Intel: You’ll See Us Inside Phones in the Earlier Parts of 2012


Intel has already laid out plans to produce mobile chipsets with Android support. We still don’t know how good these will be and how they’ll do up against competition at this point, but Intel’s given a hint as to when we’ll start seeing the first devices with their chipsets embedded – early 2012. I imagine chips are already close to being sampled and I won’t be surprised if we get a peek at some of these devices at some point this year. (Or very early next year. Like, around CES time.) Bring it on, Intel. [Reuters]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. two words: iphone

    1. Literally and technically speaking, that’s only one word.

      1.  he’s a fanboy.. they’re illiterate..

    2. hate that name “iphone” . own one, hate one and will blow it to heaven when android phone with qHd res disp will be in stores in my country

    3. gentlemen gentlemen gentlemen it was a pun (and a bad one)

      1. I understood it before you explained it.. I guess it’s all about the processor.. and we are not talking silicone.

    4. *breaks door down, shotgun in hand* Did some one just say …. naw, no one here would say that. Sorry fellas… thought I herd someone mention a certain apple product.

  2.  Didn’t they show a phone with Atom at this year’s CES already? They’ve been saying that for years. It’s probably going to appear in some noname phone anyway, and with a performance weaker than the 2 Ghz dual core and quad core ARM chips by then (they only showed a 1.5 Ghz single core so far)

    1. yeah, they showed off a phone at CES. They bragged how it had the best power efficiency. What they meant by that from what I got was, at full throttle it gets slightly better than an ARM chip at full throttle. And that’s the problem–what about when I don’t want to be pushing the cpu to the max = kills the battery anyway. 

      Heck, I’m looking forward to an ARM netbook with quad-cores.

  3.  I wonder if this will be the processors using their new 3D technology (not 3D as in movie, but a 3 dimensional transistor breakthrough they recently announce). breakthrough they recently announce).

  4.  Yes but would it be x86 or ARM? If they go with x86 then they’re going to be excluding themselves from being able to run any games that are targeting any current version of Android, unless they provide ARM emulation, in which case any performance or power advantage evaporates.

    1. Interesting points, but as dalvic is basically java.. a vm, the app should run on anything with equal effeciency. However, there are a few native code app and they may cause issues..

      Interesting though would be duel booting windows 7 on an android tablet. Android for most things and good ol windows for when you need to do some piticular task like war craft or something. Prolly slow as help but cool none the less…

      1. It’s native code that I was referring to. Most graphics-intensive games use the NDK; dalvik’s JIT is still pretty terrible and the OpenGL bindings are pretty inefficient.

        1. I’m kinda hoping for an Intel-based Transformer like tablet soon.  Can then load Linux and run any tablet OS under VirtualBox – IceCream, webOS for Intel and a work image of Windows.  
          I have an Intel-based netbook tablet and am doing some of this now. Installed Linux and running many OSs under VBox.  The touchscreen passes through to VBox just fine. But am concerned how Android will run under x86 and ARM emulation.  3D gaming isn’t a big deal to me so it might work out OK. 

  5. This is a joke right? I mean hell I dont even want to see their  hardware in my desktops let alone smartphones. Perhaps this behemoth will slip into hibernation again before it unavoidably embarrasses itself 

  6.  considering intel is serious about this and nokia partnered up with them previously, i’d expect it to be better than what we’re expecting.

  7.  I don’t think everyone understand what this means for developers. An intel chip will mean that the android 3.1 and so forth can now be ported on any computer that runs an intel chip set or is able to boot windows. People who know computer hardware and software can now bring real apps to computer and Android phones alike. Such as Samsung Media Hub without purchasing their internet ready products. There has been a dual boot of Android 1.6 on computers and they can dual boot with a more up to date system.

    1. 2.3 is current on androidx86, they will have icecream sandwich too prollt before intell is out with theirs. Only reason they don’t have honeycomb is… *dirty look at google* user experience.

  8. Myself: You’ll see me inside your wives in the earlier parts of 2012.

  9.  haha intel were prob thinkin y should they dip into the mobile market years ago when it was single core.

    Now that multicore is growing, intel mean business!

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