Sprint Officially Announces the Motorola Photon 4G, Their First International Android Device [Video]


Just as we suspected, Sprint’s announced their first dual-core device from Motorola. It’s the Photon 4G and it will be Sprint’s first world phone with GSM radios. Early specs? You got it. How does Android 2.3, a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of RAM, 4G radios, 16GB of internal storage, a 1700mAh battery, HDMI-out with mirroring and an 8 megapixel HD camera + front facing camera sound?

Just as our previous source confirmed, this one’s a larger device coming in at 4.3 inches with qHD resolution. And it has a kickstand – that makes it worth a purchase alone, no? Don’t forget WebTop, Motorola’s web-based operating platform for use with the laptop dock that’ll be offered alongside this thing.

What was once being called their version of the Atrix 4G has quickly transformed into a unique offering from Motorola. The larger screen is reminiscent of the DROID X2, while the kickstand is giving us that EVO 4G feeling. All of this is said to be coming sometime this summer. Oh, and the Photon 4G’s section on Sprint.com is now live.

We’re Live at the Sprint event watching this all unveil, folks, so stay tuned for incoming photos and hands-on video. Head past the video for full press details.

Sprint and Motorola Forge Renewed Business Relationship That Extends Device Innovation

New Portfolio of Android-Based Devices Empower Both Businesses and Consumers with World-Class Versatility, Productivity and Entertainment Features 

Sprint to launch more than 10 new Motorola devices in 2011, including Motorola PHOTON 4G, boasting Sprint 4G, Android 2.3, Sprint ID and worldphone capabilities, Motorola XPRT, a business-class Android smartphone, and Motorola TRIUMPH, the first Motorola Android smartphone for Virgin Mobile USA


NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE), June 09, 2011 – Sprint (NYSE: S) and Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE: MMI) today announced a reinvigorated alliance that strengthens and extends the two companies’ device innovation leadership. Sprint and its prepaid brands of Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA will launch more than 10 new Motorola wireless devices in 2011, bringing revolutionary performance, speed and design to Sprint customers. This new portfolio demonstrates a commitment to bring customers advanced devices with industry-leading features, including smartphones, tablets and best-in-class Push-to-Talk devices.

Two new devices were communicated today as part of this relationship, including the iconic Motorola PHOTON™ 4G, Motorola’s first Sprint 4G device with a dual-core 1GHz processor, Android™ 2.3, Sprint ID and worldphone capabilities, and Motorola TRIUMPH™, the first Virgin Mobile USA device from Motorola. These two devices, along with the additional products in the new portfolio, build upon Sprint and Motorola’s long history of innovation across Sprint 3G and 4G networks and Nextel National Network.

“Over the years, we have teamed with Motorola to bring top of the line devices to our customers across both prepaid and postpaid brands,” said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. “I am pleased to see our collaboration grow. Together we will enhance the customer experience by bringing innovative devices to market, such as the Motorola PHOTON 4G and Motorola TRIUMPH.”

Sprint was unbeaten among major wireless carriers for customer satisfaction according to results from the 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index. In addition to tying for first place among wireless carriers, Sprint was also the number one most improved company in customer satisfaction, across all industries, over the last three years, according to the survey.

“We are excited to be partnering with Sprint to announce a new portfolio of innovative, differentiated Android-based products that make the mobile experience better for people – whether at home or at work,” said Sanjay Jha, chairman and chief executive officer, Motorola Mobility. “These devices showcase our deep insight into consumer needs and harness the power of Sprint’s networks.”

Motorola’s First Sprint 4G Phone

Sprint and Motorola are taking wireless innovation to a new level with Sprint’s first 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA®Tegra™ 2 processor smartphone on the Sprint 4G Network, Motorola PHOTON 4G. Motorola PHOTON 4G provides on-the-go users with an edge in managing their lives, around the world. Motorola PHOTON 4G offers the perfect blend between personal and business needs and boasts enterprise-quality security for Android, international GSM capabilities, a 4.3-inch qHD display, dual cameras and a kickstand for hands-free viewing.

