NVIDIA Shows Off Kal-El (Tegra 3) With Glowball Demo [Video]


NVIDIA’s still hammering away at Kal-El and the result of all their work on it seems to be turning out great. Their latest demo is one called Glowball. It shows off the power that Kal-El can give developers who need realistic and dynamic lighting engines. And more than that, it showed off the chipset’s ability to provide enough power for realistic physics.

Getting a ball rolling is nothing new, but having that ball roll into a piece of cloth that transforms realistically is. (For phone sand tablets, anyway.) They made full use of Kal-El’s (Tegra 3’s) four cores for this demo, and they say this isn’t even close to how fast the production chipset will be. The production chipset is said to be 25%-30% faster than the revision they used for the demo.

NVIDIA’s posted more information about what’s going on with Kal-El and the Glowball demo here, but be sure to watch the video above to get a close look for yourself. And yes, clowns creep me out, too.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sick, I’m now officially holding out for a Tegra 3 tablet

  2. F*ck nvidia and their deliberate app fragmentation of android. Boycott them I say – buy anything BUT Tegra

    1. At least Nvidia brought some cool advanced games to Android. What did the other chips bring? Angry Birds? Even with the PowerVR SGX540 which was much more powerful than the PowerVR SGX535 in iPhone 4, we still didn’t see better looking games on Galaxy S than on iPhone 4.

      1. The SGX 540 was awesome.
        No doubt

    2. I’d rather have Super-performance/regular-performance device fragmentation than every Android phone being mediocre.

    3. Shoo IFanboy.   Shoo, shoo….  You used to be interesting.  Sucks for you that you’re so devoted to Apple.   Solid, just dull.

    4. Really? Also screw Nvidia for bringing out new graphics cards for you computer, and damn intel for making new processors. The worlds communication devices should adhere to one spec for the sake of standardization… uh thanks Steve Jobs, the rest of the world will take that under consideration.

  3. Incredible!!! I will hold out for T3 too!

  4. Where do all of you get this “Horrible fragmentation” From? Seriously, it’s not like these games won’t work on phones with equal power. Everyone whines about fragmentation on Android, when you think about it the iPhone can be considered just as bad. Do you think a game developed on an iphone 4 runs as well on an iphone 2g? No. Same concept. Don’t go off and complain about how Android is fragmented because it most certainly is not in terms of hardware. The only problem with fragmentation lies with the Carrier/manufacturer not pushing out OS updates. Don’t complain unless you can truly look me dead in the eye and say all these different processors are fragmenting android and makign alot of different apps not function. My  g1 still can run apps that are supposedly for other phones only…so I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. Higher quality games = higher quality phones.
    Derp. Not that hard.

    1. If you are buying a current gen iPhone (3gs or 4), you will be able to play all games smoothly. If you are buying a current gen Android (even top end such as the X, EVO, etc. it is not the case). With some of those phones it wasn’t even the case when they launched, though they were considered high end phones then. Here’s the deal. Those that are educated know what to buy. Those that aren’t, don’t. The issue is the market is dominated by the uneducated buyer. THAT is what matters. If the uneducated buyer sees android as a non-gaming platform due to fragmentation, we don’t get to see the awesome games that iOS has. Simple as that.

    2. The whole “horrible fragmentation” thing comes from games mainly. When you have loads of gpus able to play certain games but can’t, just because of nvidia it is something frustrating. And this is in a matter months not years like on ios. 

      Btw I HATE apple and love android, have an s1 and s2. But you shouldn’t just close an eye and pretend there is nothing wrong. 

      1. I would much rather have the latest and greatest technology become AVAILABLE for purchase ASAP then wait a year because it will help fragmentation… the only reason fragmentation is an issue is because people keep comparing their phones to others… so freakin what! look at how android started slower then iPhone, now the best android phones blow the iPhone out of the water because the tech comes available when it is ready not on a calendar timeline . i would much rather have androids system of hardware release then iPhones… look at how LITTLE progress the iPhone has made since its first release… 
        1. the iPhone (coolest thing on the block when released, no arguing there)
        3g. (they added 3g…. thats pretty much it… WOWWW one year for that?
        3gs. (now it is a littttttle faster, so they don’t ruin the iPhone and 3g)
        4. (design change for the first time, again slightly faster then previous, and now a FFC)

        as you can see apple only adds ONE element to each new phone… and that is over 4 years. can you imagine what the EVO 4 will look like? it will be eons ahead of EVO 4g… 

        i LIKE the idea of rapidly developing tech, it means when i buy something it is the BEST at the time, not something that is just a little better then what i used to have. 

        so if you want to fix the fragmentation, just stop comparing your damn phone to what else is out there and buy the best when you can

      2. FRAGMENTATION does not EXIST on Android. Android operation is silky smooth with no crashes. If you have an Android phone then STOP talking SH*T about the Android platform and SUPPORT it. Boast about it and recommend it to all your friends and family, so ANDROID can KILL THE IPHONE and IPAD. So STFU

        1. Whoa, somebody needs to relax, or get a hobby, or both :)

        2. i highly agree,antone who knows andriod knows this,like you and i.

  5. *drool*

  6. I’m holding out for an affordable tablet. Right now I’d be happy with a $250 tablet that had a T2 chip, 1gb ram (ideally) and a 7″ screen with higher than VGA resolution.

  7. Fragmentation or not.. you have to commend Nvidia for pushing the boundaries. They have brought the highest quality games to android. And for those complaining about their games not working on your phone.. google Chainfire3D.

    1. Thank you kind sir. I will surely be using this on my Sensation :D

  8. Now the Tegra will have 4 shitty chips instead of 2.

  9. Anybody have a Kleenex?  I just made a mess after watching that.

  10. A Satanic Clown with horns :D

  11. I guarantee the SGSII can handle that perfectly fine. “first time we can really use dynamic lighting” I call BS.

  12. Office Depot has the Viewsonic G-Tablet 10.1 T2 for $299

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