Jun 7th, 2011

One of our gracious readers just forwarded along an email he received from Motorola customer support. According to said email the XOOM’s promised 4G LTE upgrade for Verizon is already under way. This is the first we have heard of Motorola accepting XOOM units for the hardware alterations necessary for the tablet to be LTE compatible, but the email seems to suggest the upgrade has been an ongoing process. Here is the full text:

Thank you for submitting your Motorola XOOM for the 4G LTE upgrade. You should have recently received a package in the mail with instructions and materials for returning your device for the upgrade.

Our records indicate that we have not yet received your Motorola Xoom. If you are still interested in upgrading your Motorola Xoom, this is a friendly reminder to please follow the instructions provided in your upgrade package and ship your device back for the upgrade.

If you have already shipped your device back to us, please contact us at 1-800-734-5870 and one of our support specialists will assist you with tracking and completing your order.

The tipster who sent this along hasn’t received the materials for shipping the XOOM back to Moto, but suspects a missed FedEx delivery very well could have been the package referred to in the above email.

Whispers recently suggested the XOOM’s 4G upgrade would be delayed, though we cleared up rumors that it might have anything to do with Tegra 2/LTE compatibility issues. Word was that the XOOM would get its 4G kicks only after the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. That tablet will be on pre-sale this Wednesday, so the timing is right, if a bit early. Of course, this could also just be a big coincidence/hiccup in Motorola’s system resulting in an automated email being sent out early. Any other readers out there receiving this notice? Let us know, we’d sure like to get to the bottom of this one.

[Thanks, Luis!]

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