Built with Android 2.3, Gingerbread, Motorola PHOTON 4G, combined with the Sprint 4G Network, lets users browse, download and multitask at blazing-fast speeds to support their busy lifestyles. Motorola PHOTON 4G does it all, providing users with an array of versatile tools, like the Motorola webtop application, allowing users to access and create content from a larger screen while connected to a Motorola accessory dock (available for purchase following device availability).

Additional features include:

  • Dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and 1GB of RAM
  • Large 4.3-inch touchscreen with qHD (Quarter High Definition) display
  • Dual cameras – 8 megapixel, dual-LED flash camera with front-facing webcam to store photos and videos directly on the device and VGA front-facing camera for video chat
  • Android Market™ for access to more than 200,000 useful applications, widgets and games available for download to customize the experience
  • Sprint ID for an easy way to personalize the user experience with apps, widgets, ringtones and more, all in a single download
  • 16GB of onboard memory, support for up to 32GB SD Card, for a total of up to 48GB
  • Worldphone capabilities to access emails, calendars and news from locations around the globe
  • 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability, supporting up to eight devices on the Sprint 3G or 4G networks and one while roaming internationally on GSM (Mobile Hotspot capability while roaming internationally on GSM will be delivered through an upcoming software update)
  • Ability to utilize the webtop application while connected to a Motorola accessory dock (sold separately) to open, view, edit and send Microsoft Office documents using cloud-based web apps through the full Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Supports critical IT device policies commonly requested by enterprises and government entities, including integration ease, cost-of-management and data security concerns

Motorola PHOTON 4G will be available this summer. Pricing, final specifications and a full list of accessories will be provided closer to launch.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Motorola Triumph Comes To Virgin Mobile This Summer [VIDEO]

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  1. I won’t be getting this (Verizon for me) but I’m SO glad there’s more Tegra phones coming out.  Plus this one has 4G so it’ll have more popularity.  More Tegra 2 devices means more tegra 2 support!

  2. locked bootloader = fail

    1. All bootloaders come locked… the question is: will it be encrypted?

      1. I’ll be getting either EVO 3D or Photon depending on which is unlocked first.  I wonder if Photon has SMR radio (support for Sprint’s upcoming 800Mhz rollout).  EVO 3D does have this.

        1. Get the EVO 3D.  Manufacturers & OEM shells aside… the dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon is much better than the Tegra 2.

          1. Stop spreading your BS about the Tegra 2. If you even bother to look at true technology sites like Anandtech, you would find the the EVO 3D’s Qualcomm processor performs like an ARM A8. THe Tegra 2 is based on an A9, which should be at least 25% faster per core. 

          2. Love Anandtech…I dont make computer purchases until I browse there. 

          3. Stop your damn BS about the Tegra being something special.  Tegra 2 opted to leave out Arms NEON extensions…

            “Ars Technica wrote, “the only factor we can think of that would explain such a boost in LINPACK performance vs. both the original iPad and rival Tegra 2-based devices is that A5 must have full support for ARM’s NEON vector extensions (the ARM equivalent of Intel’s SSE instructions). The NEON extensions, along with the larger vector FPU (VFPU) to support them, are included by default in the A8 family, but are optional in the A9. NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 opted for the smaller, lower-power, but weaker ARM FPU, while Apple seems to have included the beefier NEON VFPU in their implementation of the A9. Clearly this is the way to go, and we can expect other ARM SoC vendors to follow suit.”


            Try playing 1080p at 30 fps on your Tegra 2 chip set.  Not happening.  Talk up your A9 architecture.  It means nothing.  And Qualcomm DOES NOT follow the A8 architecture to a tee.  It preforms much better.  Your beloved Tegra 2 came out LAST summer!  Get over it.  Exynos, Qualcomm, and the A5 are better chip sets.  Chip sets that can handle true HD video.

          4. If there is anything I hate more than fake information, it is people who spread the fake information believing that they know everything. So what if you can go and compared the spec sheets for each device? 

          5. Even if people believe that the Tegra 2 is slower in its stock form, BigRushDog has overclocked the Tegra 2’s to 1.7 Ghz. 70% performance is insane. I don’t think we really have to worry about the speed of the Tegra 2 chipset.


