T-Mobile To Announce Launch Date For HTC Sensation Tonight?


With a heavily rumored June 8th launch date, T-Mobile’s HTC Sensation could be launching Wednesday of next week. We have yet to receive an official launch date from T-Mobile but it looks like that may be happening tonight with T-Mobile USA’s latest tweet. Apparently, they have a “sensational” announcement coming later tonight for all you tweeps.

Don’t worry if you’re not too big on the whole Twitter scene. Since I’m both a Twitta-holic and the night shift guy here at Phandroid, I will be keeping on a VERY close eye on T-Mobile’s Twitter stream and bring you the very latest as it develops.

[Via Twitter]

Chris Chavez
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  1. About time!

  2. it would seem like i can finally say “we get it here first in Malaysia”.

    sensation officially goes on sale today. then samsung galaxy s2 is rumoured to be out in the next 1-2 weeks time. 

  3. Galaxy S II …just when..? Waiting

  4. How much did T-Mobile pay you to write this?

    1. I’m gonna bet nothing. Geeze, he’s trying to find if we’re gonna get the Sensation’s release date.

  5. Sensational new cummings? I hope they are referring to the tmobile girl.

  6. No hype no nothing.
    And they wonder why they arent doing well financially as a company.
    The head of the promotions department needs to be unemployed.
    Un-incredible !


    1. actually… sensation got a very low key launch in malaysia as well. galaxy s2 was announced much earlier. 

      while everyone waiting for galaxy s2, suddenly news came out that htc sensation would be released. and the news went something like “sensation arriving at distributor tomorrow and will begin selling the day after”.

      no big release like what they did with incredible s. heck, even their regional website does not list sensation yet. 

      many are speculating that htc wants sensation to enter the market with before galaxy s2.


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