Sprint Adds New Unlimited 4G Options, New 3G Options for Mobile Broadband Users


Sprint has added some new plans for those of you who use mobile broadband devices for data connectivity. You can now get unlimited 4G data and 3GB of 3G data for $45 per month. If you need 10GB of 3G data, you can grab that for $90. (This, too, comes with unlimited 4G.) These are in addition to plans Sprint previously offered (5GB of 3G + unlimited 4G for $60). And if you already pay for unlimited data on phones (which would be everyone with a smartphone), you can get all of these plans discounted by $10. Pretty decent options, I’d say. (Though given Sprint’s shoddy 4G coverage, I can’t say the 3G would last a heavy user long.) [Sprint via Fierce Wireless]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. At least Q knows the truth about Sprints 4G. Hell, even the pricing from Sprint makes it out to be a joke. You are capped on the “slow” data, but get “fast” data on an unlimited basis. Because MOST of their customers can’t get 4G. No wonder they made the list of the 20 biggest money losers on CNN. Good luck convincing people that gimmicky phone makes up for all your shortcomings Sprint. 

    1.  This setup really works depending on your location. I don’t have that problem where I live, go to work, and school as well. If it doesn’t work for you, then look somewhere else.

      Can’t please everyone, right? That’s why maintaining the competition is good…

      1. Couldn’t have said it any better, friend. 

        1. Because you have 4G available to you. You are the minority that gets UNLIMITED. For you, this is a good deal, for most of Sprints customers, they are simply getting a shaft. 

          1. Why would I care about what someone else is getting? I’m paying for my own services. I’m glad to be in the minority of users that get to use it. If they don’t have it available in their area then don’t buy the product, it really is that simple. 

          2. So you agree, that a majority of sprint users have been shafted? And you are in the minority that actually gets some value from sprint? Glad you see it that was, as that is all I was saying. That, and those are SOME of the reasons Sprint is unable to turn a profit.

          3.  NYCHitman1…you can’t get anywhere with Nlsme’s circular reasoning.

            Nlsme…if the majority is getting “shafted” as you say, they don’t have a gun to their heads…they’re free to leave for a better company.

            If Sprint can’t make a profit (and fails in the end) it’s their fault.


      2. Problem is 4G isnt available to MOST of their subscribers. So the people that dont have it available, yet pay the same price, get shafted with a cap? And this is a larger portion than those that have 4G available. Kinda lame, and again, no wonder they made the list of the biggest money losers. How long has it been again since they actually made any money?

        1. I don’t think you’re grasping the whole choice thing.  You aren’t getting “shafted”, you just can’t take advantage of the deal.  If you can’t take advantage of the deal no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to be on Sprint.

          I really like Krispy Kreme donuts, but I don’t feel like Krispy Kreme is shafting me when I see an online coupon for Krispy Kreme donuts or some new donut they’re offering, even though I live a few hundred miles from the nearest Krispy Kreme store.

          1. But when you go to Krispy Kreme and PAY the same price as the guy that got a dozen doghnuts, would you not be upset that you only get one? Sure nobody is “forcing” this upon you, that would be ROBBERY, this is just a simple shafting. 

          2. So go across the street to Dunkin’ Donuts.

            Choice is a good thing.

          3. It wouldn’t be robbery, it’d be plain stupidity.  This isn’t a bait and switch operation, they’re advertising a deal you can’t take advantage of.  If Krispy Kreme advertises “Guys named Nlsme get 1 dozen donuts for $5 and guys named dawankler get 1 donut for $5” I’m not getting pissed at Krispy Kreme, I’ll just go to Dunkin’ where I can get a dozen for $5. 

          4. Yes, you have the CHOICE not to be shafted I get that. But, this plan, is a big rod in the ass to those that dont have the option of 4G. Get that? 

          5. I still don’t think you get it.  It’s not getting shafted, you’re just not the target audience and that’s what’s putting you off.

