HTC Gives Another Close Look at Sensation, Doesn’t Mention Locked Bootloader


Let’s face it – HTC Sensation news has been scarce and we’ve all been bugging for more. That’s why I was quite pleased to see that HTC had uploaded a new look at the device on YouTube. Nothing’s changed since they’ve announced it but if you need to see this thing at every angle and in every light then this nearly 6-minute video should hold you over.

And about that other part in this article’s title – this thing does have a locked bootloader (this was discovered in the Sensation’s system dump), but who’s surprised? They’ve already done it for a couple of their newest phones and the HTC Sensation seems to be no exception to their new security practices. Get used to it, folks. I’d refresh your mind on the Sensation’s specs here but the video does a thorough job of that so hit that play button above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1.  instead of offering a solution to an unlocked bootloader, HTC is going the other way.

  2. Quentyn, not all of us want a locked bootloader. I refuse to get used to it. I’ll buy whatever manufacturer that decides to release unlocked bootloaders

    1.  Smart man!

  3. OK now THATS the phone i want!! Vzw needs a version of that, its almost worth switching carriers for

  4. Bye bye HTC. Hello, SGS2

    1. Sad choice You’ll be back

      1. Belive me, he won’t.
        The Galaxy S II crushes the Sensation at all aspects.
        And there will come a HTC Sense Rom later anyway.

        1.  Lol in all ways? How can you say that when the Sensation hasn’t even been released yet. The SGS2 falls below the Optimus 2x, lol. 

          1. Stop talking crap, Galaxy S II beats the X2 is every department

            Compare shall we..

            GLBenchmark 2.0

            Galaxy S II – 43fps
            Optimus 2X – 25fps

            Electopia (Opengl ES 2.0 Benchmark)

            Galaxy S II – 37 fps
            Optimus 2x – 16 fps


            Galaxy S II = 3700
            Optimus 2X = 2600

        2. @facebook-602761196:disqus good luck with the plastic SGSII turd. the moment that phone flexes your going to be crying about the glass. ill be laughing my way to the bank with my Aluminium unibody awesomeness.

          1. Thats nice, enjoy your brick. 

          2. lol bet this guys hasn’t even held a SGS II in his hands

          3. The unibody is crap. The back all comes off. http://cdn.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/htc_sensation_hands-on_sg_241-580×422.jpg

        3.  Really???? let me ask you something whats different then the SGS2 and the sensation…….the sensation has a way better sense overlay then that piece of crap touch wiz! and htc has a much better design then samsung! samsung feels like a water bottle into a phone form…….i agree with you yarrellray!   of crap touch wiz! and htc has a much better design then samsung! samsung feels like a water bottle into a phone form…….i agree with you yarrellray!  

          1. the  g @twitter-49169351:disqus  II has an unlocked bootloader so the overlay argument is a moot point

      2. You know this for a fact… how? Are you inside his mind controlling his thoughts and feelings? Yet again, stop making “predictions” you can’t even hope to win. Sad that you’ll remain just as stupid as you were a year ago. THAT’S a fact.

  5.  Well of course they’re not gonna mention locked bootloader…

    1. Locked bootloaders are not a problem.  Most phones have locked bootloaders.  What you don’t want is a locked AND encrypted bootloader (motorola style).   

      1. What difference does it make if the locked bootloader is encrypted or not if it can’t be unlocked?  HTC’s new phones like the Incredible S don’t have an encrypted bootloader but they’re still locked and it’s been months…  Yes it might make it easier to unlock, because it’s not encrypted, but that doesn’t mean it will get unlocked.

        I was waiting for the EVO 3D, but now, it looks like I’ll be moving on to LG or, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but back to Samsung with the SGS II.

  6. Hmmmm seems to me all HTC phones come with a locked bootloader which has been a normal practice for them. Now if you are talking encrypted bootloader, well then thats another story. EVO was locked, Hero was locked, incredible was locked, as so on and so on.

    1.  this guy here knows what he’s talking about.  encrypted bootloader is a whole ‘nother story.  regardless, SGS2 is my phone this year as soon as i get the dough!

