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Good games stand the test of time, and perhaps none other is better representative of this than PAC-MAN. A true hit during the big arcade boom, the game has since been reborn in countless incarnation after countless incarnation. Of course the game made its way to Android, and for anyone without the retro eat-em-up on their handset now is your chance to snag it for free. PAC-MAN is the Amazon Appstore free app of the day. You’ll get the full $4.99 version of the game without putting a single ding in your wallet. Now you can concentrate on gobbling up pellets and avoiding ghosts. Ah, nostalgia.

Amazon Appstore Link: Pac-Man

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  1. It’s worth it, if only for nostalgia’s sake.  I bought it back when I owned a Droid Eris and I still enjoy it to this day.

  2. Exact replica of the game but….the Controls suck.

    1. I used to blame the joystick on the real arcade machine.

  3. Great classic game. When it isn’t free, it isn’t worth $5, maybe $2 or $3, tops, and no, I’m not cheap. I would LOVE to see Pac Man Championship Edition DX on Android, but I don’t think it’s available outside of xbox live arcade (I may very well be wrong about that, however. I haven’t checked around.)

  4. Anytime Kevin….. just doin my part to help out. I know you guys at phandroid central are busy and it doesn’t help when people are always knocking your good work. I say, screw them. I appreciate what you guys do and I will continue to put in my two cents whenever possible. I hope phandroid sticks around for the long haul. Thanks again guys.

  5. amazon app store doesn’t work. try it before it foreclose why bother

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