            Not everyone can get Verizon’s FIOS service at home.  Are the regular Verizon cable users getting “shafted” when Verizon adds additional HD pay channel packages to the FIOS line-up and not the regular cable users, even though both customers have similar cable rates?

          6. “Shafted” is not even in the dictionary…but yes, I do know what it means.

            Majority or minority…again…there is no gun held up on anyone’s head…feel free to leave.

            You are one hard-headed person to talk to. It’s like complaining about your marriage and not doing anything about it!

          7. @ 7799 Apearently you dont know what it means. I am not with Sprint. I get that you have the choice to not be shafted. I also get, that SPRINT is giving the shaft to a majority of their customers. By capping the only option available to them FROM sprint. Either way, their customers that only have 3G available to them, are getting shafted. In your fios analogy, the customer who got more payed more. Move along from your failed analogy.

          8. No, apparently you do not get me either. I am not saying you’re with Sprint, and that you should leave the service. I am telling you that anyone that feels they are being “shafted” as you say, LEAVE.

            You really ARE hard to talk to.


          9. @79, so if they werent being shafted, why would they need to leave? It is two differant things. I am sure, many Sprint customers will leave, because they dont want to be shafted. Again, ansewr this, why cap 3G? Considering that is all that is available to MOST of their customers. And, considering Mr. Hesse talking on TV about what he doesnt see when he looks up the word “unlimited”? Just because someone has the option of not being on the plan, doesnt mean the majority of those on the plan are not being shafted.  

          10. Yeah, Nlsme is a troll and don’t expect him to ever put forth a reasonable argument. He can’t. Trust me on this.Nlsme is a troll and don’t expect him to ever put forth a reasonable argument. He can’t. Trust me on this.

          11. okay, now you’re not making any sense. you just re-stated what i said in the same circular fashion you have been responding to with anything you have said.

            round and round we go…i feel like throwing up…

            like i said, if you’re (and I mean ANYONE) not happy, leave.


          12. @79, I@79:disqus  am sayiong it is two differant things. No circular reasoning. Why cap 3G? Why give a minority of your customers 4G, then cap the majority of them? Seriously. Being able to leave has nothing to do with it. People ALWAYS have the choice to leave, are you implying nobody EVER gets “shafted”? If you dont like it leave, well, why would they not like it if they didnt feel they were getting shafted?
            @chimp, stfu kid. OR make a valid arguement yourself.

          13.  you still didn’t get it…REGARDLESS of whatever “shafting” that goes on with whatever population you are talking about (and no, I did not say NOBODY gets shafted…please don’t put words in my mouth) it is as simple as “if you don’t like it, leave”. It isn’t like you bought a Volt and finds out you would be better off with a Prius, only you can’t because you’re already tied to the mortgage payments.

            It boils down to who can afford freely and who do not want to get “shafted” as you say.

            Think about it…we’re just on the opposite sides of the coin, but we are both making the same end result…”do not stay on a service you do not like”.

            Circular…comes back in mind…makes me dizzy…

          14. People who complain about the service just don’t get the freedom they have about choice. The door is just right there…go to the competition. If you don’t want to be “shafted” then leave. How much simpler can it get than that???

            He just wants the last word…that’s all…LOL! 

          15. Yes, if you pay the same as another customer, yet dont get the same product, that is getting shafted. Wether it is Sprint or Verizon. The thing here is, Verizon Fios customers are the MINORITY. The people that dont have wimax are the majority. And, your analogy involve the person that has more available to them, paying more. It fails, as here, the people that only have 3G pay the same price or more for less service. If not  Do you even know what the term “shafted” means.I have already pointed out that YES you have the choice to go to a competitor. Let me ask you this. If a majority of Sprints users dont have 4G available to them, why cap the 3G?Especially for Sprint, when I see Mr. Hesse on TV talking about what he doesnt see when he looks up the word “unlimited”. 

