May 31st, 2011

I always knew this day was coming… Today, we have been receiving a flood of reports from Verizon users that their days of “illegal” tethering have finally caught up with them. That’s right. The Verizon data police are cracking down and dishing out warnings for users attempting to tether devices like Xooms and laptops on their network without paying for Verizon’s optional tethering data plans. Users are reporting that they’re seeing a Verizon warning page instead of their favorite website with a number to call if they would like to upgrade their plan (example below).

Carriers have always taken their data network very seriously and we’ve already seen similar cases like AT&T coming down hard on illegal tethering by sending out text messages to those they suspect of using an unauthorized devices on their network. Still unknown is how these carriers are determining if a user is say, just watching a lot of YouTube videos on their handsets or actually using a tethered device.

The thing that worries me is I can see this possibly happening in the future where carriers completely shut out rooted users from their network altogether. To me, this as just the beginning.

Can anyone on Verizon report back if you are seeing this warning message or not and are currently “illegally” tethering? Also provide as much detail as possible (ROM, tethering app, device, etc.).

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