May 17th, 2011

This isn’t the first Gingerbread leak for the Samsung Epic 4G, but the first one was really unstable. GPS didn’t work, 4G didn’t work and there was just a sea of other issues that had people running back to Froyo. The folks behind ACS have gotten their hands on yet another leak, though.

This one is build EE03 and seems to be as stable as stable can get at this point. GPS works, 4G works and there just isn’t that big of a sea of other issues. (See what I did there?) Be sure to note that this ROM is RFS only. If you only deal with Ext4, you’ll have to wait until developers implement it (if it’s even possible).

This one is pre-rooted and deodexed, of course, and flashing instructions can be had at (You may have to Odin back to stock ECO5 and re-root that before proceeding.) [Android Forums]

And remember, your phone is your own responsibility. We reserve the right to throw fish at you if you try to blame us for anything that goes wrong.

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