    2. For anyone who’d like to read about how much worse sprint has been doing than T-Mo. 

      1. You’re an idiot.  That article is a year old and uses 2009 reported numbers.

        Sprint posted some of their best numbers ever in Q1 2011 with wireless providing the biggest gains (their wireline services are the only section still lagging).  They reported a gain of 1.1 million net wireless subscribers in the first quarter.  During that same quarter T-Mo posted a net loss of 99,000 wireless subscribers.

        1. So their “best” numbers still resulted in a net loss. And the article is new. And, their wireless division lost in contract subscribers, only gains they had were in the prepaid category. Of wich, most came through the Virgin Mobile buyout. 

    3. Actually this as mentioned gimmicky should apply to all the carriers in some form of a way. Me personally recieve great 4g and good 3g service 24hrs a day 7days a wee where I work and live this might be different for others throughout the country it is what it is. Verizon and their battery sucking LTE service isn’t everywhere either and those people who don’t have LTE have better battery life on their devices than people with LTE guess Verizon forgot to tell us that part when advertising their shinny new so fast network. I won’t even waste time on the tricks concerning At&t and their so called enhanced backhaul while the do their best to trick everyone into why the merger would benefit everyone. Rotten eggs on At&t at least sprint has a network that is 100% reliable and available all times not one time since 4g came to the Big City has their ever been any network issues where the service didn’t exist on sprint we have great android devices that are up to industry standard as well as great tablets and great service and prices. Don’t hate on sprint they are doing their business while other carriers are peddling 2010 smartphones and specs

      1. So how many new phones has sprint released this year? Thats right, 1, and it is LITTERALLY last years phone. STFU. Again, you are in the minority as far as 4G goes, and it has been out for years. Within six months, LTE will cover more than Sprint does. And wimax is also a battery hog. Leave the city and see how “reliable” your network is. Its crap. I live about an hour outside the city, and Sprint service is NOWHERE to be found. Sure, you can roam on Verizon’s network(wich is practically everywhere btw), but thats Verizons network, and it is only voice.

        1. While everyone can’t enjoy the service as much as I do I realize I am lucky and others are not. Sprint and their profolio is strong this year much stronger than 2010 financially they will be fine. They should sell the Evo 3d for 250.00 but they won’t change their price point of 200.00. I am happy to be a sprint customer and future Evo 3d owner deposit made just waiting for the first day to come

          1. How are they going to make any money when they are still losing customers? By not expanding their network? 

          2. I didn’t know that you had insider info stating that the Evo 3D would be 200 on 2yr contract. Could you please direct me to your source?

          3. yarrellray knows all and sess all. Being Sprint’s bitch gets you that info. 

          4. thats great that you enjoy your service but how you know sprint is good financially? are you an accountant for sprint? they sold the samsung epic 4g for $250 at the begining so what makes you think that a dual core device like the evo 3d wont cost $250 or more 

      2. At least Verizon’s been expanding their 4G network you nitwit. The latest 4G upgrade Sprint put out was in San Fran back in the later part of December. Since then, 0 expansion, 0 new cities. As Nlsme points out, Wimax sucks down battery life too dumbass. Do you honestly expect me to believe that you have 4G turned on on your Evo all the time? Unless you’ve got a charger with you, it just isn’t practical. Even having the radio ON an not connected drains the battery significantly faster. Any 4G technology does. So you’ve got good service where you live and work. Good for you. Thats limited to what, 4 city blocks? What about the rest of the city, let alone the rest of the country? Where’s the 4G for the rest of us? 

        1. not true.  4G expansion was just announced in the San Fran bay area the other day.

          1. Had to do a bit of digging (via google) but I did find what you were talking about. I stand corrected. I’m just surprised Sprint hasn’t *yet* put the announcement in the news section of their website. 

          2. No worries.

            —– Reply message —–

          3. Well at the rate of one city every six months, they should have a quarter of their network in 4G in about 3 years time, maybe?

