Apparent Nexus 3 Photos Leaked, Promptly Yanked


We’ve already known a new Nexus phone was coming – that much was confirmed by Andy Rubin, the father of Android. What we didn’t know, however, was who would be making it, what it’d look like, and what kind of specs it would be rocking. The device pictured here is said to be manufactured by HTC, but TechHog’s sources say Google’s looking at both LG and HTC for the next Nexus device.

As for HTC’s version, you might have already been able to tell that this one has no capacitive buttons. It’ll come with Ice Cream Sandwich at launch, we hear, and those virtual navigation buttons do away with the need for physical ones. The screen looks to be somewhere between 4.5 and 5 inches with limited bezel.

The device is said to have “freaking amazing specs”, which we imagine will include a dual-core processor. Also confirmed is a front-facing camera and support for both HSPA+ and CDMA technology. Considering how closely Google has been working with Sprint lately, with their latest collaboration being Google Wallet, we won’t be surprised to see the Nexus 3 launched on the Now Network first.

TechHog took their original image and information down, but nothing ever dies on the interwebs. We’re not sure if we can trust the information yet, but it’s the best we have to go on for now. Enjoy it for a bit, folks, and let’s hope more details trickle out in the coming months. [TechHogThanks Chris!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This picture is fake. Its only render no really picture. 
    Have a nice day

    1. Agreed. Looking at the shadows on the left and the edges of the right make this quite obvious that this is a fake.

  2. Ugliest thing ever. Nexus S look much better…

    1. I agree, what the fuck is this shit?

      1. really? you guys need to get your eyes checked.

        1. It looks like a plain slab 

      2. I also agree.  If you get rid of the silver you have a really ugly iPhone.  Come on HTC!

      3. It’s not official it can look better by the time it’s announced and most likely it’s by htc because it must have the same buttons like the incredible s/2

    2. NO, the ugliest thing ever was the Palm Pilot. 

    3. Tech crunch originally said this is probably nothing like it will look. Also I don’t see now that screen looks to be 5 inches.. looks more like 4 to me, at most.

    4. with screen on it ill look beautiful since unlike Nexus S bezel thickness has been reduced to fit that massive 4.5 – 5 inch display . 

    5. Doesn’t anyone know that pretty much all prototypes look ugly? Getting the specs down and working first is the first step at producing a great device, the look and casing comes last.

    6. ??? Are you gonna f**k the phone or use it? Buncha damned nerds. #Facepalm #smh

  3. It looks like an iPhone…. gross shame on you Google Nexus one is still the best looking nexus if this is true

    1. It’s a rectangle…  is Apple trying to patent simple geometry now?  Christ…

      1. just put a home button and the line for the speaker and it will be the same

        1. YUCK!! Straight up iphone jocking. Stop with the copying around. Next phase of Android = Copy iPhone and drag on the litigation…cuz they can’t sue everybody

          1. IT’S A RECTANGLE PEOPLE!!!! What is it supposed to be? A triangle? Even then you guys would say it’s copying something! 

          2. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_sQKJfsur-xg/S9qy44jtcDI/AAAAAAAABCc/oSucJPgEumA/s1600/download_iphone.png

            I’ve had this argument with far to many people and come to the conclusion that most people just look at the overall appearance of the iPhone and consider anything resembling that to be a ‘copy’. Apple didn’t invent the look of the black glass fronted rectangles we know as smartphones, but they popularized certain key looks. The similarity in this phone is mostly caused by the chromed rim around a black front. The front looks similar to the 3G and 3GS if you only glance at the picture. A big black slab rimmed in chrome being compared to a big black slab rimmed in chrome. It really would take the phone being a triangle or pentagon for some to see it as different. Personally, I think it’s annoying that this sort of association happened and I think it is flat out wrong that Apple gets to block others from making similar looking products (or even not similar products)

    2. The iphone is the greatest phone ever.
      Android is the iphone fluffer.

      1. iPhone fluffer? Idk what that even means.

