Verizon Data Plans in for Major Overhaul, Tiered Pricing and Family Plans


If you thought Verizon’s $29.99 per month for unlimited 4G data was a bit too good to be true, well…we all know how that goes. The dust has once again been stirred up around talks of a data plan overhaul for Big Red, with tiered pricing seeming more likely than ever. The changes are said to be coming this summer, starting with the elimination of unlimited data at a flat fee.

CFO Fran Shammo said new plans will force heavy data users to pay more, but the hope is to offset tiered pricing with new family plans for data. This would eliminate the requirement for each line on a family plan to get its own data fee, and instead share bandwidth amongst all lines for a single fee. No word on what new plans or pricing will look like as of yet.

[via BGR]

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  2.  I just died a little on the inside.

  3.  Is this for both 3G and 4G? And will this take effect before our contract runs out?  Because if so… I call shenanigans.  Contract is a contract.

    1. No, you’re contract is your contract and will be honered until it’s expiration date.  You can probably operate off-contract at that point and keep your plan, but getting a new handset after that will require a new contract which will mean new plan.  I guess you could buy a handset from a 3rd party vendor and just activate it but I’m not sure how/if that would work.

      Or, I could be talking out of my ass.

      1. You are about right. If folks buy devices at retail, they should be okay, but ANY discount from ANY retailer will result in a contract reset. Does not matter if VZW directly or not.  

        1. “at retail PRICE”. Point is discounts become a deal with the devil.

      2. With AT&T you can rollover your unlimited grandfather plan when you sign a new contract, even with discounted phones. I assume it will be the same with Verizon since it seems to be standard practise.

        1. no verizon does not roll over minutes they dont do that 

  4. Cause there just not making enough money right……

  5. As someone who has two lines on a family plan with data and would like to have a third, I would welcome the shared family data plan if the allowance was good.

    1.  I’m probably going to be stuck on AT&T for a while, so my hope is that they will also implement shared data to stay competitive. It would be great if they decided to one-up Verizon and implement roll over data as well.

    2.  Yea, I was gonna do the family plan for myself to have access to more than 1 phone at a time. The separate data plans killed that idea. If I stay with Verizon I may do the family plan now.

    3.  They`ll never match Sprint unlimited data plan what so ever…  VZW,AT&T or T-Mobile..BOOOOO…..But Sprint it`s the true UNLIMITED DATA . 

      1. And, that is why it won’t be long until they become the next T-mobile! 

      2. I pay $10 a month for my unlimited data from verizon AND I have service everywhere:) 

  6.  I would welcome family data plans.  My wife and I pay 60 dollars a month for two data plans and we probably use less then one whole data plan for some individuals.  

    1.  I agree, I currently have 3 data plans BUT I’m not holding out hope that getting a “family plan” that’s big enough to cover what my kids use will be anywhere near cheap.

    2. this could actually *gasp* be a money saver for us, with two smartphones.  our billing cycle ends at midnight this evening and so far we have used right at 1Gb total across both lines.  That’s with fairly regular usage.  So lets say they offer a family data shared plan for $30 for 2Gb…..i would see a $30 drop in my total bill and still be ok…..having to worry about a cap sucks still but hey…..i figured this is how they would end up dealing with all those kids tethering 50Gb a month illegally

    3. You should move to Sprint and it`d cost you and your wife $129.99 @ month for unlimited data, any mobile to mobile on any carriers. 

      1. Correct me if my math is bad but 60 is less than $130 right, and even if he stayed the way it is he would be grandfathered. Sprint users kill me, we will see what happen when they have to start putting up LTE towers!

        1. Correct $60 is less then $130, but your forgetting that 60 is JUST for the data portion of the bill.  He still has to have voice minutes and texting. Which last I checked is 99.99 for 700 minutes talk and text.  So “correct me if my math is bad” but now you’re looking at $160 vs $130 and I’m pretty sure 130 is less then 160.

    4. i wouldn’t count on saving money, you’ll probably end up paying the same but in a different way + capped.

      And with phones being more powerful then ever and a crap ton of ways to manipulate and download data, being capped makes less and less sense. Hopefully by the time Sprint has equivalent service in my area so that I can switch they wont start capping too.