          6. Hey Ddedsg,

            Until you prove the Tegra 2 can play 1080p at 30fps–which you won’t–you can continue to eat crow and talk up your chip set from 2010.  I don’t have it out for Nvidia, the Tegra 2 is just old tech.

            Hey Matt,
            Exynos was overclocked to 1.5 GHz.  GHz isn’t everything.


            Read on and you’ll see the they got it to play 1080p @ 500 MHz per core.  Something the Tegra 2 can’t even do at 1 GHz per core.  Astonishing.  But it’s not from Anandtech so I guess it’s just more misinformation (insert sarcasm).

          7. Straight from your beloved AnandTech.



            You have many postings all over the web where you’re singing the praises of Tegra’s graphics performance even when faced with irrefutable benchmark data, such as that from Anandtech, proving that Tegra 2 often has inferior graphics to SGX based devices like iPad2, and now ,it is clear that Tegra 2 has inferior performance to Qualcomm’s 8660. Is Tegra 3 really better than future products/chipsets from Apple, TI, Samsung and Qualcomm, and do you think that these other companies are just going to stand still while NVIDIA alone produces new chipsets? Hmmm…think it through man, everybody has a killer next chip.”

            So Ddedsg,

            How do you like your crow served?

          8. It’s pretty piss poor that you would elect to show a graph of a single benchmark out of context considering any knowledgeable person would understand how misleading a single benchmark test can be–let alone a single image of a single benchmark test.

            What’s also funny is how close in performance the single-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Thunderbolt is to the dual-core, Nvidia, Tegra 2 Lg Optimus 2X.  The Thunderbolt even bests the Atrix!  Also, am I to believe the Thunderbolt (2.2) has better GPU/CPU than the EVO 3D (2.3) and Sensation (2.3).  Heck, according to your .png, my N1 on (2.2.1) is better than the Nexus S on (2.3).  That’s funny considering I know the Nexus S has a better processor and Android 2.3 only betters performance.

            Now, we wouldn’t be able to explain any of this because you feel you can justify your argument in one image out of context.  Great rational.

            Lets not even talk about battery consumption… dual-core Snapdragon’s ability to have Asynchronous dual-core CPUs running independently.  How does the Tegra 2 handle that?  Please expound…

  3. I like live coverage!!

  4. “How does Android 2.3, a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 4G radios, HDMI-out with mirroring and an 8 megapixel HD camera + front facing camera sound?”
    Terrible.  Why?  Evo 3D’s dual-core Snapdragon kills the Tegra 2.  I don’t understand why so many OEM’s went with that crap chip set–to be the first to sport a dual-core I suppose.  I respect Qualcomm for waiting and developing their chip set more efficient and powerful.  I’m really concerned about the Tegra 3/Nexus 3.  Is Nivdia just rushing to have first mobile quad-core processor–throwing quality out the door for pure horsepower?  I think so.  Look at the competition outside of Android.  The A5 won’t even make an appearance until September (iPhone4s).  So what’s the rush?  Qualcomm and Samsung/Exynos already have better dual-core chip sets.

    1. You sound like a very unhappy little 12 year-old. I know it’s summer and school is most likely out for you, but don’t you have to mow daddy’s lawn?
      The EVO 3D is not the successor to the EVO 4G. It’s the EVO v 1.5, I feel sorry for anyone who buys the 3D. You don’t know the first thing about tech.
      Enjoy your lack of understanding… and hurry, before the weeds grow too high.

      1. How exactly is the photon any better, with the exception of the increase ram? Maybe you disagree wit his post, but how do you support the claim that the EVO 3D is a phone that people will be sorry to get? Buddy, you sound like the 12 year old in this case, sorry, but you do. 

        Got to love internet flaming and insulting….

        1. +1
          Let him enjoy opinion over fact.

      2. Clown…  guarantee I’m more tech savvy than you.  Too bad you’re clueless as to how much the Tegra 2 under preforms.  I get it, you like Motorola.  Good for you.  I side with facts not fanboyism.  Sprint’s not even my carrier. At&t is and I use a Nexus One.  What a worthless comment you made.  EVO v 1.5… Hmmm lets identify the upgrades:

        -1 GHz single-core Snapdragon to 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon
        -1080p 2D video recording vs. 720p 2D recording
        -720p 3D video recording vs …nothing to offer here
        -3D qHD Screen (960×540) vs. LCD (800×480)=crap
        -1730 mAh battery vs. 1500 mAh battery
        -HTC Sense 3.0 vs. an outdated Sense

        But let me guess… it’s the Evo v 1.5 because it’s camera went from 8 megapixels to 5 megapixels–even though light sensors matter a whole lot more than megapixels.

