Droid X2 Most Likely Won’t Launch with Gingerbread


Last week leaked documents detailing the launch of the Motorola Droid X2 seemed to indicate that the device would launch with Android 2.3, but new information is making it look pretty unlikely that the X2 will be Verizon’s first Gingerbread phone. Sources talking to Droid Life have refuted the claim, saying that though the MotoBlur overlay of the X2 matches that of the original Droid X’s leaked Gingerbread update, the new handset will in fact launch with Android 2.2. Speaking of the update for the original Droid X, Verizon won’t be launching that before the X2 gets its own Gingerbread upgrade.

Further solidifying this rumor, word is VZW plans to advertise the Xperia Play as the network’s first Gingerbread phone. If you recall, the latest we have heard is that the Play will launch in tandem with the X2 on May 26th.

How much longer after launch could the Droid X2 receive Gingerbread? Hopefully it will be a matter of weeks rather than months, as the new Android version would look mighty fine on the upcoming dual-core handset.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. At this point in time every new phone should come with gingerbread! I for one wont fall for that again. I purchased a vibrant the day it came out and im so glad i returned it. it took about 6 months for it to get updated!

    1.  I agree.  Everything should have Gingerbread at this point.  When was gingerbread announced?  Wasn’t it late last year?  These phone carriers and hardware makers really need to step up their game

      1. It was in December 2010. 

  2.  Motorola is not doing so well lately.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding me. This thing isn’t being released with 2.3?! It is taking them that long to get all of their blur and bloatware integrated into GB? This is why I don’t like encrypted bootloaders. If 2.3 was announced last month, I could see it, but it’s been out for quite awhile. 

    1. It is almost 5 months exactly today since 2.3 was released.  

  4. Droid sucks iphone rocks, we’re WINNING. IM WINNING.

    1. iphone might just be the most advertised piece of crap phone on the market you shold probably stop listening to what the tv tells you

    2. WTF is a “droid”??? 

      You must be one of those people who say the iPhone 4 has 4G, LMFAO.

    3. Shut up stupid

    4. U MAD BRO? 

    5. I’m glad you’re happy. 

      Unless you are a an Apple stock holder or employee I dont see how you’re winning.

  5.  No sale unless its running Ice Cream Sandwich

  6. Just go out and get the manual install for 4.5.588.  Its good to go, and you dont have to root.  I have been running it for over a month now, and its more stable than froyo.  Just remember to wipe data to get rid of perpetual sync icon.  The sync icon is the only bug i noticed, and the problem is solved very quickly.  Screw verizon and get it yourself.

  7.  And this is why U.I.’s SUCK! Motorola is horrible with updates! I know..I’m a former Moto Cliq owner. Thank goodness I picked up a vanilla Android handset (G2x). Yes the G2x may be on 2.2 right now but Gingerbread goodness is right around the corner. Hell I could go with the leaked update if I wanted but I’m patient. Steer clear of MotoBlur people! 

    1. Wait a min, I thought phones with vanilla Android were supposed to be updated alot faster….

      So the G2x might get GB around the same time the Droid X and Droid X 2 gets it.

      With all the GB leaks for the Droid X, GB is right around the corner for it too.

      1. The term here is they “might”. Well if Moto starts pulling the whole “we promise to update” bit again like they have in the past ( just Google Moto Cliq Update) you’ll know what I’m talking about. Their promises don’t mean sh!t whatsoever! Now i’m giving LG an opportunity here with the G2x to see how their promised update is delivered in a timely manner since they are new to the superphone segment. Will they deliver..idk..will they fail..idk. But what I do know is Motorola FAILS regardless. You can thank MotoBlur for the extended delays. I know from experience & yes I may not have had a superphone but the Cliq was out a few months before the OG Droid debuted. Moto let their very FIRST Android faithfull down & has since left a bad taste in my mouth. Now on with vanilla Android and the real openess that LG provides by not having locked/encrypted bootloaders and whack U.I.’s. If for some reason LG doesn’t come through I can always count on Cynanogen & his team to be fully integrated with my new G2x. Hell it helps that Cynanogen just bought his very own G2x!

        1. “Their promises dont mean shit whatsoever…”

          Tell that to Droid 1 and X owners…I own both so I know from experience just like you with the Cliq. Yea I know Milestone, Cliq owners feel burned but there are some phones that Moto does take care of. You cant make a blanket statement like them about updates when there is real evidence that says otherwise.

          If Blur is the reason for the extended delays, how come the X was on 2.2 waaaay before the Galaxy S 1 line in the US? Is any Galaxy S 1 phones in the US on 2.2 yet?

          You even say your G2x isnt on GB yet, so there goes the notion that phones with vanilla Android get updated the fastest.

  8. We’re on our THIRD Moto Droid2 phone in 2 months, and yes they’re refurbished, not new replacements. My guess is that it won’t work correctly no matter which version it ships with.

  9. Deja vu all over again. The Droid X was supposed to be the “first phone with Flash!” That would have required Froyo, which didn’t come for more than two months after the phone hit the market. Motorola is getting quite a reputation of rushing phones to market before they’re ready. I’m just waiting for a 4G, global phone on Verizon NOT made by Motorola and then you’ll be able to find my Droid X on eBay.  

  10. My Droid X plays very nicely with Gingerbread. Suckers.

  11.  And this is why I HATE Blur and why I WON’T buy motorola.  They bloat up real android with blurred up laggy mess and then lock the bootloader so that people that want to remove their crap cannot.  Screw moto, until they get over themselves and release vanilla android like the original droid, I shop elsewhere

  12. I myself am a droid x owner and find it very frustrating that verizon,motorola,and google are usong updates as a marketing tool to sell phones! Gingerbread has been ready for months and still no update for us droid x owners! You carrier saw wireless carriers using software updates to sell phones until android came along! As for the xperia play they can have that piece of shit! Its more of a toy and im an adult that wants a real phone and i own a ps3 so i have no use for it at all. As for the droid x2 i was seriously considering getting it in june until i just read this article! Now i wont in all likelyhood! Im tired of google,motorola,and verizon dangling updates in our face and not delivering! Dont get me wrong i love android devices edpecially my droids and would never go with an iphone because i dont like apple as a whole and steve jobs thinks he knows everything that consumers want! But i feel like not getting the update for my dx because they want to use gingerbread as a selling tool makes me feel like verizon,and motorola just told me f*%k you we already got your money so we dont care about your droid x we want to sell more phones and we will use gingerbread to do that! I think its rediculous of google to constantly brag about their latest and greatest android os when they have phones that havent even gotten gingerbread yet!!!! Get your sh*t together google,moto,and verizon because you just pissed me off and im sure im not the only one!!!!

  13.  just like the droid x would have froyo within “weeks” well it took months and the froyo we got sucked, just like the elclair, the homescreen was all buggy and effed up.  This has only been fixed in GB and i wouldnt have this phone with out gingerbread. period.

    1. Yea it took about 2 months.

      Compare that to the US Galaxy S line….

  14. damnit moto, didnt you learn from the OG Droid that people love stock Android and unlocked bootloaders

  15. He He He He 

  16. Everybody complaining about Moto and updates and rushing phones to market…

    Didnt the Droid 2 release with 2.2? Didnt the the X get it about 2 months after the X was launched?

    Compare that to the US Galaxy S line…and put things into a lil perspective.

    Hating on Moto is almost as popular as hating on Apple around here…lol

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