Motorola XOOM Gets its First Custom ROM


The Motorola XOOM has received it’s first custom-baked ROM, the result of work undertaken by bigrushdog of XDA and the Tiamat Team. The ROM goes by the fairly uninspired XOOM Rom 1.0 Deodexed name, but the custom software is far from basic.  — all sorts of advanced options come neatly packaged inside. The bad news is though the ROM is based off of a stock build of XOOM software taken from the Verizon 3G version of the tablet, installing it will break 3G service if you are a current VZW subscriber. A pretty epic win for the XOOM community, nonetheless. Find full instructions at the source link below.

[via XDA]

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  1. Wicked! I am a fan of BigRushDog and the work he does. Can’t wait to try this

  2. Lol. Ive been running a custom ROM on my transformer for weeks now.

  3. It breaks 3G? Uh, no thanks. I’ll stick with the Tiamat kernel and stock for now.

  4. I’m sure the four people who bought a Xoom are thrilled.

  5. Make that three people who bought a Xoom. 

    I just returned mine in anticipation of the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s release. 

    1. Enjoy your touchwiz, locked bootloader and delayed updates.

      1. Thanks. I’m not planning to root it, so I don’t care that the bootloader is locked.

        You should note that it’s not shipping with TouchWiz either. And when it is made available, it will be an *optional* update. Quite besides the point, many reviewers were actually pleased with some of TouchWiz interface features on the early review units. 

      2. I got my Galaxy Tab 10.1 2 days ago from Best Buy 14th Street NYC and it does NOT come with touchwiz.

        1. Hmm. I didn’t knew that. Well, good for you then.

      3. Enjoy your no hardware ports except for the proprietary (ipad) 30 pin port. :(

  6. This is back in stock on Amazon and has come down slightly in price –

  7. I really like my Xoom a lot and I can’t wait to try this rom. I don’t use the 3gkitchen service on mine anyway

  8. XOOM? what’s that?

  9. The 3g service has now been fixed on this ROM

  10. I installed this rom. I ended up having to do a a full system wipe, but who cares when you have a full nandroid backup. It runs very smoothly.I had no worries about 3g as i have a wifi only model.

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