      Netflix, DVR streaming, NBA mobile league pass (or your sport of choice), more complex games that require larger downloads, music streaming, downloading files from “the cloud” and thats just a little bit to consider of the potential data use. The world is trying to move to streaming services so we can have stuff anywhere but mobile providers only want to cap us.

  7. Ah, Big Red…if not for the possible AT&T/T-Mobile merger, I’d already be on Big Magenta. 

  8.  It seems to me that since the android market, apps and the ability to access anything from anywhere with these new smartphones has become an addiction for users and now that the big companies like Verizon and ATT see this growing and growing they are going to charge more for the convenience. If walmart’s straight talk starts coming out with nice droids with the unlimited monthly plans w/data you may see this man never get a contract phone again. Why mess with a good thing. That is what made Verizon better than ATT

  9. Kind of makes the new Netflix app pointless unless through wifi. 

  10.  until batteries can handle 4g for a decent time period, I will stay with 3g and wifi.
    WTB more free wifi hotspots ala McDonalds

    also….netherlands has no 4g as far as I know… that wont be hard :P
    By the time it does get 4g the prices will be soaring trough the roof!

  11.  I’m due for an upgrade right now, but I’m gonna wait until my contract is up.  If Verizon eliminates unlimited data and Sprint gets the 3rd Nexus device, it’s time to bounce.

    1.  I agree

    2. Or upgrade now and lock in a contract before they take away the unlimited data plans. 

      1. i did but who says that they cant take it away from you there verizon they can do whatever they want 

        1. it doesn’t work that way- they never change pricing terms in the middle of contract becasue if they did they have to let you out. (not to mention the bad press and likely lawsuits)

    3. yup i just got an upgrade and i am thinking if verizon does this im gone when my contract is up im switching to sprint this is just ridiculous 

  12. I want to see prices and how much data per month then ill see how i feel.

    1.  Exactly. For all we know it could 10GB for $30. Yea very wishful thinking but still…lol

  13.  I’m weary of the tiered data plan but I’m excited about the family data plan. My family barely uses over 1GB combined a month and I pay for 2 smart phones.

    1.  For families with multiple phones, that’s great; but for families that only have one data package, it’ll most likely mean paying more for the same thing (since you’ll obviously be getting charged something for the availability of data to the non-smartphone lines). This was the main reason I didn’t go with Sprint when I renewed my contract last year – their unlimited plans are great, but you’re paying more for data on a family plan since it applies to all phones rather than being able to selectively add data packages.

      Verizon’s really been aggravating me for the past 9+ months. They nearly lost me as a customer a few months ago, they keep it up and they will lose me when this contract’s up.

  14.  Does this change mean that we can exit our contracts without penalty?

    1.  I doubt they will put you on tiered unless you upgrade or are not already getting unlimited data on your current plan…

      I think tiered is a great idea, as long as unlimited is still offered at the current price. But the fact that theyre getting rid of it is already a clear sign they aim to get their customers on overage fees

  15.  Hello SPRINT Thank you for the unlimited plans Thank you.

  16.  Don’t change Sprint Don’t change and continue to upgrade your network to 4G not only will you beat Verizon at there owe game you will smash them. Also continue the excellent customer service. 

  17.  No, this could be even worse. Drop unlimited so we can rack up overages.  Now we will pool all family lines to the same allowance to better the overage chances!  Yes, it could be a savings for some… but will really screw many others over!

  18.  Class action lawsuit against AT&T for there tiered data charges. Most applications update overnight weather your phone is off or not. If you don’t take the application data into account you could go over your limit and be charge additional fees. AT&T is fleecing iphone and ipad users.

    1. Besides the guy that supposedly turned off all data connections and still accrued charges the only thing I saw in that video were a bunch of middle class people who bought iPhones because everyone else has one and have absolutely no understanding as to what they bought. 

      1. The problem they had is if your phone is idle why data charges continue up to pile up? 

  19.  For a test run they brought 10 IPhones turned them on and left them alone for 10 days. Low and behold they accrued data charges. How could that be? Can anyone say the word Fleece fast three times. Fleece Fleece Fleece.  