      3. actually sprint and wimax are battery hogs also just like any 4g, you just mad sprint cant afford tmobile, sprint also has “2010 smartphones and specs”- should i remind you of the nexus s 4g

  2. Data and article is from 2009. Show me some 2010 data, then we can truly understand. I have Sprint and happy with the 3G coverage. I don’t get 4G unless I drive for 25 min, but I’m happy with what I have. I pay the premium because I have an EVO, but guess what, its still a lower price than other carriers. All things considered, Sprint still has value. While I am not happy about not being able to get 4G coverage, I’m not ready to jump ship.    …not yet heh

    1. The article is new, the Sprint data is from 09. Guess what, according to Sprints latest financials, they still lost more than a billion doallrs in ONE QUARTER. That is with a “B” btw. They havent made any money in a really long time. They havent expanded their coverage in a really long time. They havent gained any customers in a really long time.  

      1. Which is exactly why they are now trying to convince T-Mo customers to jump ship to them. I’m not gonna lie I considered it, but I would rather just stick with T-Mo and see what happens.Also I’ll find a way to get a decent ATT device while keeping my current contract pricing, which btw is $80 less a month than a comparable ATT plan on contract and still $20 less than Sprint at comparable plans. 

      2. Stop whining! If you don’t like Sprint move to Verizon or AT&T … but whining like a little girl that has her panties in a wad! You hate Sprint … I love Sprint … nuff said!

        1. I dont hate Sprint. I just point out that they cant make money, they cant expand their network, and they like to give the shaft to a majority of their customers. If it bothers you for me to point these facts out, and make arguements that support them, quit whining like a little girl with her panties in a wad! and move along. Or, counter it with an article that shows expansion in markets, net profits, or that they dont give a majority of their customers the shaft. 

          1. well, FWIW, Sprint is in the process of a 5 billion dollar network overhaul and upgrade as we speak that will add some amazing technology. Only problem, it is going to take place over the next few years. 

          2. So, they move on to the “amazing” technology before they even cover half their customers with the lackluster wimax? 

          3. Well, that’s the point of the upgrade. Cover more people at a lower cost.

            —– Reply message —–

        2. Actually, now that I’ve thought about it more, I think you’re right.  Sprint IS a far superior company to Verizon. 

          1. Okay, loser. Use your name to make a valid statement next time. 

  3.  Sounds like Nlsme was one of the many fired from Sprint

    1. Nah, I just call a spade as a spade. And like to shoot down people lax attempts at defending a company that is unable to make a profit, gain marketshare, or expand their coverage. I do fine on my own for employement. Besides, sprint doesnt have any coverage by me, how could they have employees by me? 

      1. Ohh, and I really do enjoy filling out capcha’s. 

  4. This plan rolled out on Sunday, I got it on Monday… Use it in midtown manhattan, have my xoom, my g2x, my laptop and my wife’s laptop on it simultaneously. Speeds  average about 4-8mbps

  5. I have finally seen the light, verizon’s LTE is superior to sprint and its Wimax


    1. “was there ever any doubt?” 

      1. As usual someone pretending to be me. Anyone who knows the real me knows i could care less about verizon and there battery draining LTE network. Why can’t people post as themselves instead of posting as other people they are not.

        1. Yes, LTE is so horrible that Sprint is spending their hard earned money into investing into, guess what, LTE! 

        2. You forget to mention, wimax is a battery hog in a worse degree. 

        3. You do know that Sprint is attempting to switch to your so called “battery draining LTE network”, right? Why can’t stupid people just shut up…”, right? Why can’t stupid people just shut up…

          1.  they can’t shut up because they’re too stooopid

            and … squiddy for prez!

        4. keep lying to yourself, but my thunderbolt beats your evo any day

  6. “ill be honest, i like sprint and its wimax is become i am too cheap to spend on Verizon’s BLAZING fast LTE”- this is richard’s real thoughts

  7. Sprint is up 1.1 million subscribers in the first quarter this year. This is before the Nexus S or Evo3D. Sprint still has better 4G coverage than Verizon. Odds are if Verizon LTE is in your town, you’ll need to live on an airport runway to get a signal. Sprint has more 4G devices than Verizon. Sprint has UNLIMITED internet. Nlsme is a moron.

