Updated Tiamat Kernel For Motorola Xoom Brings Tegra 2 To A Screaming 1.6GHz


If you don’t know by now, Android has probably one of the greatest developer communities in the world. You gotta give these guys a pat on the back. They can single handedly breath new life into aging hardware making it feel better than the day you bought it. One such dev over on XDA, Tiamat, has managed to update his kernel for the Motorola Xoom. Among enabling USB tethering, he has also managed to clock the tablet’s Nvidia Tegra processor to a screaming 1.6GHz. In case you were wondering how that translates into a benchmark we have a handy screen shot of a Quadrant score for those curious.

Now, you knew this was coming BUT – benchmarks are in no way a representation of “real world” speed for the end user. Heck, even overclocked CPU frequencies can be misleading (once got my G1 clocked to 1Ghz). But you must admit, seeing the quadrant bar that big is kind of… breathtaking. I think we’re going to start needing a new benchmark for dual-core processors soon. All these mega bars are making my Evo feel self-conscious.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. Tegra and Exynos own!

    1. Even with this overclocking I bet it still can’t play 1080p embedded videos from websites full size without lagging.
      Exynos still owns this by miles.

  2. Cheers to Android devs around the world! Without them, my lowly Samsung Moment wouldn’t have 2.2 and advances pointed out in this article would never happen!


      1. I have a Samsung Intercept. o_O 

        1.  What’s that?

          1. Basically, its the Moment 2… or at least, that’s what I remember it being called before the name “Intercept” was slapped on it…

          2. … I have a t-mobile comet. Kill me. 

          3. @460347c142e2cb6c1d8ea8d65991b1ce:disqus At least you have an official 2.2 provided by carrier/manufacturer… :/

          4.  Sarcasm? I have it too but having a custom rom makes the phone much better for everday use.

      2. Yep. I’ve got the old ass Moment. I wanted an Android phone with a hardware qwerty keyboard, and at the time (early July) the only one available was the Moment. I also didn’t want to spend $200+ on a phone I would most likely be ditching within a year or so given Android’s exponential growth. There’s actually quite a few people with Moment’s. Just take a look over at SDX and all the activity going on there. 

  3. Can you please never again show a Quadrant bar on your website? It’s meaningless and you know it.

    Instead choose a meaningful benchmark and use that as a performance baseline so that some value is added to these articles.

    1. They should at least show the GPU and CPU scores separately. Everything mixed together like this into one score is meaningless indeed. One phone could get a high score in video decoding, while another could get a high score in website rendering, and if the overall score is the same, we’d think they are both just as powerful, which would be pretty misleading, since some people might prefer the one that is better for video and others the one that is better for web browsing. Just an example of how skewed the overall Quadrant score could be.

      1. They do, hence the colored sections in the bar 

    2. Just look at that bar… its HUUUUUGE 0_0 

      1. I have seen it bigger, by 120 ;)

  4.  my buddy at work has a moment. he cries every single time he sees my vibrant. its a piece of shit too but damn compared to his i might as well have a portable deity in my pocket.

  5.  D&D fans represent! :D

    Tiamat … a kernel with all five elemental aspects. Guided by the evilest of deities. Sounds kinda scary, actually. 

  6.  I/O score is kinda off…

  7. Lol. Los like they moved the file io to ram. Losers.

  8.  Why would I want Fast piss?
    The GPU sucks ass, but the CPU is fine, but they could have put some more effort into it, like Samsung did.

  9. Can we expect Nibiru to crash into Tiamat and yield an Earth kernal soon?

  10.  I believe Smartbench 2011 is one of the few benchmark suites that addresses multithreading.

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