        So Granger, how worthless do you feel?  Spreading your blatant fanboyism all over this forum.  Fact over opinion FTW!!!  Silly child.

        1. Forgot one thing:

          1 GB of RAM vs. 512 MB of ram

          1. I am sorry, but the Qualcomm processor in the Sensation and EVO 3D performs worse in daily operations than the Tegra 2. The Qualcomm performs similarly to an ARM A8 architecture while the Tegra 2 has moved on to an ARM A9. 

          2. I think he forgot the benchmarks of the EVO 3D floating around was overclocked to 1.5 vs. everybody else at 1…

          3. False!!!

            Qualcomm uses their own architecture and follows a similar set of guidelines that the A8 lays out.  I’m sorry.

            Taken straight from Wikipedia, “The Snapdragon application processor core, dubbed Scorpion, is Qualcomm’s own design. It has many features similar to those of the ARM Cortex-A8 core and it is based on the ARM v7 instruction set, but theoretically has much higher performance for multimedia-related SIMD operations.”


            Try playing 1080p at 30fps on the Tegra 2.  Doesn’t happen.  Tegra 2 is the reason I didn’t purchase the Xoom–which was marketed as a HD video playing device.  Sure at 720p.  Tegra 2 doesn’t even preform that well on benchmarks that test it’s CPU and GPU.

            Eat crow!!!

          4. In response to jroc74

            No I didn’t.  Tegra 2 was finalized last summer!!!  How does it out preform Qualcomm’s new dual-core Snapdragon?  That’s just ridiculous to even argue.  Have you seen the Tegra 2 paced against the A5.  It’s a joke.  Exynos and Qualcomm have it going on.  Tegra 2 does not. Tegra 3, hopefully.

          5. Don’t forget the 4 GB of ROM!

  5. That was a random video… Lol they both look like doofuses smiling into the camera

  6. It has a kickstand!! Coming from an Evo, this is a must have (well, not really). But like everyone, I’ll get this if it has an unlocked bootloader.

  7. I wouldn’t get it personally. Sounds nice and I’m sure it’ll be a nice phone. I just don’t like Moto’s skin. Still this is nice from Sprint. They’re touching all areas when launching phones. They always add 4G when others have the standard version or some type of extra to it. In this case making it international. My Nexus S 4G does me just fine. we have the Evo 3D in couple weeks if not less and who knows when the SGSII will be here. I’m also sure Sprint will Stick to the Nexus line, so the Nexus 3 will hit us and whoever else caries a Nexus phone now as well I assume. Sprint is doing the damn thing if you ask me. They’re the most down to earth carrier to me. There 4G isn’t blazing fast but we have it. Their plans are best in my opinion. All in all I’m happy to be a Sprint customer.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. We have a nice device lineup coming and awesome price points. Keep up the good work Sprint!

  8. Still wating for 4G here in Phoenix AZ. Had my Evo for a year now and still no love. wtf Sprint!!!

    1. I doubt that you’ll see WiMAX in your city either due to Sprint’s acquisition of LTE via LightSquared. It would make more business sense to begin building the LTE network instead of continuing WiMAX.

    2. to be honest – i’ve had 4g in the area for about a year… rarely use it… only to speed test against my friends on other carriers and see who’s faster

  9. As far as octagonal phones go, this looks pretty good – though my Sprint buddies drop me quite often. From my experience, Verizon has the best network.

  10. What radios frequencies does it support with GSM?  I don’t see it in the PR or the Sprint site.

    1. IKR!? I was looking for that too? I wanna know what Sprint is going to use. Maybe this has something to do with the AT&T and Tmo merger. Maybe Sprint is trying to prevent it, and at the same time set up a GSM frequency when they get (not saying they are or referring to any rumors) Tmo.

