Use The Power of Android To Become a Crime Fighter!


Here’s an interesting bit of news I came across today. It looks like Clark County, Nevada is leading the charge against crime in their city and how are they doing it? Well, using the power of Android of course. That’s right. While most cities are still relying on the old, inefficient way of reporting crimes, “That guy just got shot! What was the number to 911 again? Too late, he got away. I’m gonna grab a slurpee.” this county in Nevada is actually allowing would be vigalanties to use an Android app to report grahfitti and other small violations. Welcome to the 21st century people.

The way the app works is simple. First you categorize the offense: graffiti, illegal dumping, green pool, dead body. Then you can use either text or audio note to accompany a photo. The app will then record the place of the offense using your phones GPS and you can send in the issue to your local authorities! What’s really neat is when you report graffiti with a photo, the police actually have a data base they use for matching up the style of “writing” with vandals. Reporters can also remain anonymous or provide information to be notified when the report has been filed.

I can tell you an app like this is should be kept far away from me. I can’t even express to you how much it grinds my gears to see graffiti in my wonderful city. I’d most likely dress up in tights (or find some nice, form fitting jeggings) and run around my city at night reporting every d-bag who blows excessive amounts of smog on the freeway, throws a cigarette butt out his window and even that shady guy, Tyrone, that’s always standing in front of the 7-11 at 2 in the morning. But all I need is a catchy name..

So what have we learned here, kids? Well, if you thought it was bad enough having Big Brother watching you, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Oh ya — and only you can prevent forest fires, littering and homicide. G.I JOE!

[Via LVRJ]

Chris Chavez
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  1. first.

    1. as usual*

  2. Those dead hookers lurking in trunks are dangerous. I’m glad Clark County, Nevada understands the threat.

  3. Surely wearing jeggings should be a reportable offence too, Chris?

    1. Capital punishment.

      Hey! I think I found my superhero name! =D

  4. Phoenix has had one of these apps for a while…

    1. I wonder if Rancho Cucamonga does……….? Nope =(

  5. This is pretty cool.  I live in Clark County, NV and I just found out about this here.  Thanks Chris!  And, it’s CLARK county… just one Clark :)

    1. LOL! My mistake. Fixed. And have you used the app to report anyone yet?!?!? =D

    2. ditto to what he ^ said

  6. LMFAO Chris that was hilarious. When ever you come down and crash at my place you should use that app.

      1. I’ll take a picture and report you 0_o.

  7. xD I cracked up when I saw those pictures, especially the description. You’re awesome, Chris.

  8. Guess u havnt heard of Android app called Bangalore Auto Complaint yet :-)

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