Despite Bootloader Woes, Developer Gets CyanogenMod 7 Running on the Motorola DROID X [Video]


You folks have been waiting for this one for quite some time. Due to the Motorola DROID X’s bootloader being locked, it’s quite difficult to get truly-custom ROMs up and running on it. Notice I use the word “difficult” and not “impossible”. Developer cvpcs has somehow found a way to get CyanogenMod running on the Motorola DROID X. Here are his words on the feat:

So this leaves a lot of questions! Such as what works and what doesn’t! From what I could tell by playing around with it, the following definitely work: Radio, Wifi, USB, Charging, various sensors, lights, vibration, standard bluetooth. The following MAY or MAY NOT work (unable to tell for sure yet): GPS, 3G/data, camera, camcorder, bluetooth audio. And the following definitely do NOT work yet: audio (this includes phone calls, speakers, microphone, etc).

He stresses that the bootloader is still locked, so CyanogenMod 7 will unfortunately be limited to running on the DROID X’s stock kernel. Still, we’re glad to see that all signs of MOTOFLUFF can be scrubbed off of the device for a near-stock experience. (Let’s face it – CyanogenMod is too different to be called stock, but that’s a good thing.) Take a look at video proof above and look forward to the CM7’s official debut on the DROID X whenever he believes things are stable enough to publicize. [RootzWiki, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. Psssh…we’ll take what we can get. Awesome to see people even still thinking about this device! It’s definitely a start.

    1. I saw in androidpolice that the audio issues were solved, so that is working phone calls, speakers, microphone, somethings more!!

    I hope he can get all the kinks worked out

  3. Hmm..sounds great unti that last bit about NO AUDIO. Kind of crucial for a phone! :-)

    1. Actually, a few minutes after he posted the video (cvpcs not cvps) mrbirdman and him figured out the audio issue and got it fix.


  4. No custom kernels?? What a shame.

    1. yeah.. aint no Kentucky fried kernel up in here… am I right?

  5. I am happy about this.

    1. quit touching yourself.

  6. It’ll probably be completed soon once they get the kinks worked out. They did the same for the milestone as well with its locked bootloader and all.

  7. lol by the time everything gets working buttery and i’ll actually WANT to grab this, i’ll bet i will have already gotten my boyfriend the Bionic. A+ though never thought i’d see the day. :)

  8. DroidX? Check where Motorola Defy a.k.a. umts_jordan is.. http://stats.cyanogenmod.com ..since 04/13!!

  9. CVPS needs to keep developing for Sapphire and the Gem series.  CM7 is buggy as hell!

  10. One question. What’s the point of a locked bootloader if you can still have a work around and get custom ROM’s like this to work? I mean just leave it open people. I would do as far to say that maybe 5-10% of folks root and install custom ROM’s. In my group of friends most all have Android devices. I think I am the only one who has rooted and ROM’d.

    1. It didn’t take a year to get cm7 on other devices.

      1. The X has not been out a year, nor has cm7 for that matter….

  11. If Motorola could leave Blur out…..people wouldn’t be as desperate to root their phones.

    1. yeah because BLUR is the only reason why people root their phone.  DoucheJugglin.

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