      1.  WTF is an SGS2?

        1. @99e4260cf0ab4b3b1432fa702a41c304:disqus SGS2 = Samsung GALAXY S II

          1.  Okay….no disrespect intended but any dummy trusting Samsung after this winter’s nonsense is…well…a dummy. Seems pretty clear that if you’re not jumping on an EVO 3D or the Thunderbolt then you’re probably just a fanboy. Samsung = Facepalm. #KeepItReal

          2. Thanks for keeping it real at least some is. The htc evo 3d will be a great device anyone not rocking htc clearly isn’t rocking anything important. Good luck Galaxy S2 buyers

          3. The HTC Thunderbolt is slow.
            The EVO 3D is nothing special either.
            They both lack many of the Galaxy S II’s functions, and hardware.
            The Exynos chip rapes that horrible dualcore snapdragon processor.

          4. Most people got updates to their Samsung  in a timely manner.  Only US carriers delayed them to the point tha t Samsung even released source codes of those carriers version before they made it available.  Last year’s device already have official Gingerbread on them and Samsung is churning updates faster and faster.  As long as the carriers have learned from their mistakes, things sould be smoother.  (And they all agreed to release updates faster at Google IO)

          5.  Haha it is always the same lame excuse. “The carriers”. Even after Samsung’s press releasing pissing all over their customer’s concerns. #smh #excusemakers

            Other than the Nexus S….I don’t see any reason to go near a Samsung…and that is only because google will b$&^#%slap them inline.

            Anyone going the Samsung route gets what they deserve. There is just too much info on the mytubes not to know better. #FanBoysUnite

          6. Your an idiot.

            I really wish you guys would think or at least do some research before you talk crap, your just making yourself look like fools.

          7. i agree with you on that one!!!! this damn SGS2 is pissing me off!!! its a piece of plastic thats shit…..lmao sorry for any SGS2 lovers out there =) your loose and get they hell off this web page with your SGS2 comments this page is for the htc sensation!   

          8. The SGSII is better than the Evo 3D in pretty much every respect, the Thunderbolt isn’t even competition.

            – Exynos > dual core Snapdragon
            – AMOLED+ > SLCD
            – 8 MP > dual 5 MP
            – no 3D > 3D
            – 1 GB ram > 768 MB ram (Sensation)
            – 16/32 GB internal memory > 12 GB combined
            – 2 MP ffc > 1.3 MP ffc
            – NFC > none
            – easily unlockable bootloader > locked bootloader

            TouchWiz 4.0 is a massive improvement over the old TouchWiz, regardless you can easily replace it because of the unlocked bootloader.

            SGSII > Evo 3D/Sensation >>> Thunderbolt

            Looks like you’re the fanboy here.

          9.  I think you were looking for the word “you’re” instead of “your”…

            …twice. ;/

            Helps to have a basic comprehension of the Queen’s English when flailing about and calling someone “idiot”.

            Just saying.

        2. samsung galaxy s 2 

  7. Hah, man I’m shocked they didn’t mention the locked bootloader in their promo vid for the general public! ;D

  8. wasn’t the tbolt locked at first too, then they unlocked it?

    1.  Yes it was locked but the exploit used, on the Thunderbolt, has been closed since the Incredible S and no one has been able to figure a way around it. 

      1.  well that sucks, here i was all happy about my decision to dump moto in favor of HTC because of locked bootloaders.  Was really looking forward to the sensation coming to verizon and dumping my dx.

  9. It doesn’t matter if has a locked/unlocked bootlader. SGS II craps all over this even when it was inside Mother HTC’s tummy.

    1.  Correct, but it’s still a Samsung.  Sounds like most of the lovers of the SGS2  do not have experience with the SGS1 and Samsung’s pathetic software rollout and support history.   The phone specs look great, but so did the original SGS.  I had a euro SGS and Vibrant.  Never again with Samsung.  never

      1.  You’re right, but you have to remember this…  Dev support is VERY VERY important on all these phones.  If it wasn’t for Dev’s The EVO 4G and many phones might have been a flop with with battery issues and other problems because you’ll then need to wait and pray that the manufacture puts out a fix.  With these new HTC phones having a locked bootloader, you’re now at the mercy of HTC and the carriers.

        If you get a phone what can get perm root, you might still have to wait for the manufacture/carrier, but you’ve got hundreds of devs that can fix issues too. 

        I trust the development community way more then the people that build and sell these phone.    It’s as simple as that.

