Apps of the Day: Doodle Grub, Location Alert, and More


What does a hungry grub, Le Mans, LinkedIn, and your location have in common? They all make an appearance in today’s Apps of the Day. Apps of the Day is our daily feature where we go through what’s hot and new in the Android Market to help you find the apps worth downloading to your Android phone. Today features a few utilities that might just make you more productive and one game that might just do the opposite. Check it out below.

Doodle Grub – We’ve seen plenty of Snake clones in the age of smartphones, and even if Doodle Grub doesn’t reinvent the wheel it does breathe some life into the concept. The standout here is Doodle Grub’s controls, which uses your phones accelerometer to move your grub by tilting and shifting your handset. Cutesy graphics and power-ups add to the experience. [Market]

Instant Relation – Instant Relation is a LinkedIn utility designed to make it easy to connect with new contacts by scanning a barcode to add them to your network. While the idea of instantly connecting with those you meet is appealing, the major downside of the application is that both users are required to have the app installed on their handset. Given enough people use Instant Relation, it could become a handy utility. Otherwise, its use is rather limited. [Market]

Audi UK’s Guide to Le Mans – Audi has teamed up with Le Mans to offer the official app for the 24 hour racing event. Included are overviews of the various cars and racing teams, the latest news update, a birds-eye view of the racing circuit, and up to the minute race updates. Any fan of the endurance race would be doing themselves a disservice by not downloading. [Market]

Location Alert – Location Alert is a unique take on the scheduling/remind app that sends you alerts based on where you are rather than what time it is. The concept is quite handy, too. Need to pick up a DVD your friend borrowed but keep forgetting when you are over their pad? Set a location reminder to notify you whenever you are nearby. More in depth features make this one definitely worth checking out. [Market]

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  1. I wish I knew about the Audi app before the 24 hours of Le Mans was over.

  2. Yeah….Why tell us AFTER the race has ended?

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