  11. This phone is a freakin BEAST.  Sprint+Motorola = Long overdue

  12. Motorola sucks.

    I won’t buy their products until they unlock the bootloaders.

      1. Regrettably, Motorola has yet again backpedaled on its words. Check at Android Central again. :/ Why can’t any of Motorola’s people ever just say something without the PR people (or anyone else from the company) stating otherwise? You would think spokespeople (let alone the CEO) would be able to say something and it actually be true.

        1. Regardless Motorola is trying the best they can to put out innovative products I’m not a supporter of Moto but since they are a part of the sprint family I welcome what they can bring to the table. Either way the best android devices reside on sprint and actually it’s time for you to join the crowd. Give up on that 2 year plus OUTDATED SAMSUNG MOMENT YOU HAVE everyone buys new question is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR THE SKY TO TURN RED??? OR EARTH TO END??? If you need help financially hit me up I can work out a deal for you, Just for old time sake

          1. Motorola isn’t “trying the best they can”. If you haven’t noticed, within the past week alone, SEVERAL people, including the CEO, said some pretty false statements. First the app/battery problem by Sanjay, then the unlocked, locked bootloader by the idiots showing off the device yesterday. I wouldn’t call that “trying the best they can”. As I have said before you mentally retarded child, I got my Samsung Moment in July of last year and I am not the primary line. I am not willing to shell out $200+ on a phone right now since many new ones will be coming out in the coming months. How’s that for some smart thinking? Why are you always practically begging for money? All I ever hear from you is how you’ll “make a deal” with me, or that I can “buy your old Evo”. You must be pretty dirt poor to be begging for money on these forums. Oh wait, you ARE dirt poor. My bad. Go peddle your useless wares to someone who cares. I certainly don’t. Also, my phone isn’t “2 year plus”, it’s only 1.5 years old. As I’ve said before, for a Sprint fanboy, you sure don’t know all that much about the company. Try again loser.

          2. I must say YOUR A JOKE…Coming here on every forum in so many places TROLLING AROUND trying to respond to all my comments what a sad life you have. What really funny is you try to be so sophisticated but yet your piggy backing off of someone else account What wrong can’t afford your own Mr. Rooted man??? Now who’s really POOR YOU LOSER!!!

          3. @e176234ce6595514f1e295f11bfe0c0a:disqus 1. I’ve only posted on other forums MAYBE 5 times in all the time that I’ve been commenting on the web. Most of my comments are here. Try revising your entire post to fit this fact. 2. “piggy backing off of someone else account ” As far as I know, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have the same user name as someone else on ANY web service, so I can’t be “piggybacking” on anyone else’s account. Unless of course I do like you did with the “yarrellray” account hooked up to Disqus, Facebook, and everything else then create another profile with the same name but not hooked up to all those services. But then, I never created a real Disqus account hooked up to anything. Try again. 3. I don’t need to “afford” anything since this service (Disqus) is free. All it takes is a unique username and an email address. I don’t think anyone is going to EVER pick “squiddy20” as a username since it is something personal to me and I have 3 different email addresses I could use if I wanted to. Try insulting me with something about my economic status that ISN’T free. You’re the real joke. You can’t even make a well-thought insult without making a fool of yourself or going into the childish name calling. Grow up.

          4. @e176234ce6595514f1e295f11bfe0c0a:disqus I finally understood what you MEANT to write when you posted this: ” What wrong can’t afford your own Mr. Rooted man”. First of all, that doesn’t even sound remotely intelligent. Secondly, it’s sad is that I had to decipher what you said/meant instead of just reading it and understanding it. But of course, you write like a child in 3rd grade, so I guess it’s understandable for the people reading your posts to completely misunderstand what you mean. Of course, because of the way you wrote it, I still don’t know if you’re (stupidly) alluding to the nonexistent “fee” for using Disqus or my inability to “afford” a better phone. If it’s the latter, as I have said before, cost wasn’t (and still isn’t) an issue. Personal preference was. I wanted a phone that had a dev community already behind it, with a hardware qwerty keyboard, among other things. The only Android phone that fit those criteria at the time (June of last year) was the Moment. Cost had absolutely nothing to do with it. The fact that it was priced around $99 or so was merely a bonus. Try making assumptions that you just might be able to prove next time. 

