May 26th, 2011

T-Mobile’s gotten back to the community regarding some rumors circulating related to the G2x. Yesterday, it was discovered that the G2x was removed from their online store and was hard to find on in-store shelves, with only traces of it ever existing being several accessories available for purchase.

The original rumor questioned whether or not it was due to quality issues. To be more specific, users have been complaining about random reboots and freezes since the device’s inception, a problem that plagued even the international version, the Optimus 2X. LG has since released an update to address these issues for the Optimus 2X, but couldn’t say if or when the G2x would get it.

Other issues include bad battery life and bad light bleeds at the corners of the device. T-Mobile’s chimed back in to say that it hasn’t been made unavailable due to these issues, though. Instead, it’s in such high demand that they can’t sell it. Here’s their official statement on the matter:

The T-Mobile G2x with Google has been a highly popular device with both customers and employees since its launch last month, and high demand has resulted in inventory constraints, which we are working with LG to address.

There it is, then. Let’s just hope they really are working on addressing the issues that many have been facing, though.

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