[DEAL ALERT] Acer Iconia Tab A500 Now $380 as eBay’s Daily Deal


Mystery Deal Monday is in full swing over at eBay, and one of the not-so-mysterious specials sees the Acer Iconia Tab A500 knocked down in price to $379.99. The Honeycomb tablet already provided a cheap alternative for those looking to pick up an Android tablet, and with this deal it might be hard to pass up.

[via eBay | Thanks, NIsme!]

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  1. Gah. I wish I had money.

    1. get a job, Bitch SaMULEs

      1. Good one. Like I haven’t heard that before. Read my Bio, im 15.
        Im not even legally able to work more than 2 hours a day in my state.

        1. all good Mitch. we’ve all been in that situation.

        2. “land of the free” eh?

  2. Orrrrrrr…  just get the Asus Transformer for $20 more…

    1. If you don’t have enough money or just don’t want the keyboard dock, this seems like a better option as a standalone tablet, mostly because of the included USB port.

      1. @ Ben, agree w/ you 100%. I don’t know why the Transformer is considered a better option as all the I/O ports are built into the dock. I believe this is the best tablet out right now…. hands down.

        1. On the spec sheets yes.  I’ve used both, and the previous poster is correct.  The Acer is a bit heavy and there’s something weird about the screen.  The glass is either too thick or they gapped it between the LCD and the surface glass.  I do like the idea of the on device USB.  I’ll stick with my nook with CM7 until something better comes out.  I want to see what the toshiba is really like.  Before you buy, check out Bestbuy, they have models on the floor you can mess with.

  3. the Iconia seems clunky and kinda oldish to me, compared to the Xoom and Galaxy (not yet released) tabs. I’d save my money till the fall and grab a tablet when prices are a bit more recession friendly.

    1. Or save money now by getting the tech that you want without the style that you could like.

      Swings & roundabouts.

  4. This tablet is a beast, I was waited on the Asus but Acer stole the show.

  5. Holy crap I can’t believe who’s name I see at the bottom of the story… O_o

    Is the world ending and I just haven’t heard about it yet.

  6. I know I seen one of these last night at Wal-Mart for $349.

  7. Yeah, I ordered one. Sick of waiting for the next big thing to come out.

  8. It’s a great price for a Wifi only tablet of this size and power….

  9. I’ve had one of these for a few weeks now and love it.  I dont think if it as heavy, but substantial, and the Dolby speakers and onboard usb are great.

  10. I really like my Iconia tab. Posting from it now. I don’t understand why this device doesn’t have more ‘Buzz’ behind it. It’s lightning fast and runs everything I need. Great graphics also. The ‘bulkyness’ is not an issue at all for me. Wish they had this deal before. ;)

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