  13. I’m wondering how this will compare to the Atrix, because we all know how well that phone went… ;D lol

  14. I like what Sprint is offering as far as devices. I am really unhappy about their change in the yearly upgrades policy and especially when the upgrade only applies to the primary line. Sprint can do better than that. Come on Dan…

    1. they still have yearly upgrades… i can understand that if it’s an “exclusive perk” you don’t want to give it to the majority of customers.  over 1/2 of Sprint customers have that plan – so it wasn’t exclusive… plus… all the other carriers don’t do it – they really don’t have to… remember they already give you a huge discount when you buy the phone to begin with… i was always a 1 year contract person, those are gone now too… but i just do the 2 year contract and when a phones comes out the year after, i pay full retail for it – it all washes out in the end

  15. Granger, I agree with your comment to a point. I’m not a huge fan of qualcomm processors myself. They are great in simple, daily task. God knows my old Dinc would scroll smoothly and do a few other things nice, but to be honest the older hummingbird had the same GPU as the new OMAP 4, a better GPU than any qualcomm single core and it’s likely right on par with the adreno 220. At this point, there isn’t a phone out that can even come close to samsungs exyenos chip, it will be one of the best SOC ever on a phone regardless of how many cores. Everyone can hare on Sammy for whatever reason but the NEVER, I repeat NEVER skimp on the important things such as processor, GPU, camera. Except software, which according to reviews is much better in the gs2. Exyenos is far better than tegra but I don’t see why ppl feel the need to slam it. Is it better than there processor? Likely. But wait, it doesn’t support NEON, WTF ever. I’ve played with an atrix, bottom line: there isn’t one single slow part of that phone. It doesn’t hiccup anywhere at anytime. Especially in simple task. At the end of the day I want a powerful phone….. Also a phOne that can do simple things smoothly, like scroll home screens and web pages, I would take a slightly less powerful processor in lieu of optimized software any day. And engadget, which is a huge fan of sense, seems to think that the newest version isn’t all it can be, I think they know what they are talking about and they have no reason to slam sense, since they have always been supporters. At some point moto has to get blur right. They have revised it prolly 10 times and never got it right. Who knows, they may screw up and do it right this time. My .02 cents

    1. Do the GS2 phones have the Exynos chip in them?

      1. I’ve heard for the UK and US, yes, but other regions are slated to get the Tegra-2, also from what I’d read earlier.

  16. sounds like an updated evo4g,

  17. Aw the only thing this puppy’s missing is the fingerprint scanner. Having gotten used to scanning to enter my device I truly can’t go back

    1. hehe honestly i thought it would be a gimmick when i bought it but im the same. i wonder if the docks are going to be standardized or different for each phone

    1. Nexus One 2.3 bests Nexus S 2.3 again?  You can show as many benchmarks out of context as you want but your argument’s piss pour.  Nexus One 2.2 bests Evo 3D 2.3 and Sensation 2.3? 

      It doesn’t take much to question your stupidity.  Keep on failing.  

      1. Your argument: close results between 2 chips…

        His argument: dual core Snapdragon vs. other dual core chips. Why do I say that? Look at the 2 phones at the top of that link he put up…

        His doesnt look like its failing…

  18. HERE IS INE GUYS!!! droid life is reporting that the bootloader is unlocked!! This is huge!

  19. release date???

  20. Regardless of anything this is a BIG TIME ON SPRINT. They are clearly the only carrier that is truly innovating and coming up with new devices every year instead of pushing outdated and over priced smartphones ie such as Verizon. In 2011 sprint has takem all the carriers out behind the wood shed and have COMMENCED TO WIPPING CARRIER ASS. Take a real close look at all the devices on all major carriers and ask yourself who has the best android line up and who give the best timly update to there over all devices. It’s no secret where I stand..YES PROUDLY I am a HTC/SPRINT EVO 3D FANBOY and always will reside in that camp cause I know the Evo family of devices will always lead the way. I welcome a good motorola device to the sprint family all it is is adding to what is already the BEST CARRIER IN THE US. Affordability and choice is key and that is what exist on sprint what more can anyone ask for all the best and next great android devices will always reside on the NOW NETWORK. Best thing to do is don’t HATE APPRECIATE AND JOIN THE FRAY because if your not toting around wherever you are with a sprint powered device then your not really in the same game from a technology standpoint.

