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We’re fresh off of Memorial Day weekend and absolutely could’t wait to take a look at more apps and games for you guys. There is more of the latter than the former, but that’s ok – everyone loves games! (We think so, anyway.) My personal favorite of the bunch sits on top, but anyone will tell you that’s my inner foodie talking. The games listed aren’t too shabby, either, and are either free or cheap to get started with. Take a look below.

Food Truck Follower – I don’t know about you guys, but I often crave a good taco, burger or whatever from a nice food truck. Unfortunately, these things can be so hard to track down that you’ll be back to work before you can say  “Can I get two tacos with extra cheese and sour cream?” It’s limited to 18 cities starting out, but the folks behind the app are working on tracking down more. Find it for free in the Android market. [Market]

Magic Cuts – Magic Cuts is a modest puzzle game that sees you cutting shapes up into equal parts. It’s not a new concept, but it’s a fresh addition to the genre and will cost you nothing to take it for s pin. There isn’t much in the way of sound, unfortunately, but the visuals are pleasing enough to make us forget that. (And it’s our understanding that a lot of folks don’t like background music anyway.) [Market]

CandySwipe – CandySwipe isn’t unlike any Bejeweled clone out there, except instead of jewels you’re trying to get rid of candy. You swipe around to get as many pieces in one swipe as you can. An ice cream cone acts as a wild card and you can also go back over a piece you’ve already swiped in case you missed something. You can face your friends or an automated timer, and all of this fun can be had with a lite version consisting of 10 levels or a paid version for $2 with no ads and 20 levels. [Market – Lite | Full]

Hockey Fight Pro – I live in Wisconsin, which technically makes me half Canadian. (Don’t worry, I’ll explain later.) Anywho, even with such close ties to the country who adores this sport the most, the only thing that interests me about Hockey are the fights. There’s nothing like seeing two massive-looking dudes (who only appear beefy because of their pads) skate up to each other, throw off the gloves and go blow for blow. And the refs don’t even stop any of it! Now, you can skip all the puck and stick action and get straight to the fighting with Hockey Fight Pro. Grab it for $1.02. [Market]

Speedoku – It plays how the name sounds: you rush to solve Sudoku puzzles and you get more points for solving them faster. I’m not the biggest fan of Sudoku myself, but I know how wildly popular this game has become. The twist added in Speedoku gives those bored with the genre another fresh take that should keep them quite busy. $.99 in the Android market to play. [Market]

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