System Dump for the HTC EVO 3D Comes Online


The HTC EVO 3D is jumping into the leak brigade, becoming the latest from the manufacturer to drop its system files online this fine Monday afternoon. The system dump comes courtesy of 911sniper, the same source as the numerous other ROMs that have surfaces today. The files are being picked apart as I type with plenty of goodies to come.

The EVO 3D remains without a solid release date, though it is due this summer. If it follows in the footsteps of the original EVO we might expect it in June, but with no word from Sprint we’ll just have to wait with bated breath.

[via 911sniper]

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  1. Must be getting closer to a release date. SWEET! 

  2. I have predicted that this will launch June 3rd 2011. In my belief sprint will not allow tmobile to launch the Sensation on June 8th before the Evo 3d is launched. Bestbuy has been excepting preorders for 2weeks now and sprint also just started the preorder madness since Wednesday of last week. Bottom line it is very very close and all of us current Evo owners are waiting.  

    1. Once again, not all of us evo owners are looking forward to or care about the E3D. I love my evo, but I hate 3D and it is the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen, hands down. Nice spec sheet but ill wait for something else. Maybe the nexus3 if they put the sd card back, or something else. Lots of new phones coming out and I really don’t care if it says evo on it.

      1. The NexusS for sprint has an sd-slot, unlike its t-mobile counterpart

        1. NO way, heard it only 16gb’s worth of space and not an expansion slot 

        2.  no it does not

    2. Once again you’ll be wrong.   I recall how you predicted it would be out a month ago.

      1.  you never heard me or seen any posts stating it would be out 1 month ago it was introduced at ctia in march. So as usual your just posting something to go against the grain or against me which I could care less. My evo 3d is on preorder and on day one I will have mines regardless of what you thnk about it. Evo 3d will be the best device out this summer simple at that.

        1. Yeah just as you predicted during the vanity page release the phone would be released in early May.  I agree with Denny Kingsley. 

          1.  who cares who you agree with …I know what I stated

          2. “I know what I stated”   …which apparently happened to be wrong.

        2. What does it being shown off at CTIA have to do with anything? That was 2 whole months ago. The Galaxy S 2 was shown off then and it’s already out. What was your point? And considering at least one dual core smartphone is already on the rumor mill, it seems your “best device out this summer” will be bested.

          1.  Correction young man the Galaxy S2 was shown at CES in January at the unpacked event. The Galaxy S2 should have been released in the states long time ago but Samsung was SCARED cause they knew HTC would best their device so what happened samsung went back to the drawing board. It took them over 2months to return with this 1.2 ghz processor and touch wiz 4.0 regardless HTC will rule over samsung we won’t even discuss the update circumstances that surround samsung and the fact that some device still to this day have 2.1 on them…Samsung IS A JOKE plain and simple…Evo 3d rules

          2. Correction you stupid old man: the GS2 wasn’t shown off at CES, it was rumored to be, but became a no show. It did however show up at MWC a month later. Do a bit of research before “correcting” other people you ignorant moron.  And so what if Samsung “went back to the drawing board”? At least it shows they care about their products and want it to be on par, if not better than, other phones. And I’d have say for a manufacturer to beef up the internals of a phone and make sure everything still works properly in a “2 month” time frame is pretty damn quick. I’d imagine it takes many MONTHS for a phone to go from the “drawing board” to it being shown off at some event. And you mention a “1.2 ghz processor and touchwiz 4.0.” Have you looked at the specs for your E3D? It also sports a 1.2 GHz processor and the latest HTC Sense, just as Touchwiz 4.0 is the latest for Samsung. What was your point in that statement? I don’t care what your opinions are. It’s your distinctly wrong “facts” that I have a major problem with. Go check them before making such stupid statements.

        3. i beg to differ, the Galaxy S II will be the best Android device this summer 

          1.  Great thought but you should just fold up your tent with that Galaxy S2 garbage..That will never be

          2. well… seeing as the GS2 is already released and you precious E3D is nowhere to be found…

    3.  this guys is full of    – – – – 

    4. Once again, shut up.

      1.   that’s all you know how to say on every post??? Your so smart thanks for stopping through like you always seem to do…

        1. Come on. All anyone ever hears from you is “Evo this… Evo that… Sprint Wins!” How much more of a broken record can you be?

    5. what does it matter that the sensation launches first, also since when did you become the voice for all evo owners 

      1.  Don’t worry about me partner my voice has been heard and will remain to be heard rather you like that or not..Focus on yourself and your posted comments..