        1. a fluffer is someone who works in the porn industry who’s job is to keep the male actor aroused.

      2. Awww…. she’s jealous! Don’t worry, the Nexus 3 will come to your carrier eventually, and you can buy it then. 

  4. I could do with a dual core Nexus. Love my nexus S but the likes of the SGS II and the Sensation are making me jealous.

  5. Ugly with the metal borders. No class.

  6. interesting if real……….as for the iphone look that people are bitching about
    um it looks like a incredible 2

  7. I want it

  8. Please don’t screw it up like the Nexus S.

  9. I think it looks ok. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. You are never going to please everyone…

  10. IIt’s supposed to have kal-el in it, not a dual core a quad core… Smells fishy

    1. If HTC make it, I personally doubt that it will have the Kal-el chip

  11. It’s shooped…I can tell from the pixels…and seeing plenty of shoops in my time.
    In all seriousness this is pretty fake, I saw it on another website. Look at the shadowing of the phone compared to the hand…it looks pretty fake, and it looks weird under the thumb.
    Also, the phone sits kind of weird in his hand.

    1. What is shooped?

      1. shooped = shopped = photoshopped = photoshop was used to make or alter an image.

  12. Dual-core isn’t “freaking amazing specs”. Quad-core is. Also everyone is saying it’s ugly so that means general public will love it.

  13. This probably has a 4″ Screen. Look at the guy’s fingers. They are tiny.

  14. Please Google, put it on a real network for once.

    1. So keep it on T-Mobile? Sounds good to me.

      1. “real” as in, not a metro carrier. Even Sprint has better coverage then T-Mobile.

        1. You not getting T-Mobile coverage in your area =/= T-Mobile is a metro carrier.

          1. Them not having coverage in MOST non metro areas, equals them being a metro carrier.

          2. Sure thing.

    2. So you mean sprint is fake?hahaha, i know you want a nice phone on the blood suckers network Verizon ah?

      1. Blood suckers? My plan is cheaper on Verizon than it would be on Sprint. Verizon gives a discount Sprint wouldnt, even IF they had coverage here. The only 2 carriers that do, are Big Red, and AT&T. And I am only an hour outside NYC. Go look at Sprints coverage map, see how most of it is gray? It is the “roaming” area, yeah, that is Verizons Network. Double the footprint.

        1. Good for you you probably one out of millions that can say that, but forgive me for not believe you but i don’t, only at&t is more expensive than Verizon.

          1. Dont beleive me I dont care. But you cant deny that half of their coverage map is “roaming” wich happens to be Verizons network. Even if i didnt get a discount that Sprint wouldnt give me, they still dont work here. Even if they were 20 bucks a month cheaper. You get what you pay for. And with Verizon, you get a far larger service area.

          2. just an fyi, Verizon  has requested their independantly owned cell tower operators stop providing access to sprint as “on network” google it, or use web archive to look at sprints network map over the last 12 months.  with LTE being pushed out, verizon is trying to squeeze sprint out of the picture.

          3. Verizon was cheaper for me also compared to sprint since sprint doesn’t give me a discount thru my work like verizon does. Not to mention better coverage and no stupid $10 premium data fee or w.e they are calling it.

          4. I can say no problems with sprint just about anywhere I have been within the state of california. I get a 25% price cut with sprint due to working in the medical field. I have a family plan, 3 on evos, 2 on blackberry whatevers, and our bill is 206 every month even with the premium data fee. Thats $41.20 per person with unlimited data and text, free mobile to mobile with any mobile, and not that many land line minutes. We were looking at big red since I would never go back to att/cingular and we dont have coverage for tmobile in my area, and they wanted about the same price for an equivalent plan for only 2 lines. Prices for sprint must be much higher in NY and Verizon must be much more in CA based on what your saying.

          5. Looking at their map, even Cali is mostly grey. Wich is for “roaming”, wich happens to be Verizons network. And it is voice only. According to Sprint.

  15. First….picture is UGLY…hope it looks better in real life, but I hope the real thing looks different than on the picture. AND I want my quad-core!!!!

