Verizon Updates Droid X Support Page with Gingerbread Changelog


Verizon’s Motorola Droid X update to Gingerbread is right around the corner after countless leaks suggested we might be seeing it by the end of this month. The Android 2.3 changelog has gone live at the handset’s Verizon support site showing details of the 112MB update. We’re already pretty familiar with what we’ll be getting, but as a refresher expect a new version of Blur, ActiveSync fixes, and improved email compatibility.

The update itself isn’t rolling out just yet, but it can’t be too far off. By the end of the week feels like as good a time as any for the update to commence. Patience is a virtue, but we’re almost there.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Looks like the X is gonna win the race with the Evo.

    1. and its going to win

  2. About time. Compatibility with cm would be preferable but gb at all is good :)

  3. Finally. And just in time since last night i bought the 5 piece essentials bundle for $19.97 from vzw’s website.

    1. Where did you find that?  I can only see it for $49.95

  4. Finally, I feel like and adict waiting on a “fix.” For the passed few weeks since the first leak, I have been hitting my system update button everyday only too see the no updates available box. I then proceed to scratching and asking for change, in hopes of using it as a bribe for google and moto. Too hear that it is coming FINALLY, will keep me from having to do more things of ill repute for more bribe money. Thank you Google, Motorola, and Verizon, for saving me.

  5. Hope most of you realize that its possible this new OTA won’t/can’t be rooted. I’d be a tad hesitant to accept this OTA if its something you’re going to want. I actually say wait to see if a root method works on this new OTA. 99% sure(most would agree) this is the last OTA we’ll see for DroidX. May be worth having root so you can play around with stuff in the future. My .02

  6. This is a trick from Verizon, they want to make sure people who accept this update cannot root and use wireless tethering, amongst other things you can only do with root access.  Like John, I’m waiting until the official OTA is rooted, and if it isnt, im happy on my froyo based custom rom

    1. Why not flash the GB leak?

      1. the GB leak is .595, not the official OTA version..i want the official OTA version with root access

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