Apps of the Day [5/20]: Nano Panda, BattleBallz and More


It’s time for another edition of Apps of the Day, covering what’s hot and new in the Android Market. Just a few apps eking their way in before the weekend, but you’ll want to check them out. Nano Panda comes highly recommended, but don’t take our word for it. Actually take our word for it, the word you will find just below.

Nano Panda – Fluffy, small pandas. Nothing’s better than that, right? Nano Panda is a puzzle game by Unit 9 apps that has you destroying “evil atoms that have infiltrated a science lab.” I have to be honest – this game took a while to grow on me. It’s weird, to put it simply. But it’s unique, gets fun and gives you a challenge after a while. If that doesn’t pique your interest, then the music alone will help soothe you on a bad day. Just don’t let the few performance issues spark that bad day back up. [Market]

Credit Usage – This is a simple application, but one I’m sure many could use. Credit Usage offers an alternative to some carriers’ metering solutions. Some provide their own apps, others allow uses to see usage online, and others don’t give you the option at all. And even for those who do present you with said information, often times than not it isn’t very flexible. Credit Usage allows you to meter anything – SMS messages, MMS messages, free calls to others in your countries, international calls, data – everything you could want, really. If you fit the bill of the type of person who’ll need this, be sure to give it a shot. [Market]

BattleBallz – It’s Brick Breaker on steroids. Sort of. I really can’t describe what BattleBallz is because there is so much going on at one time. That’s not a bad thing, though. People who like seeing explosions, lights and chaos will love this game. And it definitely takes a lot of skill to master. Pocketeers boasts great sound and graphics, and more than it looks and sounds good, it has substance. Check it out for just under $2. [Market]

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