HTC EVO View 4G Makes a Pit Stop at the FCC on its Way to Sprint


The HTC EVO View 4G just tripped through the FCC< and not a moment too soon. The tablet, based on the HTC Flyer, will hit shelves in just about two weeks with a 4G WiMAX radio on board. There isn’t too much more to learn about the tablet going by model number PG41200, but anything we don’t know yet will be revealed soon enough. Anyone out there awaiting the EVO View anxiously?

[FCC via Engadget]

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  1. Do you seriously have to make a story out of every time something passes through the fcc? who cares?

    1. I like the FCC stories, please keep them up.  This is a site that brings news about a topic and t does help some of us in our decisions.  Thanks!

  2. The thing I like about this is the data plan.  If you’ve already got Sprint service, you can add a tablet plan that includes 3 GB’s of 3G data and UNLIMITED 4G data for only 35 bucks.  Plus Sprint is throwing in the pen for free.  

  3. Seriously sprint? Stop calling every new black device an Evo! If it doesn’t have a front camera, it is not an Evo!

    1. uh….isnt that a camera in the middle on the right hand side??

    2. uh.. there are only like 3 EVO devices dude. 

    3. Your an idiot. Ever heard of a Droid smartass?

  4. ill stick with my Nook Color and just tether my Evo 3D

  5. The Evo family on sprint has a total of 4 members the granddaddy of all 4g android device my beloved Evo 4g from 2010. Then our 3 newest members from 2011 the Evo Shift 4g, Evo 3d, and the Evo view tablet. These family of devices will always be around for a long time to come and offer far more than any Droid brand that’s for sure.

    1. You sir sound suspiciously like that clown YarrellRay/Ryarrell/Richard Yarrell. I am willing to say that if it were on any other carrier(i mean top 4 by that) your beloved Evo would be given the boot sooner than a droid! I personally would tak the sensation over the 3d any day… Only difference is the 3d

  6. 35 dollers is alot for tablet data imo

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