    1. Yarrell you best be leavin boy, we dont like your kind (trolls) around here

      1. You are another PRICK on this forum I never respond to you at all but you and this other ASSHOLE squiddy20 constantly feel the need to SINGLE ME OUT EACH CHANCE YOU GET EVEN WHEN I DON’T POST ANYTHING YOU STILL TALK ABOUT ME. So UNTILL you as well as squiddy20 get BANNED THEN I WILL CONTINUE POSTING HERE AS I PLEASE…

        1. “I never respond to you at all…” Guess what moron… YOU JUST DID! Shut up already and just don’t respond. “… EVEN WHEN I DON’T POST ANYTHING…” In case you can’t see, he replied to you, not the other way around. Learn to read. The reason I reply to you is because you post obviously wrong “facts”. For instance, there are NOT “22 4G devices” available on Sprint. Sprint does NOT have simultaneous voice and data over the same network. You do NOT like “all of Android” or else you would never say anything negative about any other Android phone (Verizon/AT&T in case you can’t remember your “Thunderdud” and “AssT&T” monikers). The June 4th release date that you spewed around these forums and many others turned out to be COMPLETELY WRONG. You have stated many times that rooting is for “2 plus year old devices”, which is also COMPLETELY WRONG. How many more times are you going to be proven dead wrong before you learn that you can’t say much of anything with a hint of truth in it? You state nothing but wrong “facts” and hugely biased opinions while calling those “facts” as well. Not to mention that you OVERUSE the caps lock key, which in itself is incredibly annoying and shows how stupid you are. Try reinventing yourself. It might do you some good.

    2. It’s sad that I can tell that this is the real Dick Yarrell without even looking at the name. You would think after being banned what, 4 times now, ANYONE would get the hint… Ok. We get it. You hate Verizon. Anything else you would like to spew out of your lying mouth? Try saying something different besides the (now ho-hum) “Verizon has way over priced and underspec’d phones… blah blah blah…” As you so stupidly pointed out to me several times, why does it matter to you what Verizon does? You’re not their customer. You don’t own anything pertaining to Verizon. Stop commenting on crap like this. You even said you had “better places to go”. So why the fuck are you still here? Can’t you just leave like you said you would? Or were you lying out of ass as usual?

      1. This is a sprint article WHY ARE SO WORRIED ABOUT WHAT I POST OR SAY…YOUR OPINION IS YOURS I COULD CARE LESS WHAT YOU SAY OR POST SO WHY WORRY ABOUT ME??? Please go get a life you sad pathetic horses ass leave everyone alone you go around trolling site to site searching for all my comments just to respond…WHAT A ASSHOLE YOU ARE..

        1. “This is a sprint article…” EXACTLY!! If this is a Sprint article, why are YOU the one saying stuff about Verizon? You have said it yourself, you are a SPRINT fanboy. Keep it to Sprint stuff. There is absolutely no need for “Verizon sucks” or “[Sprint phone name] pisses all over [ATT phone name]” Even though I am a Sprint customer and love the service I get, you don’t see me screaming everywhere I can about how “x carrier is shit” or some other comparable, childish saying. Just keep your comments to SPRINT ONLY. If you even can…

  21. you do if you have a shitty battery… 1.7 ghz? yea right. enjoy your three hours of usage. 

  22. The Motorola Photon 4G and the
    Motorola Triumph are pleasant surprises that run on the Android 2.3 ginger
    bread.Thanks for  the mention

  23. Gonna do it like Ddedsg



    FYI for all: These tests more accurately reflect the MSM8660 than previous tests running pre-production software.  Enjoy  

    1. Running at 1.5 tho…vs. all the other ones at 1…and vsync on and off…

      Yea this sure is more accurate…

  24. I wonder if Sprint getting a GSM phone has anything to do with them wanting to buy Tmo. Hmm… *wonders* I would love a non-datacapped network.

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