LG Revolution Launch Nears as Promotional Materials Arrive In-Store


The latest rumors suggest the LG Revolution could be launching this Thursday, May 26th. While this has yet to be officially confirmed, promotional materials arriving in-store suggest that a release is indeed write around the corner. Materials include dummy units of the phone and accompanying display stands.

If the phone is to launch this week, expect an announcement soon. Otherwise, we’ll have to keep guessing when we might see the next 4G LTE phone for Verizon.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. i hear single core phones are all the rage

    1. says a person named “dude manrod”  ghey.

  2. Gee! I Hope this one is $300 as well… not overpriced like that stupid dual core evo 3d…. at $199…. Single core for the win!

  3. Look at the excitement on my face. (-_-)

    1. look at the excrement on your face.

      1. I like excrement.  Don’t judge me.

      2. dyac! lol

  4. Sniff sniff. Smellat?  The sarcasm is potent in here.  And for good reason.

  5. At least it runs on a proper network.

  6. Enjoy the EVO 3D, especially since it has an cryptographically signed bootloader, that should make hacking it lots of fun.

  7. LG sounding better and better with the unencrypted bootloader.

  8. yawn

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