Sprint Wants You to “Be a 3D Star” and Win 1 of 10 HTC EVO 3D Handsets


Sprint is launching a new contest in promotion of the upcoming HTC EVO 3D. The carrier is asking you to “Be a 3D Star” by uploading a picture of yourself to be superimposed over Present/Tense, a 3D short starring the latest EVO. Through June 12th, Sprint Premier customers can enter for the chance to win one of ten EVO 3D handsets plus a “bag of sweet EVO swag.” Check out the trailer below and enter to win over at Sprint’s website.

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  1. All this 3D crap is just a FAB! This technology cannot truly be enjoyed on such a small screen, I have played with different 3D products from the Nintendo 3DS  to many different types of 3D televisions(which is where this technology should stay). There is little to no innovation on the software side, (3D games and movies) hardware however is improving. Just an opinion of a man who has seen many cool technologies simply die and forgotten. It feels thats exactly whats happening now. Not many developers are going to create 3D based applications due to the lack of 3D phone. This can take years, by then different and better technologies will be implemented in to devices. 

    1. **Fad. If you’re going to insult my future phone, please insult it correctly :)

      1. Oh, and I am not insulting the device as HTC makes some of the top devices on the market. Only stating one mans opinion on this 3D technology for mobile devices. How could one really enjoy 3D photos, games, and movies on such a small screen. You can barely move your head or eyes, think about it. I understand on tablets but on smartphones? Not a good Idea in my opinion. 

        1. how do you enjoy a movie on such a small screen? doesnt matter how. just matters that people are. people will enjoy the evo 3d

    2. I beg to differ. It’s never been massively available on the personal level. 3D today is much better than the novel versions of the past. I think newer technologies ogies can evolve alongside the 3D platforms, leaving it well in place to grow and develop instead of being left behind. If I’m not right about that, I have 2 words which definitely change the game… GLASSLESS 3D… Welcome to the future. Nay-sayers don’t have to like it… But they will take it, even if like taking a large pill. I’d Also like to add that integration between the devices that play 3D content and those playing 2D… Means at the very least, we are looking at a very long term fad.

      1. Fads don’t last too long, so don’t hold your breath. 

    3. Thank you for your opinion. I will kindly ignore it and enjoy my next superphone that also happens to have glassless 3D screen. :-)

  2. let’s hope Rep. Weiner doesn’t get one.

    1. What??????

      1. Do you not keep up with the news? 

        1. Nope, don’t give two shits about politics.

          1. Rep took a pic of his cock using camera phone, lied about it for a week, then admitted to it while crying.

    2. Hahahaha!

  3. The official rules state that it is only open to Sprint Premier customers. :-

    1. Yes, I am disappoint.  To enter you must provide your sprint mobile number.  You might have mentioned that in the article.  :(

      Oh well, good opportunity for Sprint Premier customers.

    2. I just looked at their site and I think everyone gets a chance to win one. It says to come back on June 13th when everyone can enter to instantly win an EVO 3D. 

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