    1. up 1.1 million but still bleeding money isnt good, better coverage? thats why it is so slow and disappears as soon as i enter a building, my thunderbolt gets 22Mb down and i dont live near an airport plus verizon also has unlimited

      You Sir FAIL

      1. Funny that I am sitting here at work streaming the news over wimax. Why hasn’t the signal disappeared, smart guy. And you wish your thunderbolt got 22Mb. Rather than knobbing Nlsme, you might want to spend an extra moment studying why you aren’t getting the speed you think you are

        1. Try moving with that wimax, and keep ignoring the HUNDREDS of screen shots showing LTE speeds in excess of 4 times the best I have heard from wimax. 

          1. What differance is speed when your battery last 3to4hrs???

          2. It is the same for Wimax, so please stfu. 

          3.  hmmm,,,

          4. As I have said before moron, ANY 4G technology is a battery hog. Wimax, LTE, HSPA+, etc ALL drain battery. You’ve obviously never been on 4G with your beloved Evo if you don’t know that much. Why do you think the Sprint techs normally tell you to turn off 4G when not in use?

          5. hey moron my battery lasts more than 4 hours, why dont you try using the thunderbolt instead of speaking out your rear end 

        2. you mean you wish you could get 22Mb down on via wimax but sprint cant deliver that :) 

    2. Again, the 3D is gimmick, the Nexus is LITERRALLY last years news. Sprint lost big bucks, yet spent $0 on upgrading their coverage, wich is subpar. And, they havent opened any new 4G markets in how long? Not to mention, wimaxx is slow compared. Your the one giving sprint your money,not me. So who is the moron?

      1. You’re a silly little crack baby. Verizon has to open dozens of markets to get where Sprint is now. Didn’t you say 6 months ago that Verizon LTE was going to pass Sprint? It still hasn’t happened. Sprint  could do zero for another year, and Verizon still won’t be caught up. I’ve got Sprint 4G at home, at work, and along my commute route. That’s sub-par in your brain yet Verizon has ZERO 4G coverage. So if Sprint is sub-par, what the hell is Verizon? Go away troll, you make no sense.

        1. You are freaking ignorant. Their 3G coverage is subpar. Their 4G is slow. LTE hasnt even been out six months yet, and still they are well on their way to pass Sprints year and a half old wimax. Let alone Sprints wimax has NEVER seen the speeds from LTE. I state facts, yet you say I make no sense. How about growing the fuck up. 

          1. I’ve got 3G and 4G everywhere I go. Verizon has no 4G coverage period. Repeat after me retard, NO-4G-COVERAGE. Not to mention all the limp dicks running around with their gimp Evo wannabe while Sprint is moving on to the next Evo that Verizon wont get for another 9 months. One 4G phone? That’s pathetic, like most of the Verizon fanboys. You asked me who is the moron? It’s your mother for not swallowing you and spitting you down the drain which would have saved the world from your insipid musings

          2. zzz, yeah okay. Like I said, grow up. They actually now have 2 4g phones. How long was wimax live when Sprint released their second 4G phone? And you are an idiot, instead of admitting the fact that LTE is faster, you say they have ZERO coverage. Gimp EVO wannabe? Even the kickstand on the TB is better. So are the speeds,screen, storage, battery,coverage,camera…. No wonder you have to resort to name calling, it is all you got. That and a phone that hasnt even had a release date yet, that gets pissed on all over by a phone that has already been released. I am done with you, tool. 

      2. 3d is the future the gimmick is those high prices on verizon for old 2010 specs on devices that should be no more than 149.00. Seems like verizon got their customers living in the dark ages. What is the charge for a dualcore device on verizon 400 dollars in contract?????

        1. How about that $200 evo? STFU you blind , ignorant, BUM.

        2. 3D *might* be the future, but it’s gonna take a LONG while. I have yet to see 3D big screens take a price dive so that everyone can afford it and become mainstream. I have yet to see even a fourth of phones released be 3D capable. Also, 3D technology needs to mature enough so that half of the viewers don’t receive headaches. And why don’t you take a look at Verizon’s page for once before speaking out about “400 dollar” phones. The HIGHEST price they have listed is the $300 Droid Charge. Check your “facts” before posting such ridiculous BS.