        1. “Whether” you uneducated imbecile not “rather”. Having spelling and grammar mistakes really takes away from whatever credibility you think you have. And yet again you little hypocrite, why don’t you “focus on yourself and your posted comments”? Oh that’s right, you’re too stupid to follow your own directions and think you’re smarter than everyone else. Way to go.

  3. I wonder If I could get the 3-D to work on my 3DTV with a flashdrive? O.O

  4. Everytime I call telesales they will not let me preorder the phone.  “its not in our system.”  any suggestions?

    1. you can preorder at best buy. I have heard rumors that sprint is doing it, but you might have to go in person to do it. 

      1.  Thank you for the suggestion.  My upgrade price is better through telesales so i guess I have to wait until whenever they have it.  Thank you again for the information though

      2.  Why would people pre-order it for a rip-off price at Best Buy, when they could just order it online for much cheaper and just have to wait a couple extra days?

  5. Um ATT Wirelress already has a dual core phone out people.  I don’t think Sprint is beating anyone to the party looks like June 17th.  Glad you dont play the options market, you would be bad at speculating

    1. yea they have a dual core phone, but guess what.. IT SUCKS!!!! They can’t even get people to buy it by lowering the price to $50. That should tell you everything you need to know.  

      1. Hey idiot I didn’t say it was a great phone or a good one.  According to Yarellray he stated Sprint was going to beat T-mobile to the punch with the EVO 3D.  Under that logic they would have beat ATT.  Get your head examined June 17th.

        1. He meant beating them to the punch with the Sensation. Noone cares about that Motorola piece of junk 

  6. Can we just hurry up and get a release? Like its already been a couple months since its been announced and still no word on pre-order, or release. Sensation was out for a few weeks, then it got its release date pretty much confirmed. I’m just frustrated because my hero NEEDS to be retired, and no one knows anything bout its launch. its been announced and still no word on pre-order, or release. Sensation was out for a few weeks, then it got its release date pretty much confirmed. I’m just frustrated because my hero NEEDS to be retired, and no one knows anything about its launch.

    1.  You can now preorder the phone on sprint.

      1.  Really? Thanks bro, i’ll check that out tomorrow. Is it supposed to be secret like the best buy pre-orders?

        1. No…you have been able to pre-order the phone at sprint and best buy for a while now

  7.  http://www.goodandevo.net/2011/05/sprint-quietly-taking-htc-evo-3d-preorders.html

  8. Lol so many HTC leaks today.

  9.  this phone is a gimmick.  3D is a gimmick.  it said it right here on your favorite site ray.  You are this biggest tool in the world.  When verizon buys your carrier, and you dont have any choice but att or verizon, im going to laugh until i shit on you.  Seriously, you can have this POS, i dont want it.  OMG, you can turn off the 3D, omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.  

    1. U MAD BRO? 

    2.  Um, the EVO 3D is a Sprint phone. Why would we only be able to pick AT&T or T-Mobile? They don’t even use the same radio technology. Seriously, you should seek out some help for that unfocused anger before you hurt someone. Seriously.

    3.  Um, the EVO 3D is a Sprint phone. Why would we only be able to pick AT&T or T-Mobile? They don’t even use the same radio technology. Seriously, you should seek out some help for that unfocused anger before you hurt someone. Seriously. 

  10.  I’m want to get the evo 3d too, but being honest, im not so sure how it will compete against the sgII in the benchmark depp. HTC phones like to use up lots of resources with their sense ui. Although the filing sys in the sgII sucks. I’m evo 3d all the way though. GSM vrs hopefully. Do any of you know if I get a gsm vrs in europe and bring it to asia, will it work (sim card based)? Hoping for an evo 3d gsm release somewhere in europe.

  11. Seems like a release date is approaching ! I sure hope so because I have met my upgrade face to face, and I am getting this phone ! Who else is with me ?!

  12.  http://www.androidcentral.com/radio-shacks-silent-evo-3d-preorders-start-tuesday

  13. Looks like my June 3rd date is right on point. Whenever sprints best selling partner lays the law down we are exactly 2 weeks away… 

  14. #Chuckle

    Okay. So let me frame this Summer’s passive-aggressive geek #Fanboy whine:

    “The awesome Samsung Galaxy S2 is better than the EVO 3D 4G”.

    Now, let me frame this Winter’s passive-aggressive geek #Fanboy whine:

    “It is the Carrier’s fault that the awesome Samsung Galaxy S2 has not gotten it’s update(s)”

    Another year, another EVO victory lap. ;)

    Haters in 3, 2, 1…  

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