      2.  I had the Galaxy S, and never had any problems with it.
        THe GPS worked fine, it was really fast, and all of it’s features were awesome.
        While the first HTC device I had was so laggy I couldn’t stand it…
        Using Odin to flash things became boring so I switched over to the Nexus S.
        Just waiting for the Nexus 3.
        None of the phones on the market (except for the Galaxy S II) are worth to buy.

  10.  Sense 3.0.  yes.

    1. Sense 3.0 facepalms Touch wiz 4.0

      1. Sense 3 sucks dick.
        Laggy piece of shit, that’s so full of bloat that the phone almost dies.
        And it looks like a kid’s project.
        MIUI looks way better 

        1. Sense looks way classier than MIUI. MIUI looks like it is designed by and for children. 

        2. Agreed, I hate Sense. 

      2. CHOICE you f*cking idiot. It’s a matter of CHOICE and OPINION. Unless you can prove your statement true/false, shut up.

        1.  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! 

          The Squid is KILLING Yarrell on ever post that is made!  I enjoy reading all the comments just watching this happen!

          1. I concur! Squiddy is putting the smack down..”KILLING SPREE”!! 

        2.  lol
          Squiddy for president!

      3. U.I.s in general just plain suck. Until a manufacture can come up with one that isn’t a resource hog or plain laggy vanilla Android is where it’s at. I can tell you from experience I don’t miss Motoblur one effing bit! The Sense UI out of many out seems to be less buggy & tailored towards the non-techy individual. Of course it’s not without its hiccups but still beats the look and iPhone feel of Touchwiz which I agree with you for sure. 

  11. Instant camera capture sounds good if it works.  I still don’t want a chuffin 4.3″ screen the 3.7″ is fine.  Unless they have magically found a way to double the shitty battery life of the average smart phone I would sacrafice the extra 0.6″ for a phone that lasts 2 days!

  12. SGS2. and waiting…

  13.  I don’t even care about that signed bootloader. It’s not that hard for devs to get through and besides the new Sense 3.0 looks like it’ll keep me happy for a lot longer than previous versions. As long as it runs fast as hell that’s all I care about.

    1. @gohaus:disqus  “It’s not that hard for devs to get through” 

      What makes you so sure about that statement?  The HTC Incredible S has been out for months now and it’s locked down tight!

  14. If you want the SGS2 when it comes to the states, you will have to switch to T-mobile.  No thanks. 

    1.  Doubtful…  It might take longer for the SGS II to appear on ones carrier of choice, but like the SGS, I expect it to appear on all carriers.

  15. Htc has represented android with great respect and has provided many devices since androids inception. They have greatly helped to place android on the map to stay we have benefited from that for years now. Htc rules here.

    1. …except with the locked bootloader…

    2. They did rule then the Samsung took over, Galaxy S sold around 15 million units, Galaxy S II had over 3 million pre-orders. no HTC phones even come close. 

  16. 1. Htc Evo 3d, 2.Htc Sensation= THE GREATEST 2011 HAS TO OFFER. Samsung Galaxy S2… NOT HERE IN THESE PARTS……

    1. What does the Sensation or Evo 3D have to offer that is better than the Galaxy S2? 3D technology? Meh, that’s a personal preference thing. Internal storage? Greater on the S2. Locked bootloader? Won’t find that on the S2. Such an idiot…Locked bootloader? Won’t find that on the S2. Such an idiot…

    2. Nah, SGS 2 totally obliterates the HTC Sensation.. 

    3. Worth pointing out that the Galaxy S II is benchmarking faster than the Qualcomm sample sent to reviewers clocked at 1.5GHz, so even with the Sensation overclocked it still won’t match the Galaxy S II.

      Who am I kidding, you probably don’t even know who Qualcomm are do you? lol

  17. HTC needs to put their phones on diet plan. SGSII is slim and trim.

    1.  Also all plastic. Good luck putting it in your pocket.

    2. SGS, though slim and slick doesn’t flash. What’s the beauty in that, blue balls…..

      HTC gives all the loving!

  18. Some of you are literally up in arms over a locked bootloader lol. I guess i would be too. It does neuter a lot of you who love to tinker away at your phones, so I guess i can see why it’s a big deal….even though it’s not

    1.  Funny chick :)

    2. I agree not a big deal

    3. if i wanted a locked bootloader id get an iphone 4. wen your gwtting a phone with a locked bootloader thats pretty much what your getting

  19. s2 gets beat by a lg2x clock for clock.  Mali is so weak, pathetic smartbench gaming numbers.  No nfc, no led notifications, gps is still not great, overheating smelly plastic. and that’s before the us carriers rape it. 