        3. Also, do you even know the definition of the word “gimmick”? Straight from “an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially onedesigned to attract attention or increase appeal”. So please tell me how would a high price point ATTRACT attention? Wouldn’t high prices turn people away? Another definition of gimmick is “a concealed, usually devious aspect or feature of something, as aplan or deal”. Seems to me that nothing is being “concealed” as prices and specs are all available for anyone’s perusal.  Think about what nonsense you’re about to say before you say it. Maybe you’ll never make another post again.”. Seems to me that nothing is being “concealed” as prices and specs are all available for anyone’s perusal.  Think about what nonsense you’re about to say before you say it. Maybe you’ll never make another post again.

        4. the real gimmick is the 3D effect, instead of speaking out your bum why dont you pause and think that sprint has no dual core devices either 

  8. People who hop on this verizon bandwagon are only their cause of a shinny new network with 2 useless devices on them. Ask yourself how is your battery life on each LTE device 3 maybe 4 hrs tops on the thunderbolt with LTE blazing???? That’s sad plus charging all that money for 2010 specs on old useless decices. Samsung Charge old news, Thunderbolt old news these devices are last year at best. Sprint will always rule android with far better devices that verizon only wish they can have on there network.

    1. I said it before, and Ill say it again. Sprint has released how many phones this year? 2, both of wich are last years tech. The evo3D has already been bested. Their “shiny new network” is FAR superior to Sprints tired old network. Hell, even 3G beats Sprint. You are an ignorant little old man, that has nothing in his life other then a year old phone, that was beat a LONG time ago. Did I menti0on, the EVO 3D, a phone that doesnt even have a release date yet, has already been pissed on all over by a phone that is ALREADY on the market?

    2. have you used a thunderbolt? where is your facts, because speaking out your rear end doesnt count, 2010 specs? – forgot the nexus s still uses 2010 galaxy s specs, you mean sprint wishes it actually had the money to invest in its network like verizon does 

    3. And just how many people jumped on the “Sprint bandwagon” when their “shinny new” wimax network was first introduced? Oh thats right, your moronic ass. Also, as I have pointed out MANY times, Verizon has more than 2 devices on their 4G network. They just happen to not be smartphones, just like it was in the beginning of Sprint’s 4G network. Another thing, considering talk time (which arguably drains battery faster than 4G) on most smartphones is above 4 hours, your statement about battery life is completely and utterly invalid. Educate yourself on the crap you speak of or shut up. Educate yourself on the crap you speak of or shut up. 

  9. 1. sprint gained 1.1mill subscriber was through prepaid .. not contract
    2. dickrell … LTE > WImax . it’s been proven stfu about it. on top of that .. your grand daddy sprint is ditching your wimax to hop on the LTE bandwagon that VERIZON STARTED.
    3. sprint released how many phones this year to date?????
       verizon as of 5.14.11 : iphone 4 black, iphone 4 white, htc thunderbolt, samsung droid charge, incredible 2, casio commando, htc merge (via 3rd party retailer), samsung gem (via 3rd party retailer)
    2 of which are 4G phones .. real 4G with 4G speed .. not your sprint’s wimax 4G speeed
    4. sensation > evo 3D IMO 3D is a gimmick i rather rock the sensation

    3GB of 3G + unlimited 4G data for $45 per month
    5GB of 3G + unlimited 4G data for $60 per month
    10GB of 3G + unlimited 4G data for $90 per month

    so with above unlimited 4G data for their mobile broadband .. you’re really paying for the 3G as majority of areas doesnt even have 4G. Even with the areas that have 4G .. the speed is at a crawling speed of around 1mb/s .. been proven by PC Mag and BTIG (via phandroid article)

    1. See, someone gets my point on the matter. 

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