Jun 13th, 2011

Ripoffs from Shenzhen are nothing new, but this one is so true to the original that I almost believed it came from Apple themselves. It’s called the Gooapple 3G and looks exactly like a little device called the iPhone 4. It’s so accurate that users can buy iPhone 4 cases and screen protectors and use them flawlessly on the Gooapple. And we’ve seen more than a few of these before.

But the software is what has us intrigued. It’s Android at the core, but is so far from it that I couldn’t even tell at first. The OS has been customized to look exactly like iOS in most areas, from the homescreen to the SMS app. We’re not sure what the specs on this thing are, but performance looked quite decent. If you want the best of both worlds, then the Gooapple 3G may be worth looking at. [Thanks Wilson!]