May 12th, 2011

Hot on the heels of Google I/O and their upcoming foray into the US Honeycomb tablet scene, today, Samsung and Nouvoyance showed off a new prototype 10.1-inch, 300dpi, WQXGA PenTile display for tablets. Sounds pretty impressive right? Apparently, some of the benefits of using a PenTile displays over LCD is the standard better battery life, outdoor visibility, and of course, an ABOVE 1080p, 2560×1600 high-def display that is sure to make your eyes bleed.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard some of my rants with the current PenTile matrix displays found on Samsung’s 1st gen Galaxy S/SAMOLED devices. One of my complaints is that although colors are vibrant, there is a graininess to the overall picture quality and one of the reasons I’ve always opted for clarity of traditional TFT LCD. I called it “the checkerboard effect.”

(SAMOLED on the left, LCD TFT on the right)

Now, your average person has most likely never noticed this “problem,” but if you’re one of those with special eyes like me, you have no doubt been bothered SAMOLED displays. But fear not, with these new PenTile displays, although technically the problem is still there, a dpi of 300 and onscreen resolution of 2560×1600 will all but obliterate any of the graininess that plagued the lower resolution PenTile matrix displays while offering all of the benefits over LCD.

But before you get your hopes up that Samsung might release these new displays anytime soon, keep in mind a Tegra 2 trying to push 2560×1600 pixels would make a tablet all but cry and run home to Sammy. Mobile processors definitely have some catching up to do if we are ever to experience these new uber-high-def-displays firsthand. Lets just cross our fingers that Nvidia’s Tegra 3 will be up to the challenge.

The only question that remains is whether or not Samsung will offer these new displays in the next iPad or will they horde this new technology all for themselves? I, for one, am hoping they keep this new tech far away from Apple. A display like this would compliment a quad-core, Ice Cream Sandwich tablet quite nicely.

[Via Business Wire]

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