Ziilabs Shows Off New Jaguar Tablets – Hoping OEM’s Will Take Notice


With the Computex tradeshow kicking off soon in Taipei, Ziilabs has put together a couple of Android based tablets they’re calling the Jaguar. This family of Honeycomb tablets is built specifically to showcase their new ZMS-20 and ZMS-40 StemCell processors and they’re hoping manufacturers will take notice.

The tablets will come in 2 flavors, a 7-inch (1024×600) and 10.1-inch (1280×800) displays with both featuring front and rear facing 5MP cameras. But the real bread and butter is in Ziilabs’ StemCell processors. Both are based off of  the ARM Cortex A-9 platform and come in a dual-core (ZMS-20) and quad-core (ZMS-40) flavors. Would be interesting to see these tablets running some high-end benchmarks. And by high-end, I mean Angry Birds.

We’ll have more info once these tablets are unveiled at Computex nextweek.

[Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. who doesnt want quad core for angry birds?

    1. You could fling 4 times the amount of birds… o_O

      1. lol, drag 4 birds at once with multi touch.

        1. U have a point

  2. too bad apple will sew them because it looks like an iphone…

    1. Yeah it has a screen, a camera and a black bezel, they must be treading on thin ice with Apple.

      1. yep…even to the core, sounds like apple. scary thought…more for android though! ;)

    2. Apple is going to “sew” them huh?  You make everyone on this site look so smart!

  3. StemCell? …Really?

  4. Wait what?? 5mp front camera…. and would love a quad core meshed in a tablet!!

  5. so according to creative, the actual makers of the chipset, these device are able to work together and you can get a theoretical teraflop (up to a petaflop) of processing goodness if you were to link them (processors) together. The approximate size would be a sheet of A4 paper. Ok, so can the tablets do that? Can we somehow link 10 tablets together and get a monster tablet working as one unit? Enters US Airforce in 3..2…1… goodbye PS3 gibson :)


  6. Thick bezels are a turnoff.  Fugly.

    1. I used to want a tablet with edge-to-edge screen but then how would you hold it? o_O

      1. The bezel only needs to be 1/2 thumb thick at most for tablets, could probably get by with less than that.  I tend to hold tablets on side anyway.  I do wish that at least a few would do tabs with near zero bezel…. looks much sharper when screen is the entire face.  EVO is pretty close to perfect.

  7. After my wild ride on the Notion Ink Adam, I don’t care if this thing comes with “infinity-core”, I’m sticking to tablets from main players.  Too much $$ to gamble on “potential”.

  8. Why would Creative build an OEM tablet to sell to OEMs ? You are slightly mixed up Creative is the OEM in this story.

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