Eee Pad Slider Appears on Amazon Germany; Launch Nearing?


Now that ASUS has reintroduced the world to the Eee Pad Slider after their Eee Pad Transformer has taken off, it seems we’re ready for a release. We’re not sure when that release will be exactly, but Amazon Germany is already listing the device for folks in that region to be notified of its availability. ASUS originally promised it’d be here by now, but as you know, it isn’t. We’re going to keep our fingers crossed for  a June launch, but it may be some time before we see this thing on store shelves outside of Europe and Taiwan. [BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. That is what I want! Or that Awesome Dell 7 inch tablet with a slide out keyboard that was on engadget! Keyboards are not necessary on a tablet, but I want one.

    1. I think that 7 inch dell is more practical, and possibly more ergonomic, since you don’t have to bend your back/neck just to look at the screen. But since that thing is a prototype, we probably won’t see it in production until 2012.

  2. Meh, I think a physical KB on a 7″ tablet is unecessary.  I used SwiftKey on my Nook Color and in portrait, it’s super quick, and I can’t imagine holding something heavier.  On a 9-10″ tab, though, I think an optional KB would be great, and having it combined in the Slider vs the Transformer is great!  The leaked prices for the Slider have been higher than the TF though.

    1. Not sure if your aware but this is a 10″ tablet. 
      ASUS Eee Pad SliderMobile users who want the best of both tablet and traditional notebook worlds will be well served by the Eee Pad Slider. This pad computer not only features a 10.1” IPS touch-screen for finger-friendly use, but also a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for comfortable, use-anywhere typing. It is powered by the NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2, the world’s most advanced mobile processor with a dual-core CPU and NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU for never-before-seen experiences on a mobile device.Built-in digital cameras on the front (1.2MP) and rear (5MP) of the Slider allow for easy video chat and digital photography while the Android® 3.0 operating system makes sharing photos by internet, email and social media sites a breeze. The intuitive interface provides user-friendly control via the capacitive touch-screen and optional onboard 3G allows for go-anywhere internet access, making the Slider the ideal device for mobile professionals with work-oriented needs.

  3. lets just hope they make enough of these., I have yet to see the Asus Eee pad in stores yet. its always sold out. I wanted to get my hands on the Eee pad to compare with other tablets before I make my choice, but after a hands-on with the Samsung 10.1, Im going to get it today.

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