If Apple Wants to Sue Someone For Being Copycats, They Should Contact the Guys Behind the GooApple 3G [Video]


Ripoffs from Shenzhen are nothing new, but this one is so true to the original that I almost believed it came from Apple themselves. It’s called the Gooapple 3G and looks exactly like a little device called the iPhone 4. It’s so accurate that users can buy iPhone 4 cases and screen protectors and use them flawlessly on the Gooapple. And we’ve seen more than a few of these before.

But the software is what has us intrigued. It’s Android at the core, but is so far from it that I couldn’t even tell at first. The OS has been customized to look exactly like iOS in most areas, from the homescreen to the SMS app. We’re not sure what the specs on this thing are, but performance looked quite decent. If you want the best of both worlds, then the Gooapple 3G may be worth looking at. [Thanks Wilson!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’m telling Steve Jobs!!!

  2. Scrolling and general performance feel like a 600mhz qualcomm processor, but may be also a 1ghz with shitty performance caused by the custom overhaul of the UI. 

  3. Haha I would love to see Apple try to sue China. Ha ha they are to scared. Is Apple still a relevant company?  

    1. Sue China ??????

      They are too scared ?????

      What are you … 10 years old ?????

    2. pretty sure Apple can’t sue China…. it’s a country

  4. Just wow :D



  6. All I want are those folders!

  7. just looks like MIUI, in an iphone case. 

    1. Try looking at MIUI more than once every 6 months, then talk about it.

  8. haha disgruntle employee from foxconn !

    1. hahaha i would think so.

    2. this is better then killing your self.

  9. I like it!!!!lol

  10. The only thing I can conclude from this video is that the person sucks at angry birds.

  11. whats the point of having an android phone that’s been customized to the point it’s only recognizable as an iPhone? doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose?

    1. It’s all for the lulz. I want one now.

  12. They need to release this as a custom ROM

  13. Hey at least they got the latest ios feature, pull down notifications

  14. First off, Goopple is a much better name than GooApple, the fact that they got that part wrong makes me suspect over the rest.

    1. AppleGoo would have been better  :)

  15. Install flash, show iPhone people. Watch them beg you to show them how to run flash.

  16. Just give me the case please ill be flashing cm7 on this thank-you.

  17. One Apple’s lawyer probably makes more a day than the whole company that built this phone.

  18. Most of the apps are changed into an iOS style, but not all, like the browser. How do you press the menu button?

  19. I guess they’ve used a great deal of time on this, but why don’t they just make their own hardware, and sell it like a legit business? They know Apple will destroy them.

  20. the new life and new creative…

  21. Hahaha.  I was just saying on Droid-Life how I wish someone would put the i4’s sweet screen on an Android device. PenTile screen on the Droid X2 sucks btw.  

    1. This screen is different. I saw a different comparison on an apple fanboy site. The only difference is this has a shittier screen. 

  22. LoL!! They even forgot to put an SD Card slot. Unless it’s inside of course. And did anyone else notice that you couldn’t see the back of the phone? Wonder what symbol is back there. LoL!! :P

    1. Yeah they did, for like 10 sec. You just didn’t watch it all

      1. Yea. The video froze, so I just posted, then finished watching. Dumb on my part since I’d already posted.

  23. I think I posted that the back didn’t show. Yea I fail. That start screen was funny. LoL!!

    And I can actually say that I didn’t know that Ericsson was a company. LoL!! I fail again. I think…


  24. This + Cyanogen = beautiful

  25. Uhh..menu and back buttons?

  26. lol it would be a beutiful thing if google and apple did come together

  27. You sue for lost profit. How many people who where planning on buying a real iphone 4 or where tricked bought this instead…

  28. That is amazing i want one!!

  29. this is awesome!!! Iphone body with a android soul… just awesome!!

  30. Solo someone released a troll video of an iPhone calling it goo apple and it’s news? Did anyone see anything android abt that? Fake…

  31. Now I can poop!

  32. back and menu buttons?

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