Vodafone UK Trading Galaxy Tab 10.1v for Retooled Slim Version


Vodafone UK was one of the last holdouts for the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v — the tablet originally debuted at Mobile World Congress in February — but the mobile operate is changing their tune as the new Android gadget goes on sale (in the US, at least). An email has gone out to interested customers alerting them to a change of plans. Vodafone is switching out the beefier Galaxy Tab 10.1v and its 8MP camera in favor of the “slim” version unveiled at CTIA.

“An important update regarding the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1v

We’ve decided to add the slimmer Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 to our range, which will now take the place of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1v.

The Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 is packed full of cutting edge technology but is one of the world’s slimmest Honeycomb tablets, measuring 8.6mm thick and weighing just 599g. We’ve updated our website with more details, which you can see here

We’ll be in touch again soon with more information on pricing and availability.

Thank you”

The slimmer Tab 10.1 was created in response to the announcement of the iPad 2, and was designed to compete at a better price point with a more appealing 8.6mm-thick form factor. I mention the 8MP camera above because this is one are where Samsung downgraded, moving to a 3MP camera. The 10.1v will not be available; Vodafone has updated their product page to reflect the change.

[via Vodafone | Thanks, Eric!]

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  1. Finally there’s light at the end of the tunnel for UK to get some Galaxy Tab 10.1 love :-)

    I just hope the tunnel isn’t that long.

  2. Love the form factor of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 but lack of SD Card slot and full USB port for 3.1 gamepad goodiness makes me think I shall hold off until the Kal-EL tablets start coming out!

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