  20. boo hoo.. “only use 1gb total on two lines…”   Sorry to break this to you, but the majority of us with smartphones, like the Thunderbolt(who waited patiently for it FYI), are power uses and we use our phones and data to the Nth degree as they were designed to be used.  So this tiered data thing is rediculous.  Good thing I have both lines (tbolt and iphone) on unlimited already.  I dont understand why people are such cheapasses about their cell service, and cry over paying $10-$20 more a month.  It’s pay to play folks.  If you barely use any data, goto virgin mobile or metro pcs and go prepaid.  Verizon is the top carrier, period.  Coverage is best, and bandwidth/throughput is the best.  I was with sprint for 10 years and I’m sorry, they are second fiddle to verizon.  

    1. Way to be an asshat bro. I use the hell out of my phone and still don’t go over 3 GBs a month. I never connect to wifi or anything. It’s all mobile data. Also you gotta realize that you so called  “power users” are a minority! Not everyone buys a phone knowing how powerful it is or what they’re really buying. In fact, I’d venture to say that around 85% of people with Verizon Droid phones just know that they got a DROIIIIIIIIIIDDDD and have no idea that there’s Android and system updates and how much RAM is in their phone or how fast the processor is.

      1. I always ask people what kind of phone they have. So far, I’ve seen the MT4G, Backflip, Epic 4G, Evo 4G, Fascinate, Cliq, Ally, Inspire 4G, Devour, Citrus, and probably a bunch more I can’t remember right now all be called nothing more than “a DROID”.

    2. The problem with your rationale is that not everyone lives in an area where Boost/Virgin/Straight Talk/Metro PCS are available and where, very often, Verizon is the only carrier that has decent coverage. Someone who uses 1 GB per month shouldn’t have to pay the same amount as someone who uses 10 GB per month.  Now, I’m all for the unlimited plan, it’s what I have, but I also think that there should be other lower priced options for people who don’t use as much data.

  21. I pay 189 a month for 3 phones, two smart phones. We use about 6 gigs a month. These are mini computers, when will they realize this. Ill go sprint if this happens. FA QUE VERIZON

  22. Just like a good drug dealer. First you get them hooked, then you jack up the prices.  

    1. War on Drugs? How about a war on corporations ripping off the American people? 

    2. so true love it  

  23.  Why does this post show no comments?

  24. There goes my streaming android music app!!!! I don’t use a ton of data but once they finally offer the music app I plan to use a ton of data, Then once TV is available on my phone I plan to use even more…. Hope I’m grandfathered in!!!

  25.  this is why the fcc shouldn’t let the at&t and tmobile merger go through, because then it would only be at&t and verizon and we the customer be screwed, this two blood sucking machines that are verizon and at&t will suck us dry.

    1. Also, if AT&T+T-Mobile gets through, there would be no stopping Verizon from taking over Sprint. 

  26. so with the caps are they going to allow us to use the data any way we want???  I would love to use the built in tether option….until that day happens i will root and use wireless tether when I’m in a pinch and need data.

  27.  That’s why I got a t-bolt with unlimited 4G in my contract, I tend to upgrade annually selling my old phone and buying a new one at retail, so I figured I can ride the grandfathered unlimited 4G train for quite awhile, sprint’s network simply doesn’t measure up

    1. same here, it was only a matter of time verizon joined the party 

  28. I am still pumping netflix… content is simply king and on sprint that’s how we roll…

    1. Until sprint gets bought out like tmo. Just wait its going to happen

    2. the only thing you are pumping is Dan Hesse sir 

  29. They say there’s a “cap” at 5 GB where they start to throttle as it is… I’m fine with that number… give me a 5 GB plan at 30 bucks, I’ll live with it.  Give me a family plan at 10 for 50 bucks… and I’ll switch myself and my wife to a family plan tomorrow… as it is right now, it’s cheaper to be on individual plans when there’s only 2 people, and both have data… 

    1. There is not “cap” at 5gigs on verizon. They reserve the right to throttle “the top 5% of users”. Big Differance. I know I routinely go over 10 gigs a month.