    1. No, Mali 400 MP beats Tegra 2 with ease.

      Here are some updated numbers for you.

      GLBenchmark 2.0

      Galaxy S II – 43 fps
      Optimus 2X – 25 fps

      I’m presuming your talking about the Anandtech results, well that’s what happens when you benchmark a pre-production model, your results are completely wrong and don’t represent the final product.

  20. There is a difference between SIGNED and ENCRYPTED.

    1.  So what?  If I had 2 million bucks, one mill encased in 2 cubic feet of steel and the other  mill encased in 2 cubic feet of titanium, and told you you can have the cash, if you could break the cash out with what you had in your pockets now, which one can you break open?

      Just saying, signed or encrypted, it doesn’t make a difference unless someone figures out how to crack it with whats available.  And no one has figured out HTC’s new signed bootloaders without the XTC Clip.

      BTW, anyone know how the XTC clip works?

  21. just waiting for HTC to change it slogan to “This changes everything. Again”.
    I’m happy with my desire, but if HTC keep going down that path my next phone is going to be a samsung or something

  22. Listen to all of you. Chipset sucks? Crappy UI?

    You must be some god, cause your expectations of a PHONE are a little high.

    Fact is, htc=build quality, customer service, and best all around.
    Samsung=shiny light plastic, and good specs (which mean nothing to real world use)

    I’ve played with all sorts of phones. Fact is, a single core 1ghz is more than enough. ITS A PHONE.

    And also, nearly all bootloaders are locked. Just not encrypted.

    Think about it. You want a company to sell a phone that you can easily brick? Because you obviously dont know anything if you think a locked bootloader is a bad thing. Youre the reason its locked.

    By the way, dont even argue, because im right. Just shut the hell up with your fanboyism and learn something from the people who know what theyre talking about.

    Think you can build a better phone than htc? If not, dont talk ever again.

    In fact, you may want to think about taking your own life. Space is limited on this planet you know, and I think the smarter people deserve it more.

    -posted from MyTouch 4G

    1. You’re a moron.

      GSII specs are better than Evo3D/Sensation specs; those are the facts.

      Have you used an GSII?  I seriously doubt it.  Reviewers aren’t complaining about its build quality.  Furthermore, unlocked bootloader is quite preferable to locked.  TouchWiz 4 is a huge improvement to old TouchWiz and easily replaceable because of the aforementioned. Despite all this you’re staying true to HTC, that makes you the fanboy…friend-o.  If you simply prefer Sense then just state as much, that’s your opinion but don’t trash the device with better specs just because it isn’t your brand preference.

      -posted by a Droid owner.

  23. I want a “Sensation Z”, ie this 4.3″ qHD beast with a physical keyboard

  24. Like last year when I did wanna try out the Fascinate, the update issues didnt bother me. It was certain things about the phone that did.

    I didnt let the bootloader issue get in the way of getting the X. I wouldnt let the US update issues get in the way of this phone. I will admit its kinda messed up cuz Froyo introduced some new features and improvements that made old, current phones when Froyo dropped feel new. GB has improvements, new features too. So I can understand wanting updates.

    Its just a fine line between being happy with what you got and wanting all the available improvements, features.

    And like last year, Samsung is one step ahead in the gpu, multimedia dept, minus 3D. But I will probably treat 3D like I treat it on my TV: was fun the first few weeks, after that? Meh…even my 2 kids dont press me about the 3D TV that much now. Had it for 2 months. And all the newest versions of the UI’s look like winners. Yes, even Blur…lol Sense was already good, every else is getting closer to Sense level.

    And I see some ppl didnt see the updated benchmarks for the GS 2. Make no mistake, the GS 2 is a monster of a phone. Unlike last year, the GS 2 doesnt need any lag fix so its a monster out the box. the GS 1 wasnt really a monster until the lag fix was applied. And not just benchmarks, but playing 1080p clips with ease, multi tasking with multiple browser tabs open, smooth browser with Flash, etc. Really all the dual core phones are winners. You cant really go wrong with any of them.

  25. unlock the boot loader root the phone=beats the sgs2

    1.  Then do the same to the SGS2 and u are back to square one…

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