US Cellular to Get HTC Desire S, Wildfire S


According to a screen grab a tipster just hit us with, US Cellular looks to be updating their Android family with the addition of the HTC Desire S (here called the Desire II) and Wildfire S. The sequel to the original Desire makes sense here, as US Cellular was one of the few US outlets to carry the handset. The Wildfire S is also no surprise as a mid-ranged Android offering to bolster a lineup that includes such devices as the newly released LG Genesis.

No word on when we might see the handsets reach shelves, but an inventory listing is a good sign that it could be happening very soon.

[Thanks, Plazzma!]

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  1. Bro thats the same pic taken from the thread you guys started on April 7 about Cellular South releasing those two phones. lol 

    1. Nvm..just checked and they are barely different lol *face palm*

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