AT&T Now Allowing Inspire 4G Users to Install Non-Market Apps


Yup. You just heard right, folks. I received a Phantip from a reader today that almost like magic, his AT&T HTC Inspire 4G was all of a sudden allowed to download and install third party apps. I tried to dig a little deeper and find out if there was an OTA update that was pushed to his phone, or some kind of prompt that popped up notifying him of these changes but apparently… nothing. He was kind enough to supply these pics though.

Looks like AT&T is keeping true to their promise and have already begun allowing their customers to finally enjoy apps like Swype and the Amazon Appstore, starting with Inspire 4G users.

If you want to test this out for yourself, jump into your phone’s Settings > Applications > and check the box that says Unknown Sources. To save you some time, I’ve included this handy link here that you can click from your phone’s web browser which will begin downloading the Amazon Appstore. Once the download is complete, click on the app from your notification bar to install. Oh yeah, and make sure you don’t forget to try their “free paid app of the day!”

Can anyone else on AT&T verify if this working, other than/including Inspire 4G users? Chime in below.

[Thanks, to Chris Wofford for sending this in!]

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  1. Rooting makes this moot. Of course someone else will tell me not everyone will root, in fact the rooters are a small minority but I say to you that the people who sideload apps are in a minority as well. That minority is also a group whose members are overwhelmingly rooters.

    1. This hurt my head.. but I think there will be more users who download and install the Amazon Appstore and Swype than there are rooters. =p

      (I’m a rooter as well) 

      1. F*** Amazon!

        1.  Well, who could dispute such a well-reasoned argument as that?

        2. uh dumb.go go amazon

  2.  WOW it is true i did nothing to my inspire and “Unknown sources” is there 

  3. I got my update today. It wasn’t anything I was prompted to do or had to check for an update. I merely looked in my Application settings and it was already there. From what I understand of what I have read, it was going to be a background update from AT&T. It works great. I had a Amazon App store apk on my sdcard and was able to load it without the problem. I even loaded the free app of the day from the Amazon app store.

  4. I am a captivate user and just tried your link I was able to install it and an apparently from the Amazon app store. I didn’t receive any information about an update either. Also when I go to settings/applications I don’t see any option to install from unknown sources.

  5. Didn’t work for me on my Inspire 4G. Manually checked for updates and found none. Downloads the Amazon app, then gives me the standard “For security, your phone is set to block…..”

    1. My Inspire is still locked down also. I am in Ohio so I wonder if the are rolling it out by market.

  6. It did happen. All of a sudden it was there. No prompts. Just appeared.
    Inspire 4G IB ATT

  7. I had, with the option and now I don’t after I had to reset my phone since, my phone was acting up now it does not show the option but I can still do it. so strange… so weird. 

  8.  I bought mine on Sunday and I downloaded a few applications that were restricted on  my Captivate. I was pretty sweet, plus I haven´t had any updates yet. So, I pretty happy about the whole deal. 

  9. Unrelated, but kudos on the Phandroid app!  Lookin’ really nice!

  10. Wow ATT&T letting you do something you should have been able to do all along.. talk about stockholm syndrome

  11. On Thursday the option became available on my Inspire, with no fanfare or announcement. Using Swype to write this message, as a matter of fact.

  12. wow, hope the HTC Aria gets that update soon as well….anyone heard if they are going on a specific schedule for the OTA update or is it just random?

  13. When will I get this for my Atrix AT&T/

  14. Confused a bit I just got my inspire yesterday and I still cannot do this feature yet :/

  15. i thought I had did something to my phone on accident, glad I just waited and didn’t try to root it myself.

  16. Hey guys that amazon link has allowed me to download the market to my uk XOOM!

    Very cool.

    Thanks muchly.

  17. I can’t believe this, I just spent an entire day rooting my girlfriend’s phone so she could get the amazon appstore, and the next day this…

  18. Not me. I have an inspire, I tried to do an update on wifi, nothing. And no option to download from unknown sources.

  19.  I see that AT&T has become more Android friendly since they lost exclusivity of the iphone.  Bunch of losers!

  20.  works perfect with my Samsung infuse!

  21. read here i am an att user non rooted 2.2 with this unknow source option hope it helps { http://androidforums.com/android-lounge/341962-htc-aria-2-2-att-alowing-unknown-source-option.html }

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