May 30th, 2011

NVIDIA’s still hammering away at Kal-El and the result of all their work on it seems to be turning out great. Their latest demo is one called Glowball. It shows off the power that Kal-El can give developers who need realistic and dynamic lighting engines. And more than that, it showed off the chipset’s ability to provide enough power for realistic physics.

Getting a ball rolling is nothing new, but having that ball roll into a piece of cloth that transforms realistically is. (For phone sand tablets, anyway.) They made full use of Kal-El’s (Tegra 3’s) four cores for this demo, and they say this isn’t even close to how fast the production chipset will be. The production chipset is said to be 25%-30% faster than the revision they used for the demo.

NVIDIA’s posted more information about what’s going on with Kal-El and the Glowball demo here, but be sure to watch the video above to get a close look for yourself. And yes, clowns creep me out, too.