Nvidia Co-Founder Sees Android Tablets Eventually Dominating The iPad


Reuters was holding a Global Technology Summit yesterday where they invited speakers from the some of the biggest companies in the world to talk about the future of tech. It was here that Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia’s co-founder sounded off on the future of Android tablets. According to Jen, he sees Android tablets completely dominating and eventually overtaking the iPad in the tablet market much like Android did with smartphones. He goes on to say,

The Android phone took only two and a half years to achieve the momentum that we’re talking about. I would expect the same thing on Honeycomb tablets,

So, even though things may not be looking so hot right now as far as Honeycomb tablets are concerned, Nvidia is set to launch their new Kal-El quad-core processors in tablets and PC’s very soon. Couple that with onslaught of Android tablets hitting the market this year from Samsung, HTC and even Amazon, his predictions might happen sooner than later. Apple better man their battle stations because the Android army is gearing for another takeover.

[Via Reuters]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1.  is anyone else sick of this guy 

    1. nope brought forth Kal-El with ice cream. 

    2.  I’m sick of that big pimple under his lip

      1. ITS HUGE!!!! >.< 

    3. Yup!

  2. “Nvidia Co-Founder Sees Android Tablets Eventually Dominating The iPad”

    Thanks, Captain obvious.

    1. Do you know how BIG the iPad’s market share is???? Android tablets haven’t even made so much as a dent in it…. KELLER! =p

      1. Do you know how LITTLE the smartphone market was before Android? 

      2. Share not market. They have a huge share of a tiny market. A market which should triple year over year for at least the next few years. Add in 50 Android tablets priced from $100 – $800 and Android will definitely have the majority by the end of the first quarter of 2013.

  3.  Technology paradigms accelerate in time, which means Android tablets should take less than phones did to dominate. One reason for that is that there are a lot of manufacturers behind it from the beginning, while they started making Android phones, at least 1 year after it launched (most of them). Plus,many of them already have the experience from making touchscreen phones, so they have the knowhow.

  4.  There aren’t enough advertisements on Phandroid… you guys should have more advertisements… /s  

    1. Will get on that ASAP. More ads for your ad so you can ad while you ad. 

    2. Phandroid has ads? So used to Adblock I forget sometimes. 

  5. Lower prices will be key for this to happen.

    1. I agree. Android needs to lower prices and move volume. The transformer is a start at $399. 1 hundred less and you got yourself a hit. Give us what we want. Great Spec at a price point $300 we want. Plain and Simple. We will no doubt dominate this Market! Go Android! I’m not the only one that sees this! Android was able to compete in the smartphone market because they hit the pricepoint AGGRESSIVELY with great spec!

  6. Completely different market, folks…..not gonna happen

    1. I generally dont waste time with trolls, however…..really? Not sure how this will not. Look at the pc market. More people run windows based pcs than mac it is simple math, openness of the os allows for multiple oems to play the game. With ipad……..1. It will take less time than the smart phone market. I know it’s hard for you to believe but people actually like android….

      1. 2 things:

        1. This is not the pc market. Apple computers were priced too high, which is what allowed pc manufacturers running Windows to drastically undercut Apple on price. Sure the experience wasn’t as good, but people were able to rationalize the purchase of an inferior quality pc by the amount of money they saved. No such price disparity exists with the iPad, however. In fact, this time around Android tablets are having a tough time matching the iPad’s price.

        2. This is not the smartphone market. I know you fandroids want to equate the two but in fact they are very different. Let me show you how: smartphones require carriers. And choice of carrier is as big or bigger a factor as choice of smartphone. Countless scientific surveys have shown that the main reason that regular people (not geeks like yourself) chose Android is because the phone that they really wanted (iPhone) was unavailable to them on their carrier and they couldn’t stomach AT&T. No such barrier exists with the iPad. Anywhere you can get an Android tablet, the iPad will be right next to it, leaving customers with little reasons to choose an alternative when they can have the iPad, especially at an extremely competitive price. This is the iPod all over again….

        1. You US Apple fanboys are all teh same… forgetting that a bigger portion of the world’s population actually lives outside the US, where “carrier” dependency is not an issue. Where people can get both iPhones and other phones without the problems you obviously have in the US, Android is STILL wiping the floor with the iPhones. Btw: who’s to blame for carrier exclusivity? It couldn’t be…. gasp!…. Apple??

          1. Uh, you might wanna read this before you go spouting off about iPhone vs Android worldwide:


          2.  LOL @ your source.
            Very credible, and typical of a hipster.

          3.  As many people have noted, including yourself, the PC dominance is due to pricing.   As Tablets become more of a recognized device, most people still don’t care about them, that will drive manufacturing costs down for players like Samsung, however that price reduction will not be seen as much by Apple.This is because they will have to charge Apple more to give up product that they could make money by dropping into their own devices. The Android undercutting Apple will start in about 1 year.

        2. 1. with more oems companies like vizio will have products over the next year that will majorly under cut apples price point. (on this I will be the first to admit some of these products will be inferior, look at huwai) like I said people like the android operating system.
          2. Apple will expand to all major carriers, I would assume they will pick up market share in mobile but it will be to little to late.
          3. Just because there is a preference to android does not make then a geek. The amount of time you spend on phandroid trolling…….send pretty geeky to me.
          4. Most of us have used apple products. I for one still have an ipod and all off my music on itunes. I dont like itunes but currently for convenience it is king (no pun intended) I can easily see amazon pull ahead but because of the head start out will be a while.

          1. 1. You are making the assumption that just because an OEM brings a product to market, people are going to buy it. There were many iPods challengers released into the market, most notably the Microsoft Zune. Anyone remember how that turned out???

            2. Apple has already began to reverse the trend:

            And this is with the Verizon iPhone being available for only 2 1/2 months and still with no presence on Tmobile or Sprint.

            3. My “trolling” is merely in response to the number of fandroids that regularly post on Apple blogs. And guess what? I dont mind that at all! Unlike many on this site who would love for me to disappear, I can actually handle a difference of opinion….

            4. I guess we will have to wait and see….

          2. The eepad transformer seems to having problems with I stock availability, guess no one really wants an android tablet!

            Honestly I king I don’t mind your trolling it provides me entertainment. I personally stay of of apple blogs but I know a ton of android fans that troll.

            I have an I pad and a xoom and both have good qualities about them. (Handed down the I pad to my wife, I am really digging honeycomb) currently I pad is ahead in a few ways though the gap is closing quickly.

            I am good with both of these companies succeeding because it makes the end user experience better. Ultimately we all win since the competition of these as well as other companies will keep raising the bar!

    2. iKing, get out, seriously. lol. Don’t you have better things to do?  

      1. Tell your fellow fandroids to stay out of Apple blogs, and I’ll stay out of here….

    1. cow .. 

      1.  says

        1. riddlemethis

  7.  don’t compare phones to tablets, most people wait to upgrade their phone via contract for free or a discounted price, thus the cycle is yearly or every other year. but with a tablet you either have to pay for it full price $500 plus or get with a contact which is more of a luxury vs a phone that is a necessity!

  8.   don’t compare phones to tablets, most people wait to upgrade their phone via contract for free or a discounted price, thus the cycle is yearly or every other year. but with a tablet you either have to pay for it full price $500 plus or get with a contact which is more of a luxury vs a phone that is a necessity!

  9.  In other news, the sky is blue, grass is green, and Nexus One owners will never, ever buy new phones.

    What other obvious news can Nvidia’s co-founder tell us today?

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