Some Walmarts in Arizona Will Let You Walk Away With an HTC Sensation 4G Today


We’re not sure how many of you live in Arizona, but we’re hearing from one of our esteemed readers that a local Walmart let him walk in and buy the HTC Sensation for the low, low price of $148.88 after signing a two-year deal. It’s one of many stories of folks being able to get it from Walmart around the country, so we think it’s best you check up with your store to see if they’ll do the same. Refresher: The Sensation has a dual-core processor, a 4.3 inch qHD display, Android 2.3 with Sense 3.0, 768MB of RAM and more. Let us know if any of you folks can find one at your local shops. [Thanks, Andrew!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Picked mine up at walmart for that price 2 days ago. Great phone.

  2. Got the last one they had in stock at a Walmart here in Austin, Tx yesterday. They won’t sell the phone outright, so if you aren’t eligible for an upgrade, your only option is to either add it as an additional line or wait until general release. Phone in amazing.

    1. Early Termination Fee

  3. I got one in Austin yesterday. its pretty sweet. but im not sure its that much better than my nexus one

  4. I got mine at a Phoenix Walmart yesterday, but I’m sure other Walmart stores throughout the US are doing the same

  5. I walked into a T-mobile yesterday and just thought to ask the associate
    if they had a Sensation in stock that I could play with because they
    come out next week. Much to my surprised, she handed me one. That
    phone is…BOSS. Lord willing, that phone is also…MINE.

  6. I got mine yesterday at a Walmart in Landover MD

  7. I got mine last night at Walmart in Gurnee, IL @ 7 pm. Got my number ported over from Verizon at time of purchase, and when I woke up this morning it was successfully ported. Good bye DroidX, good bye Big Red… Hello T-Mobile!!!! 

    1. DiId you cancel your contract? I am thinking of leaving verizon as well. 

  8. I got mine yesterday at the Walmart in North Scottsdale (AZ) for $148 (and a 2 yr contract).  The clerk told me that they got 4 in the night before and I got the last one.  The clerk also told me that there is no additional ETF (like wirefly, letstalk, etc…) on top of T-Mobile’s ETF (thats great because those other sites charge 200-300 clams if you cancel/dowgrade your service within 181 days).  So far, no problems with the phone!

  9. Anybody pick one up in California?  Just wondering if it happening here too.

    1. I called all the sotres within a reasonable driving distance of me here in Orange County and only one had it in stock, but they said they couldn’t sell it until Sunday.

    2. Walmarts in the IE are selling em already. $148.88

  10. I got mine on Wednesday in Mt Prospect IL, but I already got dust under my screen. I am NOT happy

  11. picked mine at the walmart on north in chicago on wed night. had to buy it retail because i dont have a upgrade available.

    1. how much was it?

  12. You guys already posted a story about this the other day.

    Besides that, does anybody know what price Wal-Mart will sell this for people who only have upgrades?

    1. 148.88 plus tax

  13. just got my girlfriends from a walmart here in phoenix… amazing phone

  14. can you get the 148.88 price via a 2 year upgrade.?

  15. Got mine yesterday with my full upgrade. Wal-Mart did struggle to upgrade me though. My data service wouldn’t show up

  16. lucky bastards.. local Walmart (Reno) has 5.. will not sell till Sunday.. Nice that they are getting them, but 5 per store ?.. Not dealing with this.. I’ll wait and go to T Mobile store and pay a few extra bucks.. I wish they had done the pre-order thing online this time. I’d be done with it.

  17. Got mine @ Walmart in NJ for that price back on Wed 6/8.  The sales rep said they had been selling since the week before.  Fun phone, my first android after an iPhone. Glad I waited for it!!

    1. where in nj? i also live in nj so i can get myself one

  18. I’ve has mine for 3 days. Longview WA. Had 3 left when I left.

  19. I will wait and see if there are problems….some already being reported, and whether it’s too much of a toy full of bloatware to justify a contract extension.

  20. Can anyone comment on how well T-Mobile has treated them as a provider. i am thinking about leaving Verizon, but I will not suffer dropped calls like the Iphone drones just seem to accept on At&t. Any comments are helpful…thanks!

    1. I was a loyal Verizon customer since I got my first cell phone in probably 1986 until this year!  Switched to Magenta. Saved $$$$ and got good service.  Happy Magenta customer!  Hope AT&T will not screw it up.

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