LauncherPro Update Adds Real Homescreen Looping and Icon Packs


Federico Carnales – famed LauncherPro developer – has unleashed version .8.6 in the Android market and brings with it some interesting changes. One is real homescreen looping. If you used the looping feature in .8.5, you’ll know it wasn’t really looping –  it just quickly bounced you back to the left or right-most homescreen as if you were swiping very quickly. Now, it just appears from whatever direction you’re swiping away from (much like how HTC does it in modern versions of Sense).

Another big feature is support for icon packs, something I have personally been craving for a long time. No new widgets this time, folks, but still a nice update. Go and get it in the Android market.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. this guy ripped me off.  been waiting for a “re-write” of this app since i paid for it.  i want my money back

    1. Awwww…Ill be waiting over there in the room of “no one gives a SH!T!” This happens to be one of the best home launchers out there. You should be happy enough he updates it so regularly. Plus, you’re the moron who thinks paying a programmer for work they havent released yet will make any impact on there speed! 

      You paid for the program, not the promise of a “future” update. You sir are a complete idiot!

      1. awww Steven… butt hurt much today, buddy?

        1. I think it’s you who’s butthurt, buddy.  

        2.  Troll much virginia? Do you program? No? With all the changes with android in the past few months with GB and Honeycomb, It’s not wonder the rewrite is taking time. Programming takes time. 

          1.  actually i do develop rofl…
            not only Android but C++ as well

            but i do think all of the replies are funny =P

          2.  I find it hard to believe that someone who can’t even use proper grammar (sentences start with a capital letter, you don’t start sentences with but, and I is capitalized) can even dream of programming. FYI, programming means you write your own code, not copy and paste it from whatever you found on Google. Don’t get the two confused.

      2.  Who hurt you Steven?

      3.  Who hurt you?

    2. I started off by saying “Jesus Christ”, then realized that any rebuttal starting with “Jesus Christ” needs to be made using xtranormal.

      Never buy hoping for a rewrite.  Rewrites tend to be bloaty, buggy, slow, and poor versions of the original.

      They rarely get written because as a developer, it’s painful to work on a rewrite that has limited functionality when the original, version, buggy as it might be still works.

      Now get out of my office.

  2.  You should have just purchased the app when the re-write came out, not his fault.

    1. but that’s not how it went down, now did it?
      all his fault.  yuuuuuup

      1.  You bought whatever version was available at the time, there was no contract for anything more regardless of his intentions, unless it specifically said on the market that the re-write would be included. You jumped the gun, that’s how it went down.

  3.  I had LP (free) on my milestone from pretty much day one, but the 2.2.1 broken, busted ass froyo update changed everything. LP turned my phone into a crashtacular clusterf**k, and I had to switch to GOLauncherEX. It’s still not perfect, (reboots, anyone? Bueller?) but it’s better. I miss LP, but I have to stick with what functions. Moto can SUCK IT. 

    1. My DX is rooted group 2.2.1 I also suffer from reboots at least 3 times a day. On reboot Launcher pro plus freezes up my DX for several minutes then it asks me to force close every time. Not sure if it’s froyo or lp+. Either way I Can’t wait for the ota of gb.
      Wolfs and licks all.

  4. seems nice… I think I may have to check it out 

  5. GoLauncher has had all these options for quite awhile now and it’s free. 

    1. so is launcher pro, plus its way more fluid and less of a memory hog than golauncher. just saying 

      1. Paid for launcher pro but I am also using GoLauncher. It has the best of ADW and launcherpro. Launcherpro will never get vertical swipe launching gestures and I can’t live without them. Otherwise a very solid program. Can’t wait to see the re-write.

        1.  Yeah Go launcher does own ADW.

  6.  Rewrite or not, the guy’s got a lousy attitude.  Have you read the posting on his web site where he basically says that he’s well aware that this release is fat and slow, and he’s going to continue making it fatter and slower because people are asking for new features, and if you don’t like it you can just load an older version?  If his real goal is to just keep making it more feature-rich at any cost, I’m not sure he has any intentions of ever releasing a “lean” rewrite, and even if he does he’ll never catch up with his own madness anyhow.

    1. I’m not sure if you actually use LauncherPro, but it seems to be getting faster with each release, not slower. In fact, I’m not sure how it could get any faster at this point. Everything is perfectly smooth on my phone and definitely smoother than any other launcher. I guess the app drawer could be smoother when using a live wallpaper, but that’s about it.

      1.  Used it, bought it, upgraded it, and with each upgrade I noticed more lagging and crashes requiring a reboot.  That’s when I went looking for answers and found the developer’s post admitting that there were more performance problems in newer releases.  I’m glad it’s working for you but if the developer is getting so many complaints that he felt a need to post that, I’m thinking I’m not alone.

  7.  I’m still content with boring old Launcher7.  :P

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