Motorola Droid X Gingerbread Update Confirmed for this Friday, May 27th


We just saw the official documents hit Verizon’s Motorola Droid X support page and speculated that the update to Android 2.3 could be coming by the end of the week. Sure enough, Verizon has just confirmed that the update will be hitting the Droid X in all of its Gingerbread goodness this Friday, May 27th. The update is still your standard over-the-air rollout in phases, meaning you might not get it right away. In that case, you’ll either have to be patient or await an official mirror of the update to come online for a manual install. Just hang tight for a few days, guys.


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  1. Is it just for the Droid X, or is it for all of the X-like phones (Droid 2 and D2G)?  Not like it really matters, because I don’t want to lose my root to go back to that.  Unless it was Vanilla Gingerbread, which I highly doubt. 

  2. Wish they would rollout gingerbread for the Evo Already

    1. get CM7 like everyone else has been for the past few months. Noone wants an official updated with all the crap ware on it.

      1. Haha ditto.  CM is much better.

  3. Hopefully my X2 will get GB 1 day after release :D

  4. Will this update work for the Droid X2?

  5. Will this update work for the Droid X2? Wasn’t it supposed to launch with GB?

  6. I just got a  Droid X2 and I’ve got to say I’d feel a little cheated if the year old predecessor is running more up to date software than I am.  Not that I’d trade. As an FYI I’m extremely please with the additions the Motorola added to the Droid X2, which is saying something.. I’ve always like vanilla Android the best. I replaced the launcher with LauncherPro and I don’t care for all the preinstalled apps. But I like everything else and I want all that to stay the same with a Gingerbread update. :)

    1. Buyer beware. Didn’t you know that the DX2 had an obsolete OS when you bought it. How does the DX getting an upgrade affect your DX2? It doesn’t.

    2. What are the differences between X and X2, other than the processor?

  7. Is it possible that the GB update will work on phones that are already running one of the leaked copies without needing to SBF back to the stock 2.2 version first?

    1. if you are running the stock unrooted .595 leak, you should be able to upgrade (according to p3droid). If you are running any of the other leaks, you have to sbf back. 

  8. What does this update mean in terms of functionality?

  9. Oh if I could put cm on my x I would be so happy! Unfortunately, locked bootloader means that’s impossible! So unless you guys were being sarcastic .. please do a little research before you go acting like you’re the only ones who know everything.

    1. I cannot wait for my phone to get unlocked :(

  10. My phone is already rocking 4.5.595 rooted and deodexed from TBH.  Now, just need to wait for them to get their hands on this release and hack it.  Go buy the TBH app and support those guys! :)

    1. no, shut up

  11. if i am rooted will i get the OTA notification?

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