ASUS Transformer and Acer Iconia Tab to Get Android 3.1 Early June


Folks who are worried about after-market support from the OEMs who’ve sold them the latest tablets need not worry anymore – they’re delivering. It’s being reported that both ASUS and Acer will be delivering Android 3.1 to their tablets early June. Google made mention of the update at Google I/O, if you don’t remember, and had everyone clapping. Resizable widgets, USB host support and improved performance are the main highlights here. And for what it’s worth, T-Mobile promises 3.1 for the G-Slate is coming “soon”. We only have about a couple more weeks to wait, folks. [TIMN]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1.  The 10.1 better have good pricing or I’m getting the Transformer.

    1. Same here. 

    2. starts at 499 for 16gb wifi and 599 for 32gb, no pricing on 3g tabs yet 

      1. Samsung 10.1 Tab…right! 

  2.  I hope the 3.1 update makes my transformer behave a bit more… It’s nothing major wrong, but the freezes every so often are a bit annoying :/ More tablet optimized apps would be nice too, but that isn’t something Asus or Google can magically make happen lol It’s good to see that Asus and Acer are keeping up with the  updates. 

    1. Are you happy with it?  I’ve been looking at the transformer as a gift for my wife.  I think she would get a lot of good use out of it.  

  3.  Same here.

  4.  In regards to Asus, this is bitter sweet news if they can’t get the Transformer in the hands of consumers the way the “intended”.

  5.  Now I just need to get my tablet that’s been delayed already before the update is issued!

  6. Awesome, my Transformer gets here tomorrow.

  7. The wonders of stock android, lol.

  8.  Lol… Been enjoying 3.1 on my xoom since day 2… 

  9. if you are looking for them you can get them here… they are in stock at certain retailers

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