NOOK for Android Gets Updated to Include Tablet Support


The folks at Barnes & Noble have issued an update to their Android application. Not much is gained for smartphone users – you folks just get performance enhancements – but those on devices with 7 inch or larger displays (tablet users) will get a refined user experience for the extra screen real-estate available to you. Sounds pretty sweet to me and it means Amazon is no longer alone in the tablet space. Find it in the Android market.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. How about the “read to me” kids books?

    1.  Yea.  I hate that the read me books which my kids love get the error “file type not supported”  What’s up with that?  I hope they bring this to the next release for tablets.  I’ve spent $30 on these kids books that I can’t use unless I put my nook color back to factory settings.  boo.  Not having them work in the app sucks if I break my nook color and want to go with a full featured tablet.

      1. Well, they just brought support for magazines and newspapers, so hopefully they’ll bring an update putting the app on par with the stock Nook Color’s capabilities eventually.

  2. It doesn’t work on my Nook Color running CM7… It force closes when you try to open a book…

  3.  And yet, still not on a par with it’s iPhone version. Fewer personalization options. Which is odd considering the Nook ereader is Android. 

  4.  Support for .pdf yet?

  5. CM7/NC works fine for me on the new app. But I made the changes required to run the new Netflix app (changes what your device is recognized as) so that may be the diff.

  6. Nope still won’t work for Kid’s books!

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