles between Samsung and Apple are only in the US or will affect Europe customers also?

  15. If I was Samsungz, stop making internal parts for them. Drop the lawsuit or we will never make a single part for ubQPPLE.

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