    And I am glad that HTC might be making it

  16. After getting my fingers burnt badly with the Nexus S I will wait for the official HTC version to be released, it might work properly!

  17. I don’t think that is the actual final look of the phone…i think it is housed in that casing for disguise…to many ninjas out there snooping. I will hope it will have a Sensation like designe and hopefully an Nvidia Kal El Tegra3 Quad core throbbing in its inner core. I think if Google demands HTC to use this chip they will comply…that doesn’t mean they are not loyal to Qualcomm…lets remember it is a Google device and they can specify what they want in it. I just hope the device come loaded w/ tons of internal memory 16/32Gb plus micro SD of 32/64Gb, Ram of 1.5/2Gb, stronger battery 1800/2000mAh, 12/16Mpx rear cam w/1080HD and 3Mpx ffc, dual strereo speakers, 3G/ HSPA+/LTE, DNLA/HDMI, in short every new phone tech out there…

    1. If anyone remebers the leaked shots of the Incredible S/2, the phone in those pics had that same chrome bezel, but didn’t have it when released. I think Noel’s right, it’s just a disguise, like hot auto manufacturers put black wraps on their upcoming cars when testing (like what you see in Motor Trend and Car & Driver).

  18. That Phone is a Prototype!!!! for testing ONLY……. when TchHog.com posted the info before they remove it, i was able to get all the details from it…. it was clear that the pictured HTC device was a prototype phone and that it was from htc, the source also mention that LG was also there with their own prototype device also for testing….. the source also said that most developers preferred the HTC……. but that Google might end up with LG.     as of now….the next Nexus device is said to have the new Toshiba Screen Display, Nvidia Quad Core Processor and Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS……. follow me on Twitter to get the latest info….. @wrg25:twitter  

  19. No thanks, if it’s not a Tegra 3 phone. I’d rather it was from LG with an (AH) IPS display and HD resolution. Also, HTC needs to become bolder with its phone designs. They’re just iterating on the same design nowdays. It’s getting boring.

  20. For this new Nexus to ganner the same type of love and following as the N1 it should be made by HTC and feel as slick in ur hand as the N1. Hope the display is between 4 to 4.3 inches…boy if there is a way Google can talk Samsung in to selling some of their Super amoled plus displays…everything has its price. If that is not feasible, then the new Toshiba displays will be just as good…ofcz there is always qHD even though i haven’t seen an actual device w/ qHD. The original Nexus N1 had Amoled screens lets keep our fingers crossed and hope the N3 comes w/ Super amoled plus. I will be fine w/ a non 3D Nexus but since it is the craze presently it will be a bonus if it is on it.

  21. Again….. yes the picture was Photoshop but only to protect the identity of the source and the device………the source is a friend of the TechHog.com Editor….. the info was removed from techhog.com because the source who by the way works for Google ask for removal of his name and info on fear of losing his job…….

  22. I would prefer this build over any other plasticly phone. 

  23. WOW!!! This is some of the ugliest shit I’ve EVER seen!  There is no way this is what the phone looks like.  It’s gotta be in an ugly shell or something cause no one would be this nasty terd.

  24. Wasn’t LG suppose to make the NEXT NEXUS? Cause the Nexus S is sexier looking than this trash

  25. HTC better not make this. I’m sorry, HTC makes good phones, but their camera’s sux!! And the battery life? Excuse me!? I’m tired of having to wait until a custom Kernel comes out to get better battery on my phone.

    I want LG to make this. Apparently LG seems to be the processors of the group. Like, LG phones have top-notch processors, Samsung has the cameras and screen, HTC has the user experience and design. That’s all I know about. IDK about motorola and Nokia.

    But I wanna give LG a try. I would get the G2X, but I refuse to see that as the successor to the G2. The G-series had keyboards, and should always have keyboards, but that’s a different story.

  26. Dual-core and they want to set a bar. Without quad-core they cant set anything.

  27. another nexus that wont see the light of day on VZW much-less LTE :(

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