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Hump Day is back! Another day, another bag of apps. Considering how effortless it is to search the Android market and download applications these days, we’ve been swimming in a sea of these apps and have no shortage of them to talk about. The ones we came across today are some of the most interesting and best that deserved a shout, though, so take my word when I say that you should at least check out the market listing for each one.

PacDroid Live Wallpaper – It’s PacMan, except with an Android robot. It’s a live wallpaper. And instead of pellets, it eats Apples. With a capital A. What more could you want? There isn’t much to it other than that, but you can change that Apple if your green friend is allergic to them. Go ahead and grab it for free. [Market]

Memonic – In a world filled with note-taking applications, it seems there can never be too many. Memonic has finally brought their wares to the Android platform. Like Evernote and many other competitors, you can organize notes with tags and notebooks, save a picture as a note, and sync all of that back to the cloud for use on the web or other platforms. [Market]

GO Launcher EX – We’re sure you folks have heard of this one before, but one of our favorite readers asked us to give it a shout. Go Launcher Ex is yet another home alternative, but is quickly up and coming as many’s favorite. All of the things you’d want are here, such as themes, scrollable widgets, fancy transition animations, a customizable dock and more. And the developer provides frequent updates that improve and add more things than they break. Go ahead and take the free download. [Market]

Paradise Island – It’s no Sim City contender, but being able to build your own island and civilization on Paradise Island is loads of fun. The city lives while you sleep, so you never know what you’re going to face when you start it back up in the morning. There are tons of buildings to be made, tons of people to make happy, and tons of experience points to earn. Best of all, it’s free with no ads. (But don’t be surprised to see micro-transactions pushed on you.) [Market]

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  1. I enjoy Paradise Island but there is no “tons of people to make happy” – there’s no economy or anything like that at all. The only concerns are if you have enough money, man power and electricity, and the last two of those are just about upgrading your office and power plants, so it really just comes down to money. You can build any building as many times as you want wherever you want, it won’t make any difference to the game.

  2. Go Launcher EX is the best IMO. I used to like Launcher Pro but I have to say that ADW and Launcher Pro just aren’t even comparable in functionality these days.

  3. I like Go Launcher EX for it’s ability to create folders within the app drawer (not groups like in MotoBlur or other launchers). It’s the most efficient method of sorting for me. Colorize Widget replaces the functionality of LauncherPro widgets  quite well, too.

  4. Go Launcher needs to add more widgets and include them all in one app to really beat LauncherPro.

  5. GoLauncher is without a doubt the BEST launcher out there!  (and it’s free which makes it that much better)

  6. Having tried many different home alternatives, I have no hesitation in saying that GO Launcher is by far and away the best out there, free or paid for.  Brilliant piece of kit by the developers on this one.  Looking forward to udates that will hopefully continue to keep it at the same standard.

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