      1. precisely why I said “where they start to throttle”….

        I really want to know how people go over 5 gigs if they aren’t stealing tethering.  I use Sirius and Pandora daily… never cracked it once.

        1. No, they dont “start to throttle “, at 5 gigs. They reserve the right to throttle the top “5%”. % and Gigs are 2 totally differant things. They are not interchangeable.

  30.  I, for one, won’t be staying with Verizon if I don’t have unlimited data.  Case closed.

  31. I wonder if buying Sprint stock right now would make sense??? With this coming along, and the possibility of a AT&T/T-Mobile merger, I see a lot of defectors going to Sprint. 

  32.  Here we go.  I hope they choose something like 4GB instead of 2 like AT&T.

    1. Agree make it atleast 3 Gb for 20-25 dollars if they do that they could also have a tier at like 1gb for 15 bucks or so

  33. iPhone comes to your network = Death of Unlimited for Everybody Else

    If Apple ever goes to Sprint, you’ll see the same garbage happen…  *sigh*

    1. Sometimes…..and I know it sounds crazy….it isnt always the iPhone’s, Apple’s fault.

      I could show you 2 amazingly huge threads about illegal tethering on Verizon back in Mar, April 2010. With it almost split with those that thought ppl should cool it and ppl that thought nothing was wrong.

      AT&T recently sent notices to ppl doing it on AT&T, if I remember correctly it was mostly iPhone customers.

      1. And here-in lies the real reason. Glad someone sees it. All you little twats that think you have the right to tether on an unlimited basis, thank you. And before you say you do, look at your contract. You dont. 

    2. hmmm never thought of that so true dont understand y verizon even got the icrap it is so pointless its like walking into a nissan dealer and they are now selling fords POINTLESS get rid of the icrap its junk anyways if you want that piece of crap go to ATT 

  34. Will these changes void the 2 year agreement under the terms and conditions? I want to know if I’ll be able to bail when this come around or if I’ll be paying for using Big Red.

    1. I haven’t read the fine-print on my contract, but if it doesn’t include the language: “subject to pricing change” or similar disclaimer, then it would void the contract—they’ll probably offer some sort of incentive to get users locked into a 2 year unlimited data to sign on to the new plan.  

  35.  Whelp time to move to the last unlimited pricing carrier Sprint 

  36. I don’t know why so many of you are bitching. Most likely you’ll be grandfathered in with your already unlimited plan, this will likely be for new customers that are just joining Verizon. At least that’s how most of us AT&T customers have gotten by with the ridiculous tiered plans offered. Once grandfathered in, you’re good.

  37.  Just as long as they grandfather the people who got their unlimited data plans before the iPhone 4 release, then I’ll be a happy camper.

  38. If upgrade to another phone, will up still be grandfathered in ???????? 

  39. I wonder how much cheaper a 5GB package would be compared to the current $29 unlimited package.  Or is that not the idea here?  ;)

    I wonder though, if I upgrade to a 4G phone AFTER the plans have been changed, and pay full price for the phone in order to stay with my current plan, would my current $29 3G package also apply to 4G?  If not, I may need to cancel my plans of waiting for a dual-core 4G phone and upgrade to a 4G phone NOW….

  40. I work for verizon wireless. This has nothing to do with that piece of shit outdated iphone and everyything to do with the fact that we do not have ANY competition. Nobody can touch us, ill put my old 3g droid 2 next to your evo any day. Show you how slow it is and then sell you a phone. And wimax? Seriously!?! Id much rather have a limit to how much I can drive my ferarri vs being able to drive my geo metro as much as I want

  41.  such ignorance to assume everyone will pay more. The vast majority may just pay less while some high end users pay more.  If you use 10giggs a month you should pay more than the guy who uses 100mb. 

  42. Why is anyone surprised, VZ has been overpriced and always will be. And all you suckers continue to pay for Ivans next yacht…vz- america’s most expensive network!

  43. I think this is great and will probably save me money. I do not use a lot of mobile data (WiFi at home and work to conserve battery), so I hope all of the “power users” (lol) leave for sprint. This will have an overall positive effect on network performance for the rest of us;-)

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