Leaked HTC Holiday ROM Reveals Handset in Beast Mode


When we last saw a leaked render of the HTC Holiday, we speculated it might be a mid-range upgrade to the HTC Aria for AT&T. Boy, we’re we wrong. If details pulled from a leaked ROM for the device hold true the Holiday could have the sort of power that will put most other handsets to shame. We might expect a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU, a 4.5-inch qHD display, and 1GB of RAM.

The Holiday looks to come with dual cameras on the front and back pegged at 1.3MP and 8MP respectively. Thrown in Bluetooth 3.0 and are you even thinking about any other handsets at this point? We have no idea when this device will hit AT&T, but a leaked render and ROM suggest a summer release is likely.

[via AndroidPolice]

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HTC Lead for AT&T is a High-End Dual-Core Smartphone

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  1.  Oh wow. Hopefully this is AT&T’s first LTE device! If so, I am in!

    1.  AT&T has no LTE network, so an LTE device isn’t going to do much good.  They are working on an LTE network, but that is down the road.  Way down the road.

      1. Yeah, Way down the road THIS YEAR. 

  2. *closes open jaw* I’m pleading for this kind of love from big red

    1.  It would be nice if verizon just released an HTC duo core, but their track record makes me think there wont be one until next yr when everyone else has moved on to something better…I’d be shocked if we got one unless HTC is going to go the Samsung route and release their high end device to all carriers. *crosses fingers*

  3. 4.5″ !!! too big!

  4.  It really looks like a Galaxy S II with a higher res and slightly bigger screen.  Some people might not like the screen size, and prefer the slimness and screen technology  of the S II, though, so HTC will still have some serious competition from Samsung.

  5.  And Verizon continues to drop duds.

  6. “Boy, we’re we wrong.”You guys have so many typos and misspellings!

    1. Grammar police are way more annoying than typos or tiny mistakes.  Give it a freaking rest.

      1. To me, it’s much more annoying to see grammar mistakes taught in elementary school than it is to see a comment by a grammar nazi. I don’t care about the occasional comma splice or run-on sentences. I just find it utterly ridiculous that people who write for relatively popular blogs still mistake were/we’re, their/there/they’re, etc.

        Elementary school.

        1. Seriously annoying,do have a board so far up the tunnel?you’re correct ,alot of mispellings.but i could care less,hoping though they know it too. 

  7. Biggest problem is AT&T, then you got locked boot loaders, and 4.5 is too big.

  8. Whether it’s the Galaxy S2 or this beast, At&t is really bringing the Android HEAT!! 

  9. Yes!  This is the one I’ve been waiting for!  I love my Inspire but want an FFC.

    1. I almost bought the Inspire yesterday… would have had to add a line to pull off the pricing… actually told the salesman to get me one… said he’d have to go to another store, would take 30 minutes… I decided to pass and wait until august for my upgrade…. 

      Thinking maybe by then i could get a Dual Core, 4.5″, 4g with a front facing camera by then…

      Then I saw this article.

      PLEASE Let the Holiday Drop in August!4.5″ is probably my sweet spot. I have the Dell Streak and LOVE it, but 5″ is just slightly too big.

  10. alright the screen size is getting pretty ridic.  first 4.3 and now 4.5??? 4.5 is wayyy too big.  4.3 is pushing it for me.  4″ will always remain the sweet spot :)

  11. Way to go AT&T! Now all we need is LTE support on this baby, and I’ll be set

  12.  With this sort of screen res and size, I’m looking into selling my hdtv and pc monitor, just strap this phone to my face. lol Bigggg screen. For me that’s alright, so long as the overall size doesn’t grow much bigger than your average htc phone, since these are pretty big already. The specs sheet looks sweet, but again, overall phone size, unless… this becomes the norm for all mobile phones? lol 

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  14.  Ivan Seidenburg will shit BRICKS when AT&T gets this phone

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