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Students, alcoholics, and security buffs rejoice! We actually have more applications than games in this edition of Apps of the Day, from apps that’ll help keep people out of your phone to ones that’ll save your life. (As well as the lives of other.) We also have a fun and whacky puzzle game for you bored folks at there, and a study tool for those of you with finals coming up. Go on, read!

Study Success – Here’s an app that I’m sure more than a few of you need. Study Success helps you time yourself while studying to help you soak up all the information you can. As you know, your brain can only handle so much information before it craps out and refuses to retain anything more. Study Success reminds you of when you should take a break from studying so that you have a better chance of remembering everything you’ve read. I wish I had this in high school, but I suppose any old time would have done. Find it for free in the Android market. [Market]

Battle Harvest – This is a puzzle game that has you saving pieces of fruit and vegetables from being turned rotten. No, really. You have to save these delicious things from this scary guy who was in prison but was let our on good behavior or something. Simply match three of the same fruits or vegetables to get them out of harm’s way. Ridiculous story aside, the game itself is quite enjoyable and worth a free (ad-supported) download. [Market]

Can You Drive? – Can You Drive doesn’t test your rad parallel parking skills. It’s an app that’ll help you avoid a DUI ticket by determining whether or not you should be behind the wheel. You can enter your weight and gender so that they know how much alcohol you can consume without getting too wasted. They use GPS to find your location and adjust their results to your county’s local laws. You can also enter specific cocktails and beers so that the application knows if a few drinks means 3 beers or 3 rum and Cokes. Let’s contribute to a safer road, folks. [Market]

Visidon AppLock – We truly are in the future, folks. No longer do you have to put in passwords, pins or swipe a pattern to get your phone securely unlocked. Even a fingerprint scanner is obsolete thanks to Visidon AppLock. It’s simple – unlock your phone or access to an application using your face. Their facial recognition technology will let you in as soon as it sees your face and will keep other prying eyes out. The only downside to this is someone can easily take a photo of you and put it in front of the camera, but it’s still cool. (And free!) Only works on 2.3+, unfortunately. [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The can you drive app is only good in theory. I highly doubt someone that’s wasted is going to be aware enough to remember the app.

    1. If you’re too wasted to remember the app, you already have your answer. For that matter, if you just exited a bar, club, or pub… you already have your answer.

  2. Did you guys fire chris? I haven’t seen him in a while.

    1. Chris is in LA covering E3.

  3. study success isn’t free when I see it…. also it explains that its kind of like a 45 minute timer.

  4. Can anybody confirm how well Visidon AppLock works?

    1. Works, but is clearly in an early stage. Crashed quite often, sometimes couldn’t initialize the front camera (said that the camera is busy). Did a good job recognizing my face, but unfortunately it also unlocks when my father’s face is in front of the camera (and we don’t look like each other that much)

      Tested on a Nexus S

  5. Visidon doesnt even show up in the market? why so? droid x user

    1. you have to update your droid x to 2.3

    2. I am a droid x user and it shows up when I search “Visidon ” just by itself.  Give it another try.  Appreciate your service by the way!

      1. oh ok then well that kinda blows thanks tho. and its my pleasure. 

    3. By the way, you have to have a front facing camera which the droid x does not.  So you and I won’t be trying it.

  6. Visidon works good. For some reason on my HTC Evo 4G I have to change the screen orientation to 270 degrees ( upside down) and it sees my face perfectly however if the screen orientation is  set at 90 degrees (upside, regular) it does not work as the red box comes up and confidence says 0 (zero) and it stays like that. So  I tried the other orientations and the only one that worked was upside down…it does work though and thats what counts for me..hopefully they can get a fix on it but I will be using this most definitely as this is an impressive security app thats worth the download.

  7. Battle Harvest is one of the best match-3 I’ve played in a long while ! Very smart gameplay

  8. I don’t trust study advice from a developer who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re.  Both the market page and the YouTube video use “your” when “you’re” is indicated:

    “Your gonna want to know this:”


    “Yes Your Getting An +A” (from screen shot)

    Um, maybe you meant A+?


    “At 45 minutes you get alerted and your free to take a break and recharge!” (from product description cartoon balloon)

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