Samsung Shows Off New 10.1 Inch, 2560×1600, 300dpi Display For Tablets


Hot on the heels of Google I/O and their upcoming foray into the US Honeycomb tablet scene, today, Samsung and Nouvoyance showed off a new prototype 10.1-inch, 300dpi, WQXGA PenTile display for tablets. Sounds pretty impressive right? Apparently, some of the benefits of using a PenTile displays over LCD is the standard better battery life, outdoor visibility, and of course, an ABOVE 1080p, 2560×1600 high-def display that is sure to make your eyes bleed.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard some of my rants with the current PenTile matrix displays found on Samsung’s 1st gen Galaxy S/SAMOLED devices. One of my complaints is that although colors are vibrant, there is a graininess to the overall picture quality and one of the reasons I’ve always opted for clarity of traditional TFT LCD. I called it “the checkerboard effect.”

(SAMOLED on the left, LCD TFT on the right)

Now, your average person has most likely never noticed this “problem,” but if you’re one of those with special eyes like me, you have no doubt been bothered SAMOLED displays. But fear not, with these new PenTile displays, although technically the problem is still there, a dpi of 300 and onscreen resolution of 2560×1600 will all but obliterate any of the graininess that plagued the lower resolution PenTile matrix displays while offering all of the benefits over LCD.

But before you get your hopes up that Samsung might release these new displays anytime soon, keep in mind a Tegra 2 trying to push 2560×1600 pixels would make a tablet all but cry and run home to Sammy. Mobile processors definitely have some catching up to do if we are ever to experience these new uber-high-def-displays firsthand. Lets just cross our fingers that Nvidia’s Tegra 3 will be up to the challenge.

The only question that remains is whether or not Samsung will offer these new displays in the next iPad or will they horde this new technology all for themselves? I, for one, am hoping they keep this new tech far away from Apple. A display like this would compliment a quad-core, Ice Cream Sandwich tablet quite nicely.

[Via Business Wire]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Why not share with Apple? I wouldnt mind a iPad 3 with a screen like this. Awesome hardware build quality plus an awesome screen.

    1. fuck apple 

      1. Indeed 

          1. +3 … when apple decides to “share” and stop bicthing over everyones inovation THEN companies should consider sharing with them. but NOT before 

      2.  +4

    2. What is apple fanboy doing here in phandroid ??? :) Spit out something that never make sense. Please, go back to, and make Steve Job fat with cash.


    3. Fuck that, this screen deserves more than the bad UI Apple have created..

      1. Bad UI? Really man , maybe a bit boring sometimes but not bad , is fast it looks nice and makes a simple the even my grandpa can use I love android and my Evo but you are a android fan boy

        1. @jgalan14:disqus I’m sure your grandpa could use an android with widgets and dedicated purposeful buttons.
          In fact i’d quite happily give my elders an android phone set up with people’s pictures as direct dialing shortcuts on the launcher.  Weather and news widgets on another screen. Flight deals on another and social feed updates on yet another.

          Apps? would just complicate matters.

        2.  I am not an Android fanboy ;)
          I have owned at least 3 iPod touches, and one iPhone (ugh..).
          The UI is fast, but without hardware acceleration there is nothing special about Apple’s devices.
          Once Ice Cream comes with hardware acceleration there isn’t anything Apple can do ;)

    4. As long as there will be SOME android products with this I don’t see why they can’t sell it to apple? Higher profit for Samsung, better competition = better android products. Just because we don’t like apple, doesn’t mean we have to be like their selfish corporate selves!

  2. I think that if Apple wants this display in the iPad 3, they’d better already have signed contracts promising it. Otherwise I think they’ll be SOL.

  3.  not a fan of PenTile 

  4.  Fuck apples, i like ice cream samiches!!!!

    1. Ice Cream Sammies!!!!!!!!!! XD 

      1. I remember eating one on the beach :3

  5.  at 300dpi you shouldn’t see any checkerboard effect. Nice Samsung nice, was waiting for this displays.

  6. I wouldn’t mind if apple would use it , it would look awesome , android as a tablet has some catching up to do for me , man apps need more support , i hope ice cream sandwich is the next big thing for android , cause gingerbread is not appealing me right now , I prefer the new sense on my Evo

    1.  Gingerbread is faster, and looks sexier.Why not?

      1. Have you ever use sense 2.1 or 3.0? Man I think google should take some hints out out it, it just so nice and stylish , android plain looks boring most of the time , just looking at the green dialed it looks so weird , maybe cause I came from an iPhone I have a different prespective, the only think I like about 2.3 is the standing up battery and the screen off animation , everything else don’t look as good as sense 2.1 did , you can see it in the widgets for sense , truth they got too Many clock widgets but they are really nice :)

    2. @jgalan14:disqus  Apps will come in time. Using apps as some sort of defence/offence for a platform is a moot point when the platform itself is growing larger.
      Build it and they will come.

      Sense 3.0 though – yes.. yes please. 

  7. The math is wrong here, and incorrect representation of the information. First of all, that resolution produces a dpi of 299, not over 300 yet. You must also take into account that the pentile matrix would reduce the effective dpi to about 70% (220ish really)

    1. Nope wrong, but I don’t have the time to prove you are wrong now ;) 

  8.  Sign me up for one of these.  Sounds amazing!

  9.  Man they can cram this res into a 10.1″ screen, but why is it so fricken hard to find a laptop that does anything greater then 1366 x 768!! Makes me MAD as i’m looking for a new 13″ windows laptop and can’t find anything suitable @ a resonable price ~$1.5k.

    1. 13″ laptops are more expensive for some reason :P
      go here:
      And customize the screen to be 1600×900 or something.
      It’s 14″ but what can you do? :P

  10.  Ok, seriously. If they can put 2560×1600 into a 10.1 inch screen…where are some reasonably priced 2560×1600 monitors? My old one died on me, and is out of warranty…and I really don’t want to pay another $1200 for one. You would think the price would have gone down!

    PS: I also want it in 120hz so I can run nvidias 3d vision on it, and no: bandwidth limit of the cable is not a problem. 2 cables would have plenty of bandwidth, and is exactly what they did for 2560×1600 before DVI dual link came out.

    At least there’s a chance my Incredible 3 will be 2560×1600:)

    1.  If the Incredible 3 has a 4″ display or at least less than 5, I don’t think you are being realistic ;)

  11. I can clearly see pixels on the Atrix with its 270 dpi so no i dont think 300 dpi will obliterate the inherant problems with PenTile. Actually I find RBGW worse than RGBG because the non-colored subpixel (W) closes and becomes black in most colored graphics except very bright graphics. Combined with the black already surrounding pixels in a LCD even more black is created which causes a visual experience of a pixelated screen.

    1.  Have you seen the Galaxy S II btw?I haven’t yet, so I can’t really comment on it.

  12. What’s with all the talk about Samsung’s new displays and nothing about LG’s new display? I think we should be more excited about LG’s one.

    LG will also be revealing a IPS display (way better than regular LCD and Pentile), for both Smartphones and Tablets. They will have 3.5″ and 4.5″ for smartphones. No doubt the 4.5″ screen will be 720p. I can’t wait! And there’s rumors that LG will be making the Nexus 3 by Christmas so it will be the first phone with Ice Cream and have a 720p screen! You heard it here first folks.

  13. Pentile sucks for anyone who appreciates clarity and has good vision.

    1. You are a good example of how dumb most people are… 

      1. And you’re a great example of a myopic ignoramus, now go back under your bridge

        1.  Oh boy, flame war… Srsly though. Pentile may suck at your current resolution, but when it’s running at 300dpi, you don’t get more clarity than that. Running a traditional rgb stripe at 300dpi would eat battery like there’s no tomorrow. Unless you plan on looking at your device through a microscope every day, you won’t notice any problems from pentile at 300dpi. 

          1.  Exactly!! At that high res, it will be blow everything away.

  14.  Chris, the Tegra 3 DOES support 2560×1600 resolution. It’s the maximum resolution it supports actually. But really, I doubt we’ll even see these displays this year, so wondering if it would work for Tegra 2 doesn’t make sense. Of course it would have to be Tegra 3 or even Tegra 4 if the display is not ready until later next year. They are just demo-ing it now.

  15.  Shameless twitter plug

  16. Pentile displays not good, but with 4x the pixels it will probably still looks much sharper.

  17.  Your picture comparing the two displays is completely bogus.  On the left is an actual picture on a real display.  On the right is just a gray-scale drawing of boxes.  If the LCD “picture” on the right was an actual picture of a display, you would also very clearly see the different RGB elements, just in a different pattern.

    This is not to say that PenTile is as good as a screen with full resolution for all colors…  but that picture over-states the case in to absurdity.  Whoever